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1. Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater 4 Action Replay Codes, EU
October 11, 2004
There are 19 codes for this game.

0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
EE9545E2 BCA99C80

Stacks Of PRO Cash
DE0800B2 C19E7B82

Open All Levels
DE08043E BCC19A82

Max PRO Points
DE080046 BCA99B41
DE0800B6 BCA99B41

Super Air
DE78356E FFF19B83

Hang Time Central
DE78356A FFF19B83

Moon Ollie
DE783576 FFF19B83

Bullet Speed
DE783572 FF3F9B83

Dizzy Spins
DE78357E FFF19B83

DE78357A FFF19B83

Speedy Flips
DE783506 FFF19B83

Rail Master
DE783502 00A99B83

Lip Master
DE78350E 00A99B83

Manual Master
DE78350A 00A99B83

Just For Fun Use Only One:

One Big Fat Mutha!
DE7822AE FDA99B83
DE7822AA FDA99B83
DE7822B6 FDA99B83

Don't Tred On Me!
DE7822AE F9756750
DE7822AA F9756750
DE7822B6 F9756750

I've Got Those Happy Feet
DE7811DE FDA99B83
DE7811DA FDA99B83
DE78155E FDA99B83
DE78155A FDA99B83

Crazy Skate !
DE86914E BF899B8B
DE86914A BCA99B83

2. Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater 4 Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
November 11, 2003
Cheat Mode:
Enter Watch_me_xplode as a password

Low Gravity:

Enter Superfly as a password.

Always Special:

Enter DoASuper as a password.

Unlock Matrix Mode:

Enter NoSpoon as a password.

Perfect Rail:

Enter ssbsts as a password.

Perfect Manual:

Enter MullenPower as a password.

Unlock Daisy:

Enter (O)(O) as a password. (Use capital Os)

Unlock Mike Vallely, Jango Fett, and Eddie:

Enter Homielist as a password.

Hidden skaters:

Enter one of the following names when you Create-A-Skater to access hidden pre-made skaters.

Aaron Skillman
Adam Lippman
Andrew Skates
Andy Marchal
Atiba Jefferson
Ben Scott Pye
Big Tex
Brian Jennings
Captain Liberty
Chauwa Steel
Chris Peacock
Dave Stohl
Fakes The Clown
Gary Jesdanun
Henry Ji
Jason Uyeda
Jim Jagger
Joe Favazza
John Rosser
Kevin Mulhall
Lindsey Hayes
Lisa G Davies
Little Man
Marilena Rixfor
Mat Hoffman
Matt Mcpherson
Maya's Daddy
Meek West
Mike Day
Mike Lashever
Mike Ward
Mr. Brad
Nolan Nelson
Parking Guy
Pete Day
Rick Thorne
Stacey D
Stacey Ytuarte
Stealing Is Bad
Team Chicken
Ted Barber
Todd Wahoske
Top Bloke
Zac ZiG Drake

Extra cash:

If you want extra cash, go to the college. On the tennis court. There is no arrow over his head, but you can talk to the guy. If you beat him in tennis, you get $500. At Alcatraz, you may see a baseball field. On the pitchers mound is a ghost pitcher. Talk and play baskball. You get $25 for each homerun.
(supplied by: Tony Hawks)

Extra cash:

In the College go in to the garbage truck. once in it jump on the front of the truck and a whole bunch of money will appear.
(supplied by: xzero19)

In the college level, go to the big building (university) far away from the taxi. Then go up the big ramp to the left of it. Jump up it to the rail with the big purple thing on it. Grind until you get to the roof. Turn left and grind the rail going towards the university I talked about earlier. When you are right next to the university, press R2 and the right arrow. You will find a glitch and land on the building. Now, go forwards slowly and turn right. You have two choices, you can go behind the building, or go in. If you go behind, you can go through the fence to get out. If you go in, you will see a shining window to go through.

In the San Fransisco level, go the big building opposite the EMB Stage. Go up the small ramp on the left. Then go up the small ramp you land on. Now, go off the kicker, do a wallride, the a wallie. If you did it correctly, you should have landed on top the building. You will have lots of room to do tricks, but you can't wallride or grind up there.
(supplied by: Justin Bloomberg)
3. Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater 4 Action Replay Codes, US
March 01, 2003
There are 26 codes for this game.

0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
EE952A8E BCD25932

All Levels
CE0804BE BCA99A82

All Decks
DE080442 BBA89A83
DE08044E BBA89A82
DE08044A BBA89A82
DE080456 BBA89A82
DE080452 BBA89A82
DE08045E ACB09A82
DE08045A BCA99A82

All Clothes
DE080446 BCB09A7F

All Movies
CE080444 BCA9D783
CE080464 BCA99BC3

Max Cash
DE080132 C19E7B82

Easy Tennis Win
F11D09DE BCA99B83

Easy Manual Balance
DE784452 BCA99B83

Easy Rail Balance
DE7844C2 BCA99B83

Big Trick Points
0E77DAF6 BCA99B84

Crazy Trick Points
0E77DAF6 BCA99B84

Infinite Special
CE77D986 BCA99B84

Easy Full Special


Mini Skater
DE78232E FAA99B83
DE78232A FAA99B83
DE782336 FAA99B83

Huge Skater
DE78232E FCA99B83
DE78232A FCA99B83
DE782336 FCA99B83


Slo-Mo Specials
FE080443 BCA99BA3

Invisible Mode
FE080443 BCA99B84

Bloody Mode
FE080443 BCA99B85

Crayola Mode
FE080440 BCA99B03

Gorilla Mode Cheat
FE080442 BCA99B8B

Kid Mode Cheat
FE080442 BCA99B84

Huge Head Cheat
FE080442 BCA99BA3

Hoverboard Cheat
FE080442 BCA99BC3

Slo-Mo Cheat
FE080442 BCA99B03

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