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May 26, 2009
How to get ho-oh:
Catch all three legendery dogs.

How to get Rainbow Wing:

After you catch all three dogs, go to Pewter City and a guy who gave you the Silver Wing will give you Rainbow Wing.
(supplied by: Darkages)

Find Pokemon without moving:

You can use Sweeet Scent in the grass to find a wild pokemon without moving.
(supplied by: bralch33)

Find Lapras:

1.Go to Union Cave on Friday.
2.Go to deepest part of cave.
3.Go to pieces of land.
4.Battle trainers.
5.When you battle a girl keep walking after you defeated her.
6.Surf on the lake till you find Lapras!
Note:You can only find Laprason fridays. You only get one chance so you better get him!
(supplied by: Mew champ)

Catch Raikou:

If you want to catch Raikou, you'll Have to do the catch Entei cheat. Raikou is harder to catch because both are in the same spot so you'll need to catch Entei First.
(supplied by: Master trainer)

Get Suicune:

After finding suicune in all places, and getting the clear bell go to the wise trio defeat them and you will be able to go to the TIN TOWER where you will find suicune. To catch him have any pokemon at level 35-40 that knows sleep powder use it on him then throw an ultra ball at him. If it doesnt work keep throwing them at him until you catch him note:make sure you save the game before you enter TIN TOWER because suicune might faint)
(supplied by: birdhouseboy)


The easiest way for you to win the battle if you don't have many good pokemon and only one good one you can put your best pokemon in front. When it faints you put out a weaker pokemon and instead of attacking you use revive on your best pokemon so that when the weak one faints your good one will be ready for battle.
(supplied by: taytay)


When you want a pokemon at a really high level then use the masterball cheat. What you do is when you throw a pokeball, hold down A + B on the gameboy and when it starts shaking just hold B. Then in a matter of seconds you will have caught a pokemon.
(supplied by: alex)


To get leaf stone simply get Gina lass telephone number, she is located on route 34
To get thunderstone just get Dana lass telephone number on route 38
To get sunstone win the bug catching contest.
When you are going to get in Kanto you will have to find mising part of machine, it's located inside Cereluan gym. Use itemfinder to find it.
(supplied by: Marilyn Manson)

Almost Invincible Pokemon:

Kadabra and Alakazam are undefeatable to all but Dark types! To get one:

1. Catch an Abra (Sleep Powder, Ultra Ball)
2. Put your Strongest Pokemon second in the line-up
3. Put Abra first in the line-up
4. Have Abra FACE a Pokemon
5. Tell Abra to return
6. Pull out your strongest Pokemon
7. Beat the enemy to a pulp.

Even though your strongest Pokemon did the fighting, Abra will still get EXP. Points. Keep doing the secuence again and again until Abra (possibly Kadabra) learns Confusion. Then it will be able to destroy low-level Pokemon on its own. Raise it to Level 75 or higher and make sure it has these attacks AND THESE ATTACKS ONLY!!!


There's your invincible Pokemon!
(supplied by: eric003)


To get easy exp. points for your weak pokemon is to send out one of youre weak pokemon and then quickly switch to you're strongest pokemon then defeat the enemy with you're strongest pokemon and youre weak pokemon will get high exp. points.
(supplied by: jabbynolz)


Follow these steps to transform you Eevee in to an Espeon or Umbreon.
1.To get both put a Eevee into the Pokemon Daycare with a Ditto.
2.When or if you have both well it is best to give Eevee an share Exp. to make this easier.
3.You must have Eevee's trust so go to Cianwood city every once and a while to see if he trusts you.
4.When Eevee does trust you well train him until he is a level 37.
5.When Eevee is a level 37 he will Evolve into Espeon if it is day or Umbreon at night.
6.If Eevee is a you want an Umbreon and it is Day you better leave him at level 36 then train him to level 37 at night.
(supplied by: monmon_41)

Beat the Elite Four:

If you want to destroy the Elite Four, use these Pokemon:

Lugia L:60+
Hydro Pump
Recover (Aeroblast?)

Zapdos L:50+
Drill Peck

Typhlosion L:45+
Flame Wheel (flamethrower?)

Suicune L:45+
Aurora Beam
Any seriously strong move

Gengar L:45+
Dream Eater

Any fighting or bug Pokemon

This line-up should wipe out the ELite Four. Use Typhlosion and Zapdos (Gengar) for Will, Lugia for Bruce, Typlosion and/or Gengar for Koga, your fighting or bug Pokemon (Lugia,Typlosion) for Karen, and mainly Suicune for Lance. This should work, as I've used most of this line-up, and crushed the Elite Four.
(supplied by: Dark_Pokemon_Rule)

Defeat Trainer Red:
To defeat trainer Red easy you need this team:
LV 55: Onix/SteeliX : Must know Earthquake and dig
LV 55: Feraligator:Must know Hydro pump or surf
LV 57-60: Haunter/Gengar:Must know Curse /nightmare/ice beam(teach it)/confuse ray
LV 50: Snorlax
2 Any other pokemon with lv more then 35 and high defense, I used Togetic Lv 39 and Lv36 Pichu

Items reqired:
2 max revives
1 X defend
1 X speed
Dire hit(optional)
5 full restores

It will be a good idea if Feraligator holds Mystic waters to one hit ko Charizard. Onix should hold soft sand to powerup earthQuake to one hit ko espeon. Gengar should hold Quick claw but if you follow this stategy you would not need it.I made hime hold amulet coin,i am so money crazy...(but hey you get 15400 Yen if you do). A electric pokemon should hold a magnet to one hit ko Blastoise. Your weak pokemon can hold Focus band or must know Endure. This could prove very useful while restoring your powerful pokemon.

Red sends out pikachu, (i hope you have beefed up onixs attack by lot of protein) Pikachu has no choice but to try charm or quick attack since electricity doesnt hurt onix, Dont worry about them for this wouldnt cost you anything, how ever charm can cause trouble for the next opponent. 1 or 2 earthquakes will faint pikachu, espeon is sent out (if it uses light screen the strategy could fail )Espeons psycic can cut half hp of onix, an earthquake can cut half of espeons hp.Use X- Defend at your first attack. Espeon uses psycic twice , your onix will remain at Hp 10 and espeon at half hp but you use another earthquake and espeons a gonner.

Next up is venusaur:
Send out gengar(forget onix who has just 5 hp left).Use Confuse ray, Venusaur may hurt itself or use sunny day.Use ice punch, if you are lucky venusaur will remain confused, use ice punch again and bye - bye venusaur,

Next up is snorlax:
Use Confuse ray and then curse Snorlax, Eventually Snorlax will use rest now use Nightmare on it.This should get over in 5 moves, people say snorlax is tough but with combined effects of curse and nightmare it loses 50% hlth at every turn.

Next up is Charizard:
Use feraligator and surf one or 2 times to knock off charizard

Now Blastoise is about to be sent, if you have a high level Electric pokemon use it otherwise keep feraligator there.When Bladstoise is sent out , use full restore on gengar.Blastoise will make feraligator faint, now send out gengar, Use confuse ray and then curse on second turn.Should Gengar faint send out a 5th pokemon and use a max revive on gengar, after weak pokemon faints , bring gengar out again, eventually use ice punch on blastoise and the curse will eventually destroy blastoise.

Red is defeated!
(supplied by: RAZERMAN)

Getting Lvl 100 Lugia:

Go to Whirl islands, catch a level 15 Cloyster, go to the bug catching contest, get a level 15 Pinser, bring both pokemon to daycare until they have gone up to level 30. Give them to the three red heads and then they will give you a master ball with a level 100 Lugia inside it.
(supplied by: PokemonChic)

Get The Silver/Rainbow Wing:

After you beat all 16 gyms among Johto and Kanto, fly to Viridian City and talk to the old man that needs coffee, and he should give you the SILVER WING or the RAINBOW WING.
(supplied by: Miss Help)

Cautch Suiceune with ease:

When the 3 dogs run away, Entie, Rakoiu and Suiceune, continure through the rest of the game. When some guy gives you a master ball, save it. Later in the game, you have to meet up with Suicenune and fight him. If you want to capture him, use the master ball.
(supplied by: DragonHUL)


If you want to battle Suicune and get it easy, then finish the game until you beat Claire. Get your free Dratini and verything. Then go to the Radio Tower in Goldenrod if you haven't yet, and retrieve the Clear Bell. Then go back to Tin Tower and battle the Three Monks, go to battle Suicune. You should use a Pigeot, Jumpluff, and/or a Typhosion to battle it. But don't use electric types. If you want to use an electric typem I suggest using one that is level 25 or lower. But at least 19.
(supplied by: yamiryuu kazenjuii)


If you want to get a Tyranitar, then go to celedon, and go to the game place. But enough coins so that you have at least 8888 coins. Then go next door. Walk to the second window to your right and get your Larvitar. Beat all the Kanto gyms, and beat Red. And when you go outside, there's a pokemon center nearby. If you don't have your Larvitar then, go to the PC and get it, and train it until it evolves. When you buy Larvitar, it will usually be at level 40. So evolving it to a Pupitar shouldn't be THAT hard.
(supplied by: yamiryuu kazenjuii)

Making Your Typhlosion ALMOST Invincible:

You have a Typhlosion. Raise it, raise it, and raise it until level uh...I think it'sound 25 or around 30 or higher. It learns all those attacks. Make sure it knows Rollout and Flame Wheel. When you beat Jasmine, she'll give you Iron Tail. Use it on your Typhlosion. Then go to the Mart in Goldenrod and buy a Thyunder Phunch. Make your Typhlosion learn it. Now you have a fire-type that can beat, ground, rock, grass AND water!
(supplied by: yamiryuu kazenjuii)

If You Want to Win:

Then DON'T choose a Chikorita as your starter Pokemon.
(supplied by: yamiryuu kazenjuii)

How to Get a Sneasel:

You want a rare Sneasel? Then go to the Ice Caves at night. You get in the entrace from Blackthorn. You get in and climb two ladders through two floors. Then get the next floor. Go to around the top-middle of that floor and just ride on your bike for a while. Then after a few seconds, you might see a Sneasel! Or just a Delibird.
(supplied by: yamiryuu kazenjuii)

How to Get Leftovers:

When you go to Celadon, there's the entrance to the gym, a tree. across from there, there's a builing and go in. Ther're holding an eating contest. And then there's a trash bin at the end of the place an go there. You'll find leftovers!
(supplied by: yamiryuu kazenjuii)

How to get evolution stones without waiting for phone calls:

1. Make sure you pressed yes for having DayLight Saving's Time.
2. Make sure you have Dana's, Gina's, Alan's, and Tully's phone numbers.
3. Go to mom and talk to her. Keeping pressing B or A until you get to the money part, then press B.
4. When she asks if you want to switch to DayLight Savings Time, press Yes. Then talk to her again and press No if she asks if DayLight Savings Time is over.
5. Someone from your Phone List will call you randomly after you switch to Daylight Savings Time or switch back to normal.

It'll take a while for one of those stone givers to call but it's worth it
(supplied by: zeusof666)

Get Blizzard, Thunder, Fireblast & Hyperbeam:

To get Blizard, Thunder, Fireblast, you have to get 5500 game coins each. To get Hyperbeam you need 7500. Blizzard, Thunder and Fireblast can bought in the goldenrod gamecorner, Hyperbeam in the Celadon game corner.
(supplied by: Bopc_9087)

Get Dragonite:

To get an easy Dragonite, first go into the Dragon Den in Blackthorn, go to the shrine and talk to the old woman at the front. She will give you a Dratini. Give it Exp. Share, and take high level pokemon to the Elite Four and train Dratini until he is around level 35 (if you have access to trade to another version, trade it there and train it in the other version, because it will level up faster). Then, go to Olivine and go on the S.S. Aqua on the days you can, go on it and battle with Dratini, battling everyone on the ship, sleeping in the bed when nessacary. When you get off the ship in Vermilion, go back to Olivine and do it again.

You can sail from Vermilion to Olivine to train, but it will go slower because the people on the boat are weaker. Once he is around 45, train him at the Elite Four. Be patient, because he dosn't evole until level 56, but he is definetly worth the wait. He can learn surf, fly, twister, blizard, thunder, hyperbeam, outrage and I think hydro pump. At very high levels, he is invincible.
(supplied by: Bopc_9087)

Easy Money:

Go to the pokemon league (make sure your pokemon are strong enough to beat the champian) Beat the pokemon league. You should get 25,000 Dollars or less. Keep doing this until you have a lot of money.
(supplied by: Game Master)

How To Get A Raiko:

Fly to Blackthorn City. Go in the second part of the grass. Battle until you hear a strange noise. Then it will either be Raiko or Enti. First it will be Raiko. Then it will be Enti. Also use a master ball on one of them, then use a freat ball or ultra and hold down A + B at the same time and then press B. It shall act like a master ball.
(supplied by: WesternChick9090)

My best team:

The best Pokemon Team is:
1. Raiku that is at least on level 55
2. Entei that is at least on level 55
3. Suicune that is at least on level 55
4. Dragonite that is at least on level 60
5. Lugia that is at least on level 60
6. Ho-Oh that is at least on level 60
Be sure that they know a variety of attacks that can deal damage to all types of Pokemon.
(supplied by: Legendary Master)

A good simple team:

Breed an Eevee and a ditto and get one eevee. Keep breeding them untill you have six in ypur party (the whole party) and make sure one has actually hatched. Train them all up to L:20 or so and then give one the Fire Stone, one Water, and one the Thunder. Teach them each a really good TM move and then get the pther two to trust you a lot and make one Umbreon and one Espeon. Leave the last one as it is and teach it Shadow Ball (from Morty's Gym). Keep training them until they are at really high levels. If you want you can make duplications to make Eevees faster, but this way they will turn out stronger.
(supplied by: Rock_Girl101 )

Get Rainbow Wing to Cath Ho-Oh:

After you catch the three legendary dogs, go to Ekruteak City and Enter the Tin Tower, the man at the center will give you the Raqinbow wing and the stairs will appear. Ho-Oh is at level 60 and is holding sacred ash.
(supplied by: ASH 3rd)

A Good Team:

A good team to use is a typhlosion lvl 58-69, a Ho-oh at lvl 62-70,lugia at lvl 60-65,if you can get it Zapdos lvl 70-76, a Moltres lvl 67-82,and a dragonite at lvl 65-100,if you cant get the old birds you can use a gyrados at lvl 71-100,aerodactyl(still dont remember where 2 find so no questions)or a snorlax at lvl 52-79(if raised right it will be almost invinceable at lvl 64).
(supplied by: llionboy4)

How to get aerodactyl:

Go left from fushia city and follow the path all the way up intill you see a girl standing in the grass. She will ask if you want to trade your chansey for her aerodactyl.
(supplied by: wibertal)

Get your Pokemon's level boosting through the sky:

You first have to get a rare candy (by listening to Buena's password on the radio everyday from 6:00 to midnight for three days) once you have got it you can clone it with the cloning cheat.(which is:)
1. Equip rare candy to any Pokemon.
2. SAVE game
3. Put the Pokemon with the item in to Bills pc
4. Immediately change box.
5. When it says SAVING.DON'T TURN OFF THE POWER. When all of the words go on then you turn it off.
6. Turn it back on and you should still have your pokemon with item in your party take that item and deposit your pokemon and withdraw the clone and take its item.
7. Then use the cloned item on the pokemon and it will go up a level
8. Repeat this process and you should get a really high level pokemon!
(supplied by: revenge619)

Find Raikou and Entei:

To find Raikou and Entei, get 30 max repels and then go to Ecroutik City. Then go between grassy area down the road of the town and the grassy area beside of the town and use the max repel and a common pokemon in front of your team lvl 40.
(supplied by: xxeksj@hotmail.com)

Catch Suikun/Suicuine:

Catch Suikun/Suicuine by gettin clear bell, go to Tin Tower and use the master ball.
(supplied by: mellowyellow37)

Way to get double exp. points:

When raising a pokemon, have it hold exp. share, then put it at the top of the list. Have it fight, or have it come out first in battle then switch it out. That pokemon will get exp. points twice.
(supplied by: Dak Hamee)

The Moo Moo farm:

The moo moo farm that is found directly above Olivine city is the supplier of moo moo milk. There is a sick milktank there that needs berries to recover so the farm can start selling moo moo milk again. Feed this milktank 5 berries and you will be able to purchase moo moo milk from the farm and you will recieve a suprise gift from the farmer.
(supplied by: pokemaster00)


If you start with cyndaquil, take this advice, do not over train cyndaquil in the Bellsprout tower. Cyndaquil evolves at lv.14 which is the lowest of the three starters, it also grows faster than the others. Bellsprout tower is a building in Violet City that is host to sages that worshop and train Bellsprouts. They start of weak with three bellsprouts each all at lv.3. This is a perfect opportunity to train your grass, bug, poison, flying, ghost, or normal pokemon that you can catch outside Violet City. Cyndaquil will gain more than enough exp. in the Azelea Town Bug Gym so it doesnt need to hog all the bellsprouts.
(supplied by: pokemaster00)

Catch Suicune:

The easiest way to catch Suicune is to put it to sleep when it is at red health. Do not put it asleep before then because this hint wont work properly. When you get him to red health put it to sleep then throw a GREAT ball at it. This is the strategy I use everytime and I have beaten Crystal over 40 times.
(supplied by: pokemaster00)

Good team:

A good team that is available in all 3 games without having to trade is:
Aerodactyl or Dragonite

This team has a great combination of types that can wipeout Red How to get all 3 statrers without trading:
1. When you're about to choose a Pokemon at the beginning of the game, you must save.
2. Choose a Pokemon (it doesn't matter for now) and DON'T SAVE THROUGHOUT THE FOLLOWING!!!
3. Go through the game until you get your first pokeball.
4. Catch any pokemon.
5. Go to the PC and deposite your starter
6. Change PC Box and when it says "Saving Do Not Turn Off the Power...", switch off your game before it completely saves.
7. When you continue the game, you should be where you're about to choose your first Pokemon.
8. Go through the same steps again but with a different starter
9.When you chose your last starter, go to the PC and the other 2 should be in the first box.

NOTE: Only the last starter Pokemon you chose will be recorded on your pokedex but once thy're evolved, there evolutions will be on the pokedex so just breed and get the baby starters recorded on the Pokedex.
(supplied by: kaziliam_42)

A well balanced Slowbro, bro.

1. Capture a Slowpoke at Slowpokes lake.
2. Train until it evolves then continue to train to 50.
3. Teach it Icepunch, Psychic, Shadowball, Surf.

All the moves become special moves, even Icepunch because it's second gen and it's not as advanced.

1. Choose Cyndaquil as your starter or trade with a friend.
2. Train it into a Typhlosion, don't use Rare Candies!
3. Teach it Thunderpunch, Flamethrower, Earthquake, Irontail.

Thunderpunch and Flamethrower automatically become special moves and dip into Typhlosions beastly special attack, Earthquake and Irontail both use physical attack but still pack a punch. Good for beating elite four.

1. Capture an Oddish in Ilex Forest.
2. Train Oddish to Lv. 40 for Petal Dance early.
3. Teach it Petal Dance, Sludgebomb, Solarbeam, Sunnyday.
4. Evolve it and marvel at your powerful grass-type.

Petal Dance could easily be replaced with Hidden Power Ice/Fire. Remember that Sunnyday makes Solarbeam only take one turn and you can switch out to a fire Pokémon if Bellossom gets KO'd to continue the fire bonus. HP Fire is reccomended for Bellossom, if possible. You get it at the Lake of Rage.

These Pokémon can all beat the Elite Four and mine have swept my friends level 100 team which included Alakazam, Slowking, Electabuzz & other common threats. Also reccomending that you train up your Pokémon as well-balanced as possible. If you chose a different starter then I reccomend the movesets below which I think would work fine against the elite four.

Meganium - Sunnyday, Solarbeam, Razorleaf, Sludgebomb Feraligatr - Surf, Icepunch, Irontail, Earthquake

Closing statements: Never, ever try to build a Pokémon with all three elemental punches unless that Pokémon has a high special attack stat. Reason? All three elemental punches actually rely on special attack!

(supplied by: L)

The best team you can have is:(yes they are all lvl 100s):

1. Feraligatr-lvl 100-Moves:Strength, cut, surf, hydro pump.
2. Tyranitar-lvl 100-Moves:Hyper beam, crunch, fire punch, earthquake.
3. Dragonite-lvl 100-Moves:Outrage, dragon rage, hyper beam, wing attack 4. Lugia-lvl 100-Moves:Fly, ancient power, hydro pump, whirlpool.
5. Oh-ho-lvl 100-Moves:Any of your choice. They're all good!
6. And finally any legendary dog.(Preferably Entai).
(supplied by: Death Solja)

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