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1.  Vampire Night Action Replay Codes, US
May 17, 2003
There are 65 codes for this game.

EC8383AC 144828E4

Inf Health P1
4CE0B358 1456E79E

Inf Health P2
4CE0B4A0 1456E79E

Inf Ammo P1
4CE0B394 1456E79D

Inf Ammo P2
4CE0B4DC 1456E79D

Inf Credits
4CE0AEFC 1456E79D

Tons o' Silver
4CE0D13C 1456B00C

Magazine +2
3CE0CE03 1456E788

Magazine +4
3CE0CE08 1456E788

Magazine +8
3CE0CE09 1456E788

Inf Magazine
3CE0CE06 1456E788

Bullet X1.2
3CE0CE07 1456E788

Bullet X1.5
3CE0CE0C 1456E788

Bullet X2.0
3CE0CE0D 1456E788

Silver Bullets
3CE0CE0A 1456E788

Silver 92.5 Bullets
3CE0CE0B 1456E788

Shotgun Bullet
3CE0CE10 1456E788

Machinegun Bullet
3CE0CE11 1456E788

Magnum Bullet
3CE0CE0E 1456E788

Gatling Gun Bullet
3CE0CE0F 1456E788

Launcher Bullet
3CE0CE14 1456E788

Comical Bullet
3CE0CE15 1456E788

Army Gloves
3CE0CE12 1456E788

Hunter's Gloves
3CE0CE13 1456E788

Score Ring
3CE0CE18 1456E788

Hunter's Earring
3CE0CE19 1456E788

Silver Earring
3CE0CE16 1456E788

Holy Earring
3CE0CE17 1456E788

Spirit Brooch
3CE0CE1C 1456E788

Angel Brooch
3CE0CE1D 1456E788

Member's Badge
3CE0CE1A 1456E788

Silver Badge
3CE0CE1B 1456E788

Dream Badge
3CE0CE20 1456E788

Mystic Charm
3CE0CE21 1456E788

Holmes Spectacles
3CE0CE1E 1456E788

Psychic Goggles
3CE0CE1F 1456E788

Life +1
3CE0CE24 1456E788

Life +2
3CE0CE25 1456E788

Life +5
3CE0CE22 1456E788

Credit +2
3CE0CE23 1456E788

Credit +4
3CE0D128 1456E788

Credit +6
3CE0D129 1456E788

Credit +10
3CE0D126 1456E788

Inf Credit
3CE0D127 1456E788

Garlic Powder
3CE0D12C 1456E788

Silver Powder
3CE0D12D 1456E788

Warp 2
3CE0D12A 1456E788

Warp 3
3CE0D12B 1456E788

Warp 4
3CE0D130 1456E788

Warp 5
3CE0D131 1456E788

Warp 6
3CE0D12E 1456E788

Maiden's Sigh
3CE0D12F 1456E788

Maiden's Gloom
3CE0D134 1456E788

Score X2
3CE0D135 1456E788

Score X4
3CE0D132 1456E788

Angel's Wink
3CE0D133 1456E788

Angel's Kiss
3CE0D138 1456E788

Angel's Miracle
3CE0D139 1456E788

Devil's Whisper
3CE0D136 1456E788

All Items
3CE0CE03 1456E788
1CE0CE08 F5734488
1CE0CE0C F5734488
1CE0CE10 F5734488
1CE0CE14 F5734488
1CE0CE18 F5734488
1CE0CE1C F5734488
1CE0CE20 F5734488
1CE0CE24 F5734488
1CE0D128 F5734488
1CE0D12C F5734488
1CE0D130 F5734488
1CE0D134 F5734488
1CE0D138 14734488

All Misc Files
4CE0D1E2 1456E6A6
1CE0D1E8 1355E6A6
1CE0D1EC 1355E6A6
1CE0D1F0 1355E6A6
1CE0D1F4 1355E6A6
1CE0D1F8 1355E6A6
1CE0D1FC 1355E6A6
1CE0D100 1355E6A6
1CE0D104 1355E6A6
1CE0D108 1355E6A6
3CE0D10C 1456E7A6

All Item Files
4CE0D1AE 1456E6A6
1CE0D1B4 1355E6A6
1CE0D1B8 1355E6A6
1CE0D1BC 1355E6A6
1CE0D1C0 1355E6A6
1CE0D1C4 1355E6A6
1CE0D1C8 1355E6A6
1CE0D1CC 1355E6A6
1CE0D1D0 1355E6A6
1CE0D1D4 1355E6A6
1CE0D1D8 1355E6A6
1CE0D1DC 1355E6A6
1CE0D1E0 1355E6A6
4CE0D1E4 1456E6A6

All Boss Files
4CE0D19E 1456E6A6
1CE0D1A4 1355E6A6
1CE0D1A8 1355E6A6
1CE0D1AC 1355E6A6
4CE0D1B0 1456E6A6

All Enemy Files
1CE0D194 1355E6A6
1CE0D198 1355E6A6
1CE0D19C 1355E6A6
4CE0D1A0 1456E6A6

All Player Files
1CE0D188 1355E6A6
1CE0D18C 1355E6A6
1CE0D190 1355E6A6

2.  Vampire Night Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
June 10, 2002
Unlock Free Play in Arcade Mode:
Finish all of the training mission to unlock Free Play in Arcade Mode.

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