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Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter Cheats

PlayStation 2 Cheats, Cheat Codes and Hints

1. Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter Action Replay Codes, US
March 10, 2003
There are 101 codes for this game.

0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
EEB9B666 BCE758F2

Training 1-Hard Complete
CE1F0170 BCA99B86

Training 1-2P Complete
FE1F0174 BCA99B84

Training 1-Medal A
FE1F0177 BCA99B84

Training 1-Medal B
FE1F0176 BCA99B84

Training 1-Medal C
FE1F0171 BCA99B84

Training 2-Hard Complete
CE1F0110 BCA99B86

Training 2-2P Complete
FE1F0114 BCA99B84

Training 2-Medal A
FE1F0117 BCA99B84

Training 2-Medal B
FE1F0116 BCA99B84

Training 2-Medal C
FE1F0111 BCA99B84

Training 3-Hard Complete
CE1F01D0 BCA99B86

Training 3-2P Complete
FE1F01D4 BCA99B84

Training 3-Medal A
FE1F01D7 BCA99B84

Training 3-Medal B
FE1F01D6 BCA99B84

Training 3-Medal C
FE1F01D1 BCA99B84

Training 4-Hard Complete
CE1F01E0 BCA99B86

Training 4-2P Complete

Training 4-Medal A

Training 4-Medal B

Training 4-Medal C

Training 5-Hard Complete
CE1F0130 BCA99B86

Training 5-2P Complete
FE1F0134 BCA99B84

Training 5-Medal A
FE1F0137 BCA99B84

Training 5-Medal B
FE1F0136 BCA99B84

Training 5-Medal C
FE1F0131 BCA99B84

Act I-2-Hard Complete
CE0159E0 BCA99B86

Act I-2-2P Complete
FE0159E4 BCA99B84

Act I-2-Medal A
FE0159E7 BCA99B84

Act I-2-Medal B
FE0159E6 BCA99B84

Act I-2-Medal C
FE0159E1 BCA99B84

Act I-3-Hard Complete
CE1F0380 BCA99B86

Act I-3-2P Complete
FE1F0384 BCA99B84

Act I-3-Medal A
FE1F0387 BCA99B84

Act I-3-Medal B
FE1F0386 BCA99B84

Act I-3-Medal C
FE1F0381 BCA99B84

Act I-4-Hard Complete
CE1F0F60 BCA99B86

Act I-4-2P Complete
FE1F0F64 BCA99B84

Act I-4-Medal A
FE1F0F67 BCA99B84

Act I-4-Medal B
FE1F0F66 BCA99B84

Act I-4-Medal C
FE1F0F61 BCA99B84

Act I-5-Hard Complete
CE1F0F50 BCA99B86

Act I-5-2P Complete
FE1F0F54 BCA99B84

Act I-5-Medal A
FE1F0F57 BCA99B84

Act I-5-Medal B
FE1F0F56 BCA99B84

Act I-5-Medal C
FE1F0F51 BCA99B84

Act II-1-Hard Complete
CE1F0040 BCA99B86

Act II-1-2P Complete
FE1F0044 BCA99B84

Act II-1-Medal A
FE1F0047 BCA99B84

Act II-1-Medal B
FE1F0046 BCA99B84

Act II-1-Medal C
FE1F0041 BCA99B84

Act II-2-Hard Complete
CE1F0000 BCA99B86

Act II-2-2P Complete
FE1F0004 BCA99B84

Act II-2-Medal A
FE1F0007 BCA99B84

Act II-2-Medal B
FE1F0006 BCA99B84

Act II-2-Medal C
FE1F0001 BCA99B84

Act II-3-Hard Complete
CE1F0080 BCA99B86

Act II-3-2P Complete
FE1F0084 BCA99B84

Act II-3-Medal A
FE1F0087 BCA99B84

Act II-3-Medal B
FE1F0086 BCA99B84

Act II-3-Medal C
FE1F0081 BCA99B84

Act II-4-Hard Complete
CE1F0030 BCA99B86

Act II-4-2P Complete
FE1F0034 BCA99B84

Act II-4-Medal A
FE1F0037 BCA99B84

Act II-4-Medal B
FE1F0036 BCA99B84

Act II-4-Medal C
FE1F0031 BCA99B84

Act II-6-Hard Complete
CE1F00F0 BCA99B86

Act II-6-2P Complete
FE1F00F4 BCA99B84

Act II-6-Medal A
FE1F00F7 BCA99B84

Act II-6-Medal B
FE1F00F6 BCA99B84

Act II-6-Medal C
FE1F00F1 BCA99B84

Act III-1-Hard Complete
CE1F07A0 BCA99B86

Act III-1-2P Complete
FE1F07A4 BCA99B84

Act III-1-Medal A
FE1F07A7 BCA99B84

Act III-1-Medal B
FE1F07A6 BCA99B84

Act III-1-Medal C
FE1F07A1 BCA99B84

Act III-2-Hard Complete
CE1F00E0 BCA99B86

Act III-2-2P Complete
FE1F00E4 BCA99B84

Act III-2-Medal A
FE1F00E7 BCA99B84

Act III-2-Medal B
FE1F00E6 BCA99B84

Act III-2-Medal C
FE1F00E1 BCA99B84

Act III-3-Hard Complete
CE1F0730 BCA99B86

Act III-3-2P Complete
FE1F0734 BCA99B84

Act III-3-Medal A
FE1F0737 BCA99B84

Act III-3-Medal B
FE1F0736 BCA99B84

Act III-3-Medal C
FE1F0731 BCA99B84

Act III-4-Hard Complete
CE1F07C0 BCA99B86

Act III-4-2P Complete
FE1F07C4 BCA99B84

Act III-4-Medal A
FE1F07C7 BCA99B84

Act III-4-Medal B
FE1F07C6 BCA99B84

Act III-4-Medal C
FE1F07C1 BCA99B84

Act III-5-Hard Complete
CE1F07D0 BCA99B86

Act III-5-2P Complete
FE1F07D4 BCA99B84

Act III-5-Medal A
FE1F07D7 BCA99B84

Act III-5-Medal B
FE1F07D6 BCA99B84

Act III-5-Medal C
FE1F07D1 BCA99B84

Act III-6-Hard Complete
CE1F0680 BCA99B86

Act III-6-2P Complete
FE1F0684 BCA99B84

Act III-6-Medal A
FE1F0687 BCA99B84

Act III-6-Medal B
FE1F0686 BCA99B84

Act III-6-Medal C
FE1F0681 BCA99B84

2. Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
June 29, 2002
Cheat Mode:
Enter PNYRCADE as a code.

God mode:

Enter QUENTIN as a code.

Alternate camera angles:
Enter DIRECTOR as a code. Press Select to cycle camera views or R1 to zoom in.

Disable cockpit displays:
Enter NOHUD as a code.

Mara Jade's Z-95 Headhunter ship:
Enter HEADHUNT as a code.

Reversed controls:

Enter JARJAR as a code.

Programmer message:

Enter MAGGIE as a code.

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1. FAQ
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July 01, 2002
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