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Gun Griffon Blaze Cheats

PlayStation 2 Cheats, Cheat Codes and Hints

1. Gun Griffon Blaze Action Replay Codes, US
March 02, 2003
There are 36 codes for this game.

ECB198F0 1438BBA0

Huge Score
1CDF09F0 17E9C70C

Inf Firepower 1
4CD3E9EC 1456E79E

Inf Super Reload
4CD3E9EA 1456E79E

Inf Flash Roll
4CD3E9F0 1456E79E

Inf Adv. Armor 2
4CD3E9EE 1456E79E

Inf Wheel Adaptor
4CD3E9F4 1456E79E

Inf Super Zoom
4CD3E9F2 1456E79E

Inf Hyper Zoom
4CD3E9F8 1456E79E

Inf IG System
4CD3E9F6 1456E79E

Inf Jump Regulator
4CD3E9FC 1456E79E

Inf Firepower M
4CD3E9FA 1456E79E

Inf Adv Armor M
4CD3E900 1456E79E

Inf Firepower 2
4CD3E9FE 1456E79E

Inf Adv Armor 1
4CD3E904 1456E79E

Inf Quick Reload
4CD3E902 1456E79E

Inf Hyper Reload
4CD3E908 1456E79E

Inf CH Missile
4CD3E7EC 1456E79E

Inf MS Bomb
4CD3E7EA 1456E79E

Inf NP Gun
4CD3E7F0 1456E79E

Inf Rocket Pod
4CD3E7EE 1456E79E

Inf AT Missile
4CD3E7F4 1456E79E

Inf Gun
4CD3E7F2 1456E79E

Inf MG Ver. 1
4CD3E7F8 1456E79E

Inf S Shotgun
4CD3E7F6 1456E79E

Inf Grenade Ver. 1
4CD3E7FC 1456E79E

Inf Grenade Ver. 2
4CD3E7FA 1456E79E

Inf Hyper Grenade
4CD3E700 1456E79E

Inf Shotgun
4CD3E7FE 1456E79E

Inf Power MG
4CD3E704 1456E79E

Inf SS Rocket Gun
4CD3E702 1456E79E

Inf MG Ver. 2
4CD3E708 1456E79E

Inf. MG Ver. 3
4CD3E706 1456E79E

Inf HH Missile
4CD3E70C 1456E79E

Inf Fuel Air Expl.
4CD3E70A 1456E79E

All Weapons Systems
1CAC1D68 61DFB00C
4CAC1D6C 1456B00C

2. Gun Griffon Blaze Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
April 16, 2002
12 fuel-air bombs:
Put in FEA MASTER! as your pilot name, Mexico as the country, and Female as the sex.


The Type 9Get 13 Medals
The JagdpantherGet 6 million points
(supplied by: Skanky) 

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