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PlayStation 2 Cheats, Cheat Codes and Hints

1.  Grand Theft Auto 3 Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
October 01, 2004

All Weapons:

R2, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up.

Full Health:

R2, R2, L1, R1, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up.

Full Armor:

R2, R2, L1, L2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up.

Higher Wanted Level:

R2, R2, L1, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right.

Lower Wanted Level:

R2, R2, L1, R2, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down.

More money:

R2, R2, L1, L1, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up.

Invisible Cars:

L1, L1, Square, R2, Triangle, L1, Triangle.

Change outfit:

Right, Down, Left, Up, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, Right.

People fight each other:

Down, Up, Left, Up, X, R1, R2, L2, L1.

All people hate you:

Down, Up, Left, Up, X, R1, R2, L1, L2.

Crazy people:

R2, R1, Triangle, X, L2, L1, Up, Down.

Flying car:

Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1.

Improved car handling:

R1, L1, R2, L1, Left, R1, R1, Triangle.

Blow up all cars:

L2, R2, L1, R1, L2, R2, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, L2, L1.

Gore Mode:

Square, L1, Circle, Down, L1, R1, Triangle, Right, L1, X.

Clear Weather:

L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, Triangle.

Foggy Weather:
L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, X.

Cloudy Weather:

L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, Square.

Rainy Weather:

L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, Circle.


Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, R1, L2, L1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle.

Speed up time:

Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, L1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle.

Faster game play:

Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Square, R1, R2.

Slower game play:

Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Square, L1, L2.

Put out the fire:

R2, R2, L1, R1, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up.

Clean Getaway:

Go to the ship docks then walk on the outside of the fence. The character will fall through the floor (same life and mission, no people chasing). This is a clean getaway!
(supplied by: mario)

Put out fire:

When some one throws a molotov coctail and it hits you'r car speed up really fast (floor it), eventually the fire will go out! (only works with light colored fire)
(supplied by: bluekillas13)

Orange uniform:

If you start a new game, load one of your other saves while you still have the orange uniform on and you will have it throughout the rest of the game.
(supplied by: Chris Gates / Arnold Layne)

Blow up Tanks:

Tanks are explodable, throw enough Molotov Cocktails at them and they will blow up.
(supplied by: ESW87)

You can also use the flamethrower to blow up the tank.
(supplied by: hitNtheGspot)

Ride on Cars:

Stop a car by standing in front of it. Then jump on the roof of the car. It will start moving with you on it. *Note* You will have to move a little to fix your position on the car.
(supplied by: Error 1355)

Things to do:

On Stanton Island were you have to destroy Madmans van, there is a secret message behind the wall... read it, it is funny. On Portland, where Tony is, there is an ally that has a van that says Toys in the Hood... get in it and it will give you a rampage thing called Moafia Massacre and you can drive a little RC car and blow up all the maffia.
(supplied by: jasonman1554)

Make all cars in parking garage disappear:

Note: you need to enter the better steering cheat (R1, L1, R2, L1, Left, R1, R1, Triangle) Go to the parking garage near the hideout on Stanton Island and go to the top. There is a car blocking the ramp for the unique jump. Take it and back it up and jump it (by pressing L3 button) over the edge. All the cars in the garage should disappear including the one you drove up into the garage. Note: it doesn't matter what car is in the place.
(supplied by: eat my shorts)

Never get tired while running:

If you TAP "X" instead of holding it you'll never run out of breathe.
(supplied by: Mike)

Taxi Glitch:

This takes getting the timing exactly right. When you are on a taxi mission, if you pick up a passenger as your time is reaching zero, they have to be opening the door and getting in as it hits zero, your timer will disappear and you will be able to do infinite taxi missions, or until you wreck your car. But you can enter the health cheat to avoid that.
(supplied by: Voltron)


Go to the bus behind 8-ball's shop, there you will see a bulding that has a sign that has auto on it. Go to a black panel and brake, inside it will be a fast car.
(supplied by: freak 102)

Get to second and third island:

If you are stuck on the first island and want to get to the third or second island, type in the flying car cheat. Fly to the second island and drive straight two roads then turn left and keep going straight and drive down to the subway.
(supplied by: coolguy)

Get the Borgnine Taxi:

If you want to get your hands on the special Borgnine Taxi (its not that special but if you havent got anythin else to do) you have to pick up 100 people in a taxi. If you dont want to use the taxi you can use any other car. Just find a taxi, get inside it press the R3 button for the taxi missions but do not release the R3 button. Get out of the taxi and enter the car of your choice then release R3 and you can pick up people in that car.
(supplied by: MaGiCsNuM1)

Mafia cars:

Go to Salvatore's Mansion, there will always two mafia cars.
(supplied by: porrete)

Molotov Cocktails and a hidden package:

Go to 8 balls and take a left. there is a route leading into a tunnel with Hobo/Bum guys. Run them over and you find Molotov Cocktails and a hidden package
(supplied by: Raimundo)

Go to second and third island:

First, you have to type the flying cheat in (Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Down, L1 and R1 during gameplay), then get a fast car like the diablo stallion (found near the portland hideout). Then go to the broken bridge (the callahan bridge), but be careful dont wreck the car. Then fly over the bridge going as fast as you can, and you'll fly over the bridge into the second island. If you want to go to the third island take the subway to get there. The ride will take a little while so be patient! NOTE: if you dont know where the subway is look on your map (it comes with the game in the case).
(supplied by: PS2 FREAK)

125% health:

You can take your health up to 125% by picking up a prostitute, driving her to any secluded area (like the Easy Credit Auto Parking Lot), parking, and allow her to "do her thing".
(supplied by: Kuplo, D. J. H.)

Free Yakuza Stinger:

When you get to Asuka on the second level outside her house is a Yakuza Stinger. The alarm does not go off when you get in it.
(supplied by: baz)

Very easy money:

Get a cop car and go into a garage and start a vigilante mission. Get out of the car and go outside the garage and do the Blow up all cars code. Go back into the garage get into the cop car and then get out and do it again you can do this as many times as you want and you money will increace every time.
(supplied by: sliver_king88)

Flying Tank:

Type in the Rhyno Tank Cheat. Then get to a bridge that leads to a city that you haven't unlocked yet or get to the airport runway. Next, turn your cannon backwards using the R3 button. After that start firing the cannon using the Circle button until you've gathered enough speed then start pulling back on the L3 button and now your FLYING! Now turning is difficult (you dont want to turn to hard or you will start barrel rolling). Barely move the L3 button in the direction you want to turn.
(supplied by: Jrjoker52589)

Get the Ferrarri (Infernus):

First, get a fast car. Enter the hydraulic cheat. Go to the bridge that gaps Staunton Island and Portland and use the cheat to get across. Go to the second bridge (you will need something like a Banshee to get across this one!). Once you've made it, you should be in Shoreside Vale. Head down to the Francis Int. Airport. Before taking a left into the airport, take a right into the parking lot. The Ferrarri should be in there. This car is the best car for using the Dodo cheat, which makes your car glide like the Dodo plane.
(supplied by: Jake B.)

Use any car as a taxi:

In GTA3 you can use any car as a taxi. First get into a taxi and stop in front of the car you want. Then hold down r3 and step out of the car and walk towards it (This may be tricky since your controls are reversed) and press triangle to get in the car. You may now use any car like a taxi.
(supplied by: insomniac152003)

Free shotgun:

Go to ammunation in Portland. Kill the cashier and then walk up to the counter to get the shotgun.
(supplied by: efdiaz)

Flying the Wingless Plane (Dodo):

On the third Island (Shoreside Vale) there is an Airport known as Francis International. When you make that left into the airport when you 1st get off the bridge or tunnel follow the road that is paralell to it to enter the side gate of the airport. (Follow the road with red runway lights on it) Keep following this road and u can choose one of two of the Dodo's. The 1st is in the third open hanger as you drive in. The other is by the helipad where the police car is parked. (Opposite side) Once you have the Dodo, bring it to the longest runway (where the jets take off and land). Make sure you are at the very end of the runway so you can three chances to take off before u hit the end.

Taking off:
When you have the dodo at the end of the runway accelerate holding down on the control pad (not the analog sticks). After a while you should see sparks on the runway. As soon as you see these let go of the down arrow on the pad and let the plane jump off the runway. Make sure you let go as soon as sparks show up...if not ypu will have to try again.

As soon as the plane jumps from the runway press the down arrow again so that ypu can not see the front red section of the plane. You never want to see the front red section of the plane. If you see it then that means you are getting higher and you dont want to be too high or else the game will gointo the cinematic view of the plane untill u crash. If you want to turn TAP LIGHTLY on either the left or right arrows. After you are done with the turn make sure you level off the plane.

Things to see while flying the dodo:
First and formost make sure you can fly the plane for at least 200 seconds without loosing control and crashing. I reccomend practicing over land so you dont die if you crahs in the water.

1. Fly to Portland and check out the lighthouse that is normally unreachable by boat or car. If you are a good enough pilot you can crash into the side and climb up the stairs.

2. Fly to Staunton Island and fly over the casino to see the what is on the roof that you can not get to.

3. Look at the ghost town from the very first cut scene in the game. Takes a while to get to. To get there take off facing away from the other islands and face out toward the water. Follow the waterline of Shoreside Vale and eventually there is a turn and you should take it. Not long after you will see about 2 blocks of city with the bank from the 1st movie. Be aware that it is not solid so you CAN NOT land on it. The best way to see it all is to fly out to see and come through the street as if you going to land on it. Fly through the corner building then you should be able to see everything.

4. Check out the observatory on the far hill on Shoreside Vale.
(supplied by: Scooter07)

Raise your criminal rating:

To raise your criminal rating, simply go to the top of KENJI's CASINO (on staunton island) and climb the stairs to by the entrance (stairs are just off the street), climb all the way to the helicopter on the roof. Take refuge under the helicopter and make sure you have a rocket launcher, now raise your wanted level to at least 3 stars (so helicopters come after you), and as they come SHOOT THEM DOWN. If you hide by the helicopter right, they cannot hit you with their gunshots (though you should be able to shoot them down LONG before they get a shot off.
(supplied by: Spawnner)

2.  Grand Theft Auto 3 Action Replay Codes, EU
May 25, 2004
There are 190 codes for this game.
Use only one Garage Mod code.

ECB276E0 1445B464

Inf Health
1C21EB38 D60EE7A5

Inf Armour
1C21EB3C D60EE7A5

Max Cash
1CC89A50 17E9C70C

Never 'Wanted'
1CBDB8D8 1456E7A5
1CBDBD50 1456E7A5
1CD8DA30 1456E7A5

Cops on Foot have no AI
1C8B31E8 1456E7A5
1C8B31FC 1456E7A5
1C8B3110 1456E7A5
1C8B3124 1456E7A5

Turn off car damage
1C8D6680 1456E7A5

Learner Driver Day(crazy cars)
1C8D7858 1456E7A5

Turn off Motion Blur
1CB259DC 1456E7A5

Freeze Game Time
1CB23240 1456E7A5

Disco Road Mode
1CB25928 1456E7A5

See-through Cars
1CB2596C 1456E7A5

All Weapons at Hideout
1CC89A58 1456E781

Pistol Ammo
1C21EB14 1456E799
1C21EB18 1456E7D1

Uzi Ammo
1C21EA28 1456E7AE
1C21EA2C 1456E7AE

Inf Grenades
1C21F07C 1456E79F

Inf Shotgun Ammo
1C21EA3C 1456E79F
1C21EA40 1456E79F

Inf AK47 Ammo
1C21EA50 1456E7AB
1C21EA54 1456E781

Inf M16 Ammo
1C21EA64 1456E781
1C21EA68 1456E788

Inf Sniper Rifle Ammo
1C21EA7C 1456E7D7

Inf Rocket Launcher Ammo
1C21EA90 1456E7D7

Inf Petrol Bombs
1C21EAB8 1456E79F

L2 Freeze Mission Timers
0CC72566 1456B10C
1CBE65E0 1456E7A5

R2 Restart Mission Timers
0CC72566 1456B20C
1CBE65E0 104CCA5D

FBI & Army Avail on 1st Island
1CD8DA34 145607A5

Turn Blood off
1CD8D6F4 1456E7A5

All Guns free in shops
1CAA7918 1456E7A5
1CAA791C 1456E7A5
1CAA7920 1456E7A5
1CAA7924 1456E7A5
1CAA7828 1456E7A5
1CAA782C 1456E7A5
1CAA7830 1456E7A5
1CAA7834 1456E7A5
1CAA7838 1456E7A5
1CAA783C 1456E7A5

Safety Glass
1CA2EA60 1456E7A5

Hard Glass
1CA2B3C8 15F6E79D
1CA2B3CC 1456E7A5

Ped's & Gangs don't fist fight
1CB978B8 15F6E79D
1CB978BC 1456E7A5

No Vehicles on road
1CB232EC 1456E7A5
1CB235DC 1456E7A5

No Pedestrians
1CB232D0 1456E7A5

No Police Helicopters
1CB2328C 1456E7A5

Not a cloud in the sky
1CB25618 1456E7A5

Drive through lamp posts
1CB23274 1456E7A5

Stop Weather Changing
1CB23248 1456E7A5

Freeze world time
1CB23240 1456E7A5

Use only one Lighting code

Constant Eclipse

Crazy Light Mode

Can't Jack or be Jacked(Peds)
1CB94BA8 15F6E79D
1CB94BAC 1456E7A5

Turn off Skidmarks
1CB25348 1456E7A5

Turn off Rubbish
1CB25358 1456E7A5

Game Speed x2
1CD801E8 D456E7A5

Game Speed x4
1CD801E8 D4D6E7A5

Game Speed x6
1CD801E8 D416E7A5

Game Speed x8
1CD801E8 D356E7A5

Sky Cam (Ped. Mode)
1CD8FC68 D3D6E7A5

Never lose Weapons
1C8C0938 15F6E79D
1C8C093C 1456E7A5

Portland Garage Car Mod: Landstalker
3CF20AC8 1456E76F

Portland Garage Car Mod: Idaho
3CF20AC8 1456E770

Portland Garage Car Mod: Stinger
3CF20AC8 1456E769

Portland Garage Car Mod: Linerunner
3CF20AC8 1456E76A

Portland Garage Car Mod: Perennial
3CF20AC8 1456E76B

Portland Garage Car Mod: Sentinel
3CF20AC8 1456E76C

Portland Garage Car Mod: Patriot
3CF20AC8 1456E785

Portland Garage Car Mod: Stretch
3CF20AC8 1456E788

Portland Garage Car Mod: Manana
3CF20AC8 1456E781

Portland Garage Car Mod: Infernus
3CF20AC8 1456E782

Portland Garage Car Mod: Blista
3CF20AC8 1456E783

Portland Garage Car Mod: Pony
3CF20AC8 1456E784

Portland Garage Car Mod: Cheetah
3CF20AC8 1456E77E

Portland Garage Car Mod: Ambulance
3CF20AC8 1456E77F

Portland Garage Car Mod: FBI Car
3CF20AC8 1456E780

Portland Garage Car Mod: Moonbeam
3CF20AC8 1456E779

Portland Garage Car Mod: Esperanto
3CF20AC8 1456E77A

Portland Garage Car Mod: Taxi
3CF20AC8 1456E77B

Portland Garage Car Mod: Kuruma
3CF20AC8 1456E77C

Portland Garage Car Mod: Bobcat
3CF20AC8 1456E795

Portland Garage Car Mod: Mr Whoopee
3CF20AC8 1456E796

Portland Garage Car Mod: BF Injection
3CF20AC8 1456E797

Portland Garage Car Mod: Manana
3CF20AC8 1456E798

Portland Garage Car Mod: Police
3CF20AC8 1456E791

Portland Garage Car Mod: Enforcer
3CF20AC8 1456E792

Portland Garage Car Mod: Securicar
3CF20AC8 1456E793

Portland Garage Car Mod: Banshee
3CF20AC8 1456E794

Portland Garage Car Mod: Cabbie
3CF20AC8 1456E725

Portland Garage Car Mod: Stallion
3CF20AC8 1456E726

Portland Garage Car Mod: Rumpo
3CF20AC8 1456E727

Portland Garage Car Mod: Mafia Sentinel
3CF20AC8 1456E723

Portland Garage Car Mod: Yardie Lobo
3CF20AC8 1456E724

Portland Garage Car Mod: Yakuza Stinger
3CF20AC8 1456E71D

Portland Garage Car Mod: Cartel Cruiser
3CF20AC8 1456E71F

Portland Garage Car Mod: Diablo Stallion
3CF20AC8 1456E71E

Portland Garage Car Mod: Hoods Rumpo XL
3CF20AC8 1456E720

Portland Garage Car Mod: Panlantic
3CF20AC8 1456E735

Portland Garage Car Mod: Borgnine
3CF20AC8 1456E731

Portland Garage Car Mod: TOYZ
3CF20AC8 1456E732

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Landstalker
3CF20DB8 1456E76F

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Idaho
3CF20DB8 1456E770

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Stinger
3CF20DB8 1456E769

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Linerunner
3CF20DB8 1456E76A

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Perennial
3CF20DB8 1456E76B

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Sentinel
3CF20DB8 1456E76C

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Patriot
3CF20DB8 1456E785

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Fire Truck
3CF20DB8 1456E786

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Trashmaster
3CF20DB8 1456E787

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Stretch
3CF20DB8 1456E788

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Manana
3CF20DB8 1456E781

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Infernus
3CF20DB8 1456E782

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Blista
3CF20DB8 1456E783

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Pony
3CF20DB8 1456E784

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Mule
3CF20DB8 1456E77D

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Cheetah
3CF20DB8 1456E77E

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Ambulance
3CF20DB8 1456E77F

Staunton Island Garage Mod: FBI Car
3CF20DB8 1456E780

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Moonbeam
3CF20DB8 1456E779

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Esperanto
3CF20DB8 1456E77A

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Taxi
3CF20DB8 1456E77B

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Kuruma
3CF20DB8 1456E77C

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Bobcat
3CF20DB8 1456E795

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Mr Whoopee
3CF20DB8 1456E796

Staunton Island Garage Mod: BF Injection
3CF20DB8 1456E797

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Manana
3CF20DB8 1456E798

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Police
3CF20DB8 1456E791

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Enforcer
3CF20DB8 1456E792

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Securicar
3CF20DB8 1456E793

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Banshee
3CF20DB8 1456E794

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Bus
3CF20DB8 1456E78E

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Rhino
3CF20DB8 1456E78F

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Barracks OL
3CF20DB8 1456E790

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Dodo
3CF20DB8 1456E78B

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Coach
3CF20DB8 1456E78C

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Cabbie
3CF20DB8 1456E725

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Stallion
3CF20DB8 1456E726

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Rumpo
3CF20DB8 1456E727

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Triad Fish Van
3CF20DB8 1456E721

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Mr Wongs(Van)
3CF20DB8 1456E722

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Mafia Sentinel
3CF20DB8 1456E723

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Yardie Lobo
3CF20DB8 1456E724

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Yakuza Stinger
3CF20DB8 1456E71D

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Cartel Cruiser
3CF20DB8 1456E71F

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Diablo Stallion
3CF20DB8 1456E71E

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Hoods Rumpo XL
3CF20DB8 1456E720

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Panlantic
3CF20DB8 1456E735

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Yankee
3CF20DB8 1456E737

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Flatbed
3CF20DB8 1456E736

Staunton Island Garage Mod: Borgnine
3CF20DB8 1456E731

Staunton Island Garage Mod: TOYZ
3CF20DB8 1456E732

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Landstalker
3CF20CA8 1456E76F

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Idaho
3CF20CA8 1456E770

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Stinger
3CF20CA8 1456E769

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Linerunner
3CF20CA8 1456E76A

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Perennial
3CF20CA8 1456E76B

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Sentinel
3CF20CA8 1456E76C

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Patriot
3CF20CA8 1456E785

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Fire Truck
3CF20CA8 1456E786

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Trashmaster
3CF20CA8 1456E787

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Stretch
3CF20CA8 1456E788

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Manana
3CF20CA8 1456E781

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Infernus
3CF20CA8 1456E782

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Blista
3CF20CA8 1456E783

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Pony
3CF20CA8 1456E784

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Mule
3CF20CA8 1456E77D

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Cheetah
3CF20CA8 1456E77E

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Ambulance
3CF20CA8 1456E77F

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: FBI Car
3CF20CA8 1456E780

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Moonbeam
3CF20CA8 1456E779

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Esperanto
3CF20CA8 1456E77A

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Taxi
3CF20CA8 1456E77B

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Kuruma
3CF20CA8 1456E77C

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Bobcat
3CF20CA8 1456E795

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Mr Whoopee
3CF20CA8 1456E796

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: BF Injection
3CF20CA8 1456E797

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Police
3CF20CA8 1456E791

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Manana
3CF20CA8 1456E798

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Enforcer
3CF20CA8 1456E792

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Securicar
3CF20CA8 1456E793

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Banshee
3CF20CA8 1456E794

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Bus
3CF20CA8 1456E78E

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Rhino
3CF20CA8 1456E78F

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Barracks OL
3CF20CA8 1456E790

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Dodo
3CF20CA8 1456E78B

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Coach
3CF20CA8 1456E78C

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Cabbie
3CF20CA8 1456E725

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Stallion
3CF20CA8 1456E726

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Rumpo
3CF20CA8 1456E727

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Triad Fish Van
3CF20CA8 1456E721

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Mr Wongs(Van)
3CF20CA8 1456E722

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Mafia Sentinel
3CF20CA8 1456E723

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Yardie Lobo
3CF20CA8 1456E724

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Yakuza Stinger
3CF20CA8 1456E71D

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Diablo Stallion
3CF20CA8 1456E71E

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Cartel Cruiser
3CF20CA8 1456E71F

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Hoods Rumpo XL
3CF20CA8 1456E720

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Panlantic
3CF20CA8 1456E735

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Flatbed
3CF20CA8 1456E736

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Yankee
3CF20CA8 1456E737

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: Borgnine
3CF20CA8 1456E731

Shoreside Vale Garage Mod: TOYZ
3CF20CA8 1456E732

3.  Grand Theft Auto 3 Action Replay Codes, US
August 06, 2003
There are 295 codes for this game.

ECB26E48 1445B464

Inf Health
4C21D436 145625DD

Inf Armor
4C21D43A 145625DD

Inf Handgun Ammo
4C21D414 1456E788
4C21D418 1456E404

Inf Uzi Ammo
4C21D728 1456E788
4C21D72C 1456E404

Inf Shotgun Ammo
4C21D740 1456E788
4C21D744 1456E404

Inf Ammo AK47
4C21D750 1456E788
4C21D754 1456E404

Inf Ammo Big Gun
4C21D764 1456E788
4C21D768 1456E404

Inf Flame Thrower
4C21D7A0 1456E788
4C21D7A4 1456E788

Inf Molotovs
4C21D7B8 1456E788

Inf Grenades
4C21D7CC 1456E788

Inf Rockets
4C21D790 1456E788

Inf Sniper Ammo
4C21D77C 1456E404

Have Stick
3C21D4F8 1456E7A6

Have Handgun
3C21D40C 1456E7A7

Have Uzi
3C21D420 1456E7A8

Have Shotgun
3C21D734 1456E7A1

Have AK47
3C21D748 1456E7A2

Have Big Gun
3C21D75C 1456E7A3

Have Sniper Rifle
3C21D770 1456E7A4

Have R. Launcher
3C21D784 1456E79D

Have Flamethrower
3C21D798 1456E79E

Have Molotovs
3C21D7AC 1456E79F

Have Grenades
3C21D7C0 1456E7A0

Tons Of Cash
1CC88750 17E9C70C
1CC88754 17E9C70C

No Crash Dmg Driving
1C8EB5C8 15F6E79D
1C8EB5CC 1456E7A5

Weapons At Hideout
3CC88758 1456E781

Medics Off
1C8B4A48 15F6E79D
1C8B4A4C 1456E7A5

Fireman Off
1C8B3B98 15F6E79D
1C8B3B9C 1456E7A5

Cops Walk Away
1C8B1DB8 15F6E79D
1C8B1DBC 1456E7A5

Never Wanted

Freeze Time
1CB10B88 15F6E79D
1CB10B8C 1456E7A5

Inf Mission Time
1CBE0B18 15F6E79D
1CBE0B1C 1456E7A5

Disable Radio
1CBAF318 15F6E79D
1CBAF31C 1456E7A5

Portland Car Modifier

3CF2F7C8 1456E76F

3CF2F7C8 1456E770

3CF2F7C8 1456E769

3CF2F7C8 1456E76A

3CF2F7C8 1456E76B

3CF2F7C8 1456E76C

Patriot (Hummer)
3CF2F7C8 1456E785

3CF2F7C8 1456E786

3CF2F7C8 1456E787

Stretch (Limo)
3CF2F7C8 1456E788

3CF2F7C8 1456E781

3CF2F7C8 1456E782

3CF2F7C8 1456E783

3CF2F7C8 1456E784

3CF2F7C8 1456E77D

3CF2F7C8 1456E77E

3CF2F7C8 1456E77F

3CF2F7C8 1456E780

3CF2F7C8 1456E779

3CF2F7C8 1456E77A

3CF2F7C8 1456E77B

3CF2F7C8 1456E77C

3CF2F7C8 1456E795

Mr. Whoopie (Icecream Truck)
3CF2F7C8 1456E796

BF Injection (Buggy)
3CF2F7C8 1456E797

3CF2F7C8 1456E798

3CF2F7C8 1456E791

Enforcer (SWAT)
3CF2F7C8 1456E792

3CF2F7C8 1456E793

3CF2F7C8 1456E794

3CF2F7C8 1456E78E

Rhino (Tank)
3CF2F7C8 1456E78F

Barracks OL
3CF2F7C8 1456E790

Dodo (Plane)
3CF2F7C8 1456E78B

3CF2F7C8 1456E78C

3CF2F7C8 1456E725

3CF2F7C8 1456E726

3CF2F7C8 1456E727

Triad Fish Van
3CF2F7C8 1456E721

Mr. Wongs
3CF2F7C8 1456E722

Mafia Sentinel
3CF2F7C8 1456E723

Yardie Lobo
3CF2F7C8 1456E724

Yakuza Stinger
3CF2F7C8 1456E71D

Diablo Stallion
3CF2F7C8 1456E71E

Cartel Cruiser
3CF2F7C8 1456E71F

Hoods Rumpo XL
3CF2F7C8 1456E720

Panlantic Van
3CF2F7C8 1456E735

3CF2F7C8 1456E736

3CF2F7C8 1456E737

Borgnine (Special Taxi)
3CF2F7C8 1456E731

Toyz Van
3CF2F7C8 1456E732

Staunton Car Mod (Car 1)

3CF2F6B8 1456E76F

3CF2F6B8 1456E770

3CF2F6B8 1456E769

3CF2F6B8 1456E76A

3CF2F6B8 1456E76B

3CF2F6B8 1456E76C

Patriot (Hummer)
3CF2F6B8 1456E785

3CF2F6B8 1456E786

3CF2F6B8 1456E787

Stretch (Limo)
3CF2F6B8 1456E788

3CF2F6B8 1456E781

3CF2F6B8 1456E782

3CF2F6B8 1456E783

3CF2F6B8 1456E784

3CF2F6B8 1456E77D

3CF2F6B8 1456E77E

3CF2F6B8 1456E77F

3CF2F6B8 1456E780

3CF2F6B8 1456E779

3CF2F6B8 1456E77A

3CF2F6B8 1456E77B

3CF2F6B8 1456E77C

3CF2F6B8 1456E795

Mr. Whoopie (Icecream Truck)
3CF2F6B8 1456E796

BF Injection (Buggy)
3CF2F6B8 1456E797

3CF2F6B8 1456E798

3CF2F6B8 1456E791

Enforcer (SWAT)
3CF2F6B8 1456E792

3CF2F6B8 1456E793

3CF2F6B8 1456E794

3CF2F6B8 1456E78E

Rhino (Tank)
3CF2F6B8 1456E78F

Barracks OL
3CF2F6B8 1456E790

Dodo (Plane)
3CF2F6B8 1456E78B

3CF2F6B8 1456E78C

3CF2F6B8 1456E725

3CF2F6B8 1456E726

3CF2F6B8 1456E727

Triad Fish Van
3CF2F6B8 1456E721

Mr. Wongs
3CF2F6B8 1456E722

Mafia Sentinel
3CF2F6B8 1456E723

Yardie Lobo
3CF2F6B8 1456E724

Yakuza Stinger
3CF2F6B8 1456E71D

Diablo Stallion
3CF2F6B8 1456E71E

Cartel Cruiser
3CF2F6B8 1456E71F

Hoods Rumpo XL
3CF2F6B8 1456E720

Panlantic Van
3CF2F6B8 1456E735

3CF2F6B8 1456E736

3CF2F6B8 1456E737

Borgnine (Special Taxi)
3CF2F6B8 1456E731

Toyz Van
3CF2F6B8 1456E732

Staunton Car Modifier (Car 2)

3CF2F6E0 1456E76F

3CF2F6E0 1456E770

3CF2F6E0 1456E769

3CF2F6E0 1456E76A

3CF2F6E0 1456E76B

3CF2F6E0 1456E76C

Patriot (Hummer)
3CF2F6E0 1456E785

3CF2F6E0 1456E786

3CF2F6E0 1456E787

Stretch (Limo)
3CF2F6E0 1456E788

3CF2F6E0 1456E781

3CF2F6E0 1456E782

3CF2F6E0 1456E783

3CF2F6E0 1456E784

3CF2F6E0 1456E77D

3CF2F6E0 1456E77E

3CF2F6E0 1456E77F

3CF2F6E0 1456E780

3CF2F6E0 1456E779

3CF2F6E0 1456E77A

3CF2F6E0 1456E77B

3CF2F6E0 1456E77C

3CF2F6E0 1456E795

Mr. Whoopie (Icecream Truck)
3CF2F6E0 1456E796

BF Injection (Buggy)
3CF2F6E0 1456E797

3CF2F6E0 1456E798

3CF2F6E0 1456E791

Enforcer (SWAT)
3CF2F6E0 1456E792

3CF2F6E0 1456E793

3CF2F6E0 1456E794

3CF2F6E0 1456E78E

Rhino (Tank)
3CF2F6E0 1456E78F

Barracks OL
3CF2F6E0 1456E790

Dodo (Plane)
3CF2F6E0 1456E78B

3CF2F6E0 1456E78C

3CF2F6E0 1456E725

3CF2F6E0 1456E726

3CF2F6E0 1456E727

Triad Fish Van
3CF2F6E0 1456E721

Mr. Wongs
3CF2F6E0 1456E722

Mafia Sentinel
3CF2F6E0 1456E723

Yardie Lobo
3CF2F6E0 1456E724

Yakuza Stinger
3CF2F6E0 1456E71D

Diablo Stallion
3CF2F6E0 1456E71E

Cartel Cruiser
3CF2F6E0 1456E71F

Hoods Rumpo XL
3CF2F6E0 1456E720

Panlantic Van
3CF2F6E0 1456E735

3CF2F6E0 1456E736

3CF2F6E0 1456E737

Borgnine (Special Taxi)
3CF2F6E0 1456E731

Toyz Van
3CF2F6E0 1456E732

Staunton Car Modifier (Car 3)

3CF2F608 1456E76F

3CF2F608 1456E770

3CF2F608 1456E769

3CF2F608 1456E76A

3CF2F608 1456E76B

3CF2F608 1456E76C

Patriot (Hummer)
3CF2F608 1456E785

3CF2F608 1456E786

3CF2F608 1456E787

Stretch (Limo)
3CF2F608 1456E788

3CF2F608 1456E781

3CF2F608 1456E782

3CF2F608 1456E783

3CF2F608 1456E784

3CF2F608 1456E77D

3CF2F608 1456E77E

3CF2F608 1456E77F

3CF2F608 1456E780

3CF2F608 1456E779

3CF2F608 1456E77A

3CF2F608 1456E77B

3CF2F608 1456E77C

3CF2F608 1456E795

Mr. Whoopie (Icecream Truck)
3CF2F608 1456E796

BF Injection (Buggy)
3CF2F608 1456E797

3CF2F608 1456E798

3CF2F608 1456E791

Enforcer (SWAT)
3CF2F608 1456E792

3CF2F608 1456E793

3CF2F608 1456E794

3CF2F608 1456E78E

Rhino (Tank)
3CF2F608 1456E78F

Barracks OL
3CF2F608 1456E790

Dodo (Plane)
3CF2F608 1456E78B

3CF2F608 1456E78C

3CF2F608 1456E725

3CF2F608 1456E726

3CF2F608 1456E727

Triad Fish Van
3CF2F608 1456E721

Mr. Wongs
3CF2F608 1456E722

Mafia Sentinel
3CF2F608 1456E723

Yardie Lobo
3CF2F608 1456E724

Yakuza Stinger
3CF2F608 1456E71D

Diablo Stallion
3CF2F608 1456E71E

Cartel Cruiser
3CF2F608 1456E71F

Hoods Rumpo XL
3CF2F608 1456E720

Panlantic Van
3CF2F608 1456E735

3CF2F608 1456E736

3CF2F608 1456E737

Borgnine (Special Taxi)
3CF2F608 1456E731

Toyz Van
3CF2F608 1456E732

Shoreside Vale Car Modifier

3CF2F9A8 1456E76F

3CF2F9A8 1456E770

3CF2F9A8 1456E769

3CF2F9A8 1456E76A

3CF2F9A8 1456E76B

3CF2F9A8 1456E76C

Patriot (Hummer)
3CF2F9A8 1456E785

3CF2F9A8 1456E786

3CF2F9A8 1456E787

Stretch (Limo)
3CF2F9A8 1456E788

3CF2F9A8 1456E781

3CF2F9A8 1456E782

3CF2F9A8 1456E783

3CF2F9A8 1456E784

3CF2F9A8 1456E77D

3CF2F9A8 1456E77E

3CF2F9A8 1456E77F

3CF2F9A8 1456E780

3CF2F9A8 1456E779

3CF2F9A8 1456E77A

3CF2F9A8 1456E77B

3CF2F9A8 1456E77C

3CF2F9A8 1456E795

Mr. Whoopie (Icecream Truck)
3CF2F9A8 1456E796

BF Injection (Buggy)
3CF2F9A8 1456E797

3CF2F9A8 1456E798

3CF2F9A8 1456E791

Enforcer (SWAT)
3CF2F9A8 1456E792

3CF2F9A8 1456E793

3CF2F9A8 1456E794

3CF2F9A8 1456E78E

Rhino (Tank)
3CF2F9A8 1456E78F

Barracks OL
3CF2F9A8 1456E790

Dodo (Plane)
3CF2F9A8 1456E78B

3CF2F9A8 1456E78C

3CF2F9A8 1456E725

3CF2F9A8 1456E726

3CF2F9A8 1456E727

Triad Fish Van
3CF2F9A8 1456E721

Mr. Wongs
3CF2F9A8 1456E722

Mafia Sentinel
3CF2F9A8 1456E723

Yardie Lobo
3CF2F9A8 1456E724

Yakuza Stinger
3CF2F9A8 1456E71D

Diablo Stallion
3CF2F9A8 1456E71E

Cartel Cruiser
3CF2F9A8 1456E71F

Hoods Rumpo XL
3CF2F9A8 1456E720

Panlantic Van
3CF2F9A8 1456E735

3CF2F9A8 1456E736

3CF2F9A8 1456E737

Borgnine (Special Taxi)
3CF2F9A8 1456E731

Toyz Van
3CF2F9A8 1456E732

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