Freekstyle Cheats

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1. Freekstyle Action Replay Codes, EU
April 04, 2003
There are 7 codes for this game.

0E3C7DF2 1853E59E

Unlock Everything
DE96E176 BBA89A82
DE96E172 BBA89A82
DE96E17E BBA89A82
Not In Circuit Mode

Always Freektime
Not In Circuit Mode

Infinite Boost
CE99FE78 BCA99B84
Not In Circuit Mode

Infinite Stat Points

Invisible Bike
CE9A653A BCA99B83

Acid Mode

2. Freekstyle Action Replay Codes, US
January 25, 2003
There are 63 codes for this game.

0E3C7DF2 1853E59E

All Riders/Outfits
DE979296 BBA89A82

All Bikes Available
DE979292 BBA89A82

Invisibike Mode

Max Stats
BE9792AA BCB39B84

Mike Metzger Max Speed
FE9792AA BCA99B91

Mike Metzger Max Boost
FE9792B5 BCA99B91

Mike Metzger Max Control
FE9792B4 BCA99B91

Mike Metzger Max Jump
FE9792B7 BCA99B91

Mike Metzger Max Landing
FE9792B6 BCA99B91

Brian Deegan Max Speed
FE9792B1 BCA99B91

Brian Deegan Max Boost
FE9792B0 BCA99B91

Brian Deegan Max Control
FE9792B3 BCA99B91

Brian Deegan Max Jump
FE9792B2 BCA99B91

Brian Deegan Max Landing
FE9792BD BCA99B91

Leeann Tweeden Max Speed
FE97924D BCA99B91

Leeann Tweeden Max Boost
FE97924C BCA99B91

Leeann Tweeden Max Control
FE97924F BCA99B91

Leeann Tweeden Max Jump
FE97924E BCA99B91

Leeann Tweeden Max Landing
FE979249 BCA99B91

Stefy Bau Max Speed
FE9792BC BCA99B91

Stefy Bau Max Boost
FE9792BF BCA99B91

Stefy Bau Max Control
FE9792BE BCA99B91

Stefy Bau Max Jump
FE9792B9 BCA99B91

Stefy Bau Max Landing
FE9792B8 BCA99B91

Cliff Adoptante Max Speed
FE9792BB BCA99B91

Cliff Adoptante Max Boost
FE9792BA BCA99B91

Cliff Adoptante Max Control
FE979245 BCA99B91

Cliff Adoptante Max Jump
FE979244 BCA99B91

Cliff Adoptante Max Landing
FE979247 BCA99B91

Mike Jones Max Speed
FE979248 BCA99B91

Mike Jones Max Boost
FE97924B BCA99B91

Mike Jones Max Control
FE97924A BCA99B91

Mike Jones Max Jump
FE979255 BCA99B91

Mike Jones Max Landing
FE979254 BCA99B91

Jessica Patterson Max Speed
FE979257 BCA99B91

Jessica Patterson Max Boost
FE979256 BCA99B91

Jessica Patterson Max Control
FE979251 BCA99B91

Jessica Patterson Max Jump
FE979250 BCA99B91

Jessica Patterson Max Landing
FE979253 BCA99B91

Greg Albertyn Max Speed
FE979246 BCA99B91

Greg Albertyn Max Boost
FE979241 BCA99B91

Greg Albertyn Max Control
FE979240 BCA99B91

Greg Albertyn Max Jump
FE979243 BCA99B91

Freekout Time

Greg Albertyn Greg Albertyn Max Landing
FE979242 BCA99B91

Slow Mo On/Off: Press L3+X+Square
0E9B14F8 BCA95A80
0E9B14F8 BCA91A80

Mike Metzger Tricks
DE979202 BBA89A82
DE97920E BBA89A82
DE97920A BBA89A82
DE979216 BBA89A82
DE979212 BBA89A82
DE97921E BBA89A82

Mike Metzger Combos
DE979226 BBA89A82
DE979222 BBA89A82
DE97922E BBA89A82
DE97922A BBA89A82
DE979236 BBA89A82

Brian Deegan Tricks
DE97919E BBA89A82
DE97919A BBA89A82
DE9791A6 BBA89A82
DE9791AE BBA89A82
DE9791AA BBA89A82

Brian Deegan Combos
DE9791B2 BBA89A82
DE9791BE BBA89A82
DE9791BA BBA89A82
DE979146 BBA89A82
DE979142 BBA89A82

Leeann Tweeden Tricks
DE97976E BBA89A82
DE97976A BBA89A82
DE979776 BBA89A82
DE979772 BBA89A82
DE97977E BBA89A82
DE97977A BBA89A82

Leeann Tweeden Combos
DE979702 BBA89A82
DE97970E BBA89A82
DE97970A BBA89A82
DE979716 BBA89A82
DE979712 BBA89A82

Stefy Bau Tricks
DE97912A BBA89A82
DE979136 BBA89A82
DE979132 BBA89A82
DE97913E BBA89A82
DE97913A BBA89A82
DE9791C6 BBA89A82

Stefy Bau Combos
DE9791CE BBA89A82
DE9791CA BBA89A82
DE9791D6 BBA89A82
DE9791D2 BBA89A82
DE9791DE BBA89A82

Cliff Adoptante Tricks
DE979046 BBA89A82
DE979042 BBA89A82
DE97904E BBA89A82
DE97904A BBA89A82
DE979056 BBA89A82
DE979052 BBA89A82

Cliff Adoptante Combos
DE97905A BBA89A82
DE979066 BBA89A82
DE979062 BBA89A82
DE97906E BBA89A82
DE97906A BBA89A82

Mike Jones Tricks
DE9796FA BBA89A82
DE979686 BBA89A82
DE979682 BBA89A82
DE97968E BBA89A82
DE97968A BBA89A82
DE979696 BBA89A82

Mike Jones Combos
DE97969E BBA89A82
DE97969A BBA89A82
DE9796A6 BBA89A82
DE9796A2 BBA89A82
DE9796AE BBA89A82

Jessica Patterson Tricks
DE979616 BBA89A82
DE979612 BBA89A82
DE97961E BBA89A82
DE97961A BBA89A82
DE979626 BBA89A82
DE979622 BBA89A82

Jessica Patterson Combos
DE97962A BBA89A82
DE979636 BBA89A82
DE979632 BBA89A82
DE97963E BBA89A82
DE97963A BBA89A82

Greg Albertyn Tricks
DE9790D2 BBA89A82
DE9790DE BBA89A82
DE9790DA BBA89A82
DE9790E6 BBA89A82
DE9790E2 BBA89A82
DE9790EE BBA89A82

Greg Albertyn Combos
DE9790F6 BBA89A82
DE9797F2 BBA89A82
DE9797FE BBA89A82
DE9797FA BBA89A82
DE979786 BBA89A82

3. Freekstyle Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
June 21, 2002
POPULATE All characters
YARDSALE All costumes
TRAKMEET All tracks
WHEELS All bikes
WTCHKPRS Slow motion
ALLFREEK Always Freekout Time
COOLDUDE Clifford Adoptante
BLONDIE Jessica Patterson
GIMEGREG Greg Albertyn
CARVEROK Burn It Up track
CLIPPERS Gnome Sweet Gnome track
BLACKJAK Let It Ride track
TODAMOON Rocket Garden track
WIDEOPEN Crash Pad FreeStyle track
TUCKELLEBurbs FreeStyle track
WHOZASKN Brian Deegan's Dominator bike
HEDBANGR Brian Deegan's Heavy Metal bike
WHATEVER Mulisha Man bike
RIPPED Brian Deegan's Muscle Bound costume
SOLDIER Brian Deegan's Commander costume
SUPDUDE Clifford Adoptante's Gone Tiki bike
STOKED Clifford Adoptante's Hang Loose bike
GOFLOBRO Clifford Adoptante's Island Spirit bike
WINGS Clifford Adoptante's Tiki costume
NOSLEEVE Clifford Adoptante's Tankin' It costume
NUMBER1 Greg Albertyn's Champion bike
PATRIOT Greg Albertyn's National Pride bike
ALLSHOOK Greg Albertyn's The King bike
ILOOKGUD Greg Albertyn's Sharp Dresser costume
COMET Greg Albertyn's Star Rider costume
LIGHTNIN Jessica Patterson's Charged Up bike
TONBOY Jessica Patterson's Racer Girl bike
HEKACOOL Jessica Patterson's Speedy bike
LAYERS Jessica Patterson's Warming Up costume
NOT2GRLY Jessica Patterson's Hoodie Style costume
OVENMITT Leeann Tweeden's Hot Stuff bike
GOODLOOK Leeann Tweeden's Seducer bike
STYLIN Leeann Tweeden's Trendsetter bike
THNKPINK Leeann Tweeden's Fun Lovin' costume
SPICY Leeann Tweeden's Red Hot costume
KICKBUTT Mike Jones' Beater bike
PLUNGER Mike Jones' Flushed bike
HORNS Mike Jones' Lil' Demon bike
BABYBLUE Mike Jones' Blue Collar costume
BOXCARS Mike Jones' High Roller costume
EYEDROPS Mike Metzger's Bloodshot bike
SEVENTWO Mike Metzger's Rhino Rage bike
BRRRRRAP Mike Metzger's Rock Of Ages bike
HELLOOOO Mike Metzger's Ecko MX costume
BODYART Mike Metzger's All Tatted Up costume
TWONEONE Stefy Bau's 211 bike
HEREIAM Stefy Bau's Amore bike
SPARKLES Stefy Bau's Disco Tech bike
KIDSGAME Stefy Bau's Playing Jax costume
INVASION Stefy Bau's UFO Racer costume

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