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1. Endgame Action Replay Codes, US
February 26, 2003
There are 37 codes for this game.

0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
EE983936 BCCEDD42

Inf Ammo Alien Skeet
C192871E BCA99B89

Inf Ammo Duck 'N' Cover
CE80828E BCA99B89

Inf Ammo Chicken Run
CE82783E BCA99B89

Inf Ammo Pot Shot

Inf Ammo Rapid Fire
C19D3C7E BCA99B89

Inf Ammo Chain Reaction
C19CB33E BCA99B89

Inf Ammo High Noon
C19A342E BCA99B89

Inf Ammo Save Andromeda
C19E6D6E BCA99B89

Inf Ammo Six Shooter
C191345E BCA99B89

Inf Ammo Who's The Boss
C19F997E BCA99B89

Inf Health Cadet Training
0EC9387E BCA99B83
CEC9387E BCA99B86

Unlock Great Britain
CE949BE6 BCA99B84

Unlock France
CE949BE2 BCA99B84

Unlock Germany

Unlock Italy

Unlock Switzerland
CE949BF6 BCA99B84

Unlock Arcade Mode
CE949BF2 BCA99B84

Unlock Mighty Joe Ep. 2
CE949A8A BCA99B84

Unlock Mighty Joe Ep. 3
CE949A96 BCA99B84

Unlock Mighty JoeTrilogy
CE949A92 BCA99B84

Unlock Alien Skeet
CE949772 BCA99B86

Unlock Duck 'N' Cover
CE94977E BCA99B86

Unlock Chicken Run
CE94977A BCA99B86

Unlock Pot Shot
CE949706 BCA99B86

Unlock Rapid Fire
CE949702 BCA99B86

Unlock Chain Reaction
CE94970E BCA99B86

Unlock High Noon
CE94970A BCA99B86

Unlock Save Andromeda
CE949716 BCA99B86

Unlock Six Shooter
CE949712 BCA99B86

Unlock Who's The Boss
CE94971E BCA99B86

Unlock Jukebox
DE949A9E BCA99B84

Unlock Hyper Arc Mode
DE949A3E BCA99B84

Unlock Arc Mode Machinegun

Unlock Arc Mode Cane Gun
DE949A86 BCA99B84

Unlock Arc Mode Shotgun
DE949A82 BCA99B84

Unlock Mirror Mode
DE949A8E BCA99B84

2. Endgame Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
July 07, 2002
Cheat Codes:
To enter the cheatcodes, spell them out by pressing the trigger button on your gun at the title screen. Press the trigger the same amount of time as the letter comes in the alphabet. Example: For A, press 1 time. For B, press two times. For C, press three times. Press Reload to move to the next letter in the code.

MEBIGCHEATUnlock Everything.
LETSBOOGIEUnlock the Jukebox and Music.
BLAMUnlock Arcade Mode
ABROADUnlock Country Challenges
MIGHTIERUnlock all Mighty Joe Jupiter Mini-Games

Extra optionsBeat the game to unlock Arcade & Mirror mode.
Machine GunBeat Arcade Mode using the pistol.
Cane GunBeat Arcade Mode using the Machine Gun.
ShotgunBeat Arcade Mode using the Cane Gun.
Hyper Arcade ModeBeat Arcade Mode using the Shotgun.
Mighty Joe Jupiter TrilogyBeat all Mighty levels in Cadet Training.
Unlock Music JukeboxBeat all three Mighty Joe Jupiter episodes.

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