Arctic Thunder Cheats

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1. Arctic Thunder Action Replay Codes, US
May 23, 2003
There are 21 codes for this game.

EC8FECD0 1442AB54

Max Boost
4CB87D78 1456E7B2

Max Shot Accuracy
4CB87D9C 1456E7B2

Max Number Dropped
4CB87DC0 1456E7B2

Max Blast Radius 1
4CB87DE4 1456E7B2

Max Blast Radius 2
4CB87C50 1456E7B2

Max Shield Str
4CB87D08 1456E7B2

Max Invisibility
4CB87C2C 1456E7B2

Max Spray Time
4CB87C74 1456E7B2

Max Chain Length
4CB87C98 1456E7B2

Max Accelerator
4CB87FB8 1456E7B2

Max Top Speed
4CB87FDC 1456E7B2

Max Handling
4CB87F00 1456E7B2

All Characters
4CBF94E8 1456E7B7

All Tracks
4CBF94F0 1456E7A0

All Battle Arenas
4CBF94F8 1456E7A1

Enable Hidden Modes
4CBF96CC 1456E7A6

Lowered Max Speed
4CBF96C6 1456F065

Super Max Speed
4CBF96C6 14562725

Super Low Max Speed
4CBF96C6 1456F125

Infinite Time
4CBFAA00 1456E7A5

2. Arctic Thunder Action Replay Codes, EU
January 29, 2003
There are 5 codes for this game.

EC8C264C 144160FC

Monster Points
4CC02C78 1456B00C
4CC02C76 1456E00C

All Gold Medals
1CB571E8 61DFB00C
1CB571E4 61DFB00C
1CB571E0 61DFB00C
1CB571DC 61DFB00C
1CB571D8 61DFB00C
1CB571D4 61DFB00C
1CB571D0 61DFB00C
1CB571CC 61DFB00C
1CB571C8 61DFB00C
1CB571EC 61DFB00C
1CB571F0 61DFB00C
1CB571F4 61DFB00C

Outrageous Speed
1CC02EA0 D396E7A5
Use this or Dead On The Line

Dead On The Line
1CC02EA0 1456F025
Use this or Outrageous Speed

3. Arctic Thunder Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
January 01, 2002
Enter the codes at the screen just before choosing a player.

All BoostCircle, R1, R1, Circle, R2, Start
No dronesSquare, Square, Circle, Circle, L1, R1, Start
Clone modeL1, L2, L2, Circle, L1, Circle, Start
All Snow BombsCircle, Circle, R1, R2, Start
Expert modeCircle, Square, Circle, Circle, Square, Start
All Grappling HooksCircle, Circle, L2, Circle, Circle, L1, Start
All Rooster TailsR1, R2, L2, L1, Square, Start
All Random pick-upsR1, R2, Square, Circle, R1, R2, Start
Super boost wheelieCircle, L1, Square, R2, Square, L2, Start
All Atomic SnowballsSquare, Square, Square, L1, Circle, Start
No power-upsSquare, Square, Circle, Square, R2, Square, Start
Everyone invisibleSquare, Circle, Square, R2, Circle, Circle, Start

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