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1.  Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories Fusion List
April 05, 2004
Green phantom king + Eldeen = Queen of Autumn Leaves
Green phantom king + Fiend Hand = Wood Remains
Griggle Milus + Radiant = Flower Wolf
Gruesome groo + Yamatano = Dragon Scroll + Spike Seadra
Guardian of Labyrinth + Milus Radiant = Tiger Axe
Guardian of Labyrinth + Wolf = Tiger Axe
Guardian of Labyrinth + Milus Radiant = Tiger Axe
Guardian of Labyrinth + Silver Fang = Tiger Axe
Guardian of the Labyrinth + Corroding shark = Zombie Warrior
Haniwa + Shadow Specter = Stone Ghost
Haniwa + M-warrior #1 = Minomushi Warrior
Haniwa + Kageningen = Minomushi Warrior
Haniwa + Bone Mouse = Stone Ghost
Hinotama Soul + Kageningen = Fire Reaper
Hinotama Soul + Kageningen = Charubin the Fire Knight
Hinotama Soul + ansatsu = Flame Swordsman
Hinotama Soul + Silver Fang = Flame Cerebrus
Hinotama Soul + Milus Radiant = Flame Cerebrus
Hinotama Soul + Armed Ninja = Bean Soldier
Hinotama Soul + Eyearmor = Charubin the Fire Knight
Hourglass of Courage + Milus Radiant = Garvas
Hourglass of Courage + Silver Fang = Garvas
hourglass of Courage + Lady of faith = Dark Witch
Hourglass of Life + Nemuriko = Dark Witch
Hourglass of Life + Milus = Radiant Garvas
Hourglass of Life + Silver Fang = Garvas
Hourglass of Life + Queen's Double = Dark Witch
Kageningen + Laughing flower = Bean Soldier
Kageningen + Cyber Commander = Cyber Soldier
Kageningen + Fireyarou = Flame Swordsman
Kageningen + Flame viper = Charubin the Fire Knight
Kageningen + Haniwa = Minomushi Warrior
Kageningen + Hinotama Soul = Fire Reaper
Kageningen + Hinotama Soul = Charubin the Fire Knight
Key Mace + Laughing flower = Queen of Autun Leaves
Key Mace + Man Eating Plant = Queen of Autumn Leaves
Key Mace + Muka Muka = Mystical Sand
Key Mace + Barrel Lilly = Queen of Autun Leaves
Key Mace + Dark Plant = Queen of Autumn Leaves
Key Mace + Milus Radiant = Nekogal #2
Key Mace + Shadow Specter = Battle Warrior
Kraegen + Cyber-Stein = Cyber Soldier
Lady of faith + hourglass of Courage = Dark Witch
LaLa Li-oon + Wetha = Bolt Escargot
LaLa Li-oon + Necrolancer the Timelord = The Immortal of Thunder
Laughing flower + Armed Ninja = Bean Soldier
Laughing flower + Basic Insect = Queen of Autun Leaves
Laughing flower + Bone Mouse = Wood Remains
Laughing flower + Eyearmor = Bean Soldier
Laughing flower + Kageningen = Bean Soldier
Laughing flower + Key Mace = Queen of Autun Leaves
Laughing flower + Milus Radiant = Flower Wolf
Laughing flower + Nemuriko = Queen of Autumn Leaves
Laughing flower + Wolf = Flower Wolf
Mammoth graveyard + The snake hair = Great Mammoth of Goldfine
mammoth graveyard + Dragon zombie = Great Mammoth of Goldfine
Mammoth Graveyard + Armored zombie = Great Mammoth of Goldfine
Mammoth Graveyard + Corroding shark = Great Mammoth of Goldfine
Mammoth Graveyard + Fiend Hand = Great Mammoth of Goldfine
Mammoth Graveyard + Graveyard and the Hand of Invitation = Great Mammoth of Goldfine
Mammoth Graveyard + Shadow Specter = Great Mammoth of Goldfine
Man Eating Plant + Key Mace = Queen of Autumn Leaves
Man-eater Bug + Eyearmor = Cockroach Knoght
Man-eating Plant + Skull Servant = Wood Remains
Man-eating Plant + Armed Ninja = Bean Soldier
Man-eating Plant + Unknown Warrior of Fiend = Bean Soldier
Masaki the legendary swordsman + Blue eye silver zombie = Zombie Warrior
Masaki the legendary swordsman + Silver Fang = Tiger Axe
Masaki the legendary swordsman + Wolf = Tiger Axe
Masaki the legendary swordsman + Milus Radiant = Tiger Axe
Masaki the legendary swordsman + Wolf = Tiger Axe
Masaki the legendary swordsman = Dragon Zombie = Sword arm of dragon
Mech Mole Zombie + Rainbow Flower = Wood Remains
Mechanical Snail + Mystic Lamp = Disk Magician
Mechanical Snail + Armed Ninja = Cyber Soldier
Mechanical snail + Milus Radiant = Giga-tech Wolf
Mechanical Snail + Tomozaurus = Cyber Saurus
Mechmole Zombie + Swordsman from a = Zombie Warrior
Milus Radiant + Mechanical snail = Giga-tech Wolf
Milus Radiant + Armed Ninja = Tiger Axe
Milus Radiant + Swordsman = Tiger Axe
Milus Radiant + Guardian of Labyrinth = Tiger Axe
Milus Radiant + Laughing flower = Flower Wolf
Milus Radiant + Dark Plant = Flower Wolf
Milus Radiant + Barrel Lily = Flower Wolf
Milus Radian + Tentacle Plant = Flower Wolf
Milus Radiant + Nemuriko = Nekogal # 2
Milus Radiant + Key Mace = Nekogal #2
Milus Radiant + Griggle = Flower Wolf
Milus Radiant + Flame Viper = Flame Cerebrus
Milus Radiant + Fireareyou = Flame Cerebrus
Milus Radiant + armaill = Flame Cerebrus
Milus Radiant + Fireyarou = Flame Cerebrus
Milus Radiant + Flame viper = Flame Cerebrus
Milus Radiant + green phantom king = Flower Wolf
Milus Radiant + Guardian of Labyrinth = Tiger Axe
Milus Radiant + Hinotama Soul = Flame Cerebrus
Milus Radiant + Hourglass of Courage = Garvas
Milus Radiant + Hourglass of Life = Garvas
Milus Radiant + masaki the legendary swordsman = Tiger Axe
Milus Radiant + protechtor of the throne = Nekogal #2
Milus Radiant + White Dolphin = Tatsunootsoshigo
Muka Muka + Flame Viper = Dissolverick
Muka Muka + Bone Mouse = Stone Ghost
Muka Muka + M-warrior #1 = Minomushi Warrior
Muka Muka + Nemuriko = Mystical Sand
Muka Muka + Key Mace = Mystical Sand
Mushroom Man + Temple of Skulls = Wood Remains
Mushroom Man #2 + wolf = Tiger Axe
Mushroom Man #2 + Fireareyou = Flame Sordsman
Mushroom man #2 + Blast Juggler = Flame Swordsman
Mushroom man #2 + Silver Fang = Tiger Axe
M-warrior #1 + Abyss Flower = Bean Soldier
M-warrior #1 + Cyber-Stein = Cyber Soldier
M-warrior #1 + Haniwa = Minomushi Warrior
M-warrior #1 + Muka Muka = Minomushi Warrior
M-warrior #1 + Shadow Specter = Zombie Warrior
Mystic Lamp + Shadow Specter = Magical Ghost
Mystic Lamp + Pot the Trick = Ushi Oni
Mystic Lamp + Bat = Disk Magician
Mystic Lamp + Mechanical Snail = Disk Magician
Mystical Lamp + Pot the Trick = Ushi Oni
Mystical sheep #1 + Flame viper = Flame Cerebrus
Necrolancer + Shadow Specter = Magical Ghost
Necrolancer the Timelord + LaLa Li-oon = The Immortal of Thunder
Nemuriko + Shadow Specter = Magical Ghost
Nemuriko + Aqua Snake = Queen of Autun Leaves
Nemuriko + Laughing flower = Queen of Autumn Leaves
Nemuriko + Aqua Snake = Queen of Autun Leaves
Nemuriko + Bat = Disk Magician
Nemuriko + Hourglass of Life = Dark Witch
Nemuriko + Milus Radiant = Nekogal # 2
Nemuriko + Muka Muka = Mystical Sand
Niwatori + Boo Koo = Spirit of the Books
Phantom Dewan + Steel Scorpion = Disk Magician
Pot the TricK + Fire Eye = Dissolverock
Pot the Trick + Flame Viper = Dissolverock
Pot the Trick + Sectarian of Secrets = Ushi Oni
Pot the Trick + Mystical Lamp = Ushi Oni
Pot the Trick + Mystic Lamp = Ushi Oni
Princess of Tsunagi + Happy Lover = Dark Witch
protechtor of the throne + Milus Radiant = Nekogal #2
protector of the throne + Bone Mouse = Zombie Warrior
protector of the throne + Silver Fang = Nekogal #2
Psychic Kappa + Frog the Jam = Hyosube
Queen's Double + Barrel Lili = Queen of Autumn Leaves
Queen's Double + Hourglass of Life = Dark Witch
Rainbow Flower + Mech Mole Zombie = Wood Remains
Root water + Air Marmot of Nefariousaess = Tatsunootsoshigo
Sectarian of Secrets + Pot the Trick = Ushi Oni
Shadow Specter + Key Mace Battle Warrior
Shadow Specter + Armed Ninja = Zombie Warrior
Shadow Specter + Swordsman = Zombie Warrior
Shadow Specter + M-warrior #1 = Zombie Warrior
Shadow Specter + Barrellily = Pumpking the King of Ghost
Shadow Specter + Mammoth Graveyard = Great Mammoth of Goldfine
Shadow Specter + Bean Soldier = Pumpking the King of Ghost
Shadow Specter + Haniwa = Stone Ghost
Shadow Specter + Mystic Lamp = Magical Ghost
Shadow Specter + Necrolancer = Magical Ghost
Shadow Specter + Nemuriko = Magical Ghost
Silver Fang + Armed Ninja = Tiger Axe
Silver Fang + Mushroom man #2 = Tiger Axe
Silver Fang + Guardian of Labyrinth = Tiger Axe
Silver Fang + Beast fangs = Silver Fang
Silver Fang + Ancient Tree of Enlightment = Flower Wolf
Silver Fang + Fireyarou = Flame Cerebrus
Silver Fang + Flame viper = Flame Cerebrus
Silver Fang + Flame viper = Flame Cerebrus
Silver Fang + Happy Lover = Garvas
Silver Fang + Hinotama Soul = Flame Cerebrus
Silver Fang + Hourglass of Courage = Garvas
Silver Fang + Hourglass of Life = Garvas
Silver Fang + Hourglass of Life = Garvas
Silver Fang + Masaki the legendary swordsman = Tiger Axe
Silver Fang + Protector of the throne = Nekogal #2
Silver Fang + Tentacle Flower = Flower Wolf
Skull Servant + Genin = Magical Ghost
Skull Servant + Man-eating Plant = Wood Remains
Steel Scorpion + Phantom Dewan = Disk Magician
Steel Scorpion + Swordsman from a = Cyber Soldier
Swordsman + Basic = Insect Cockroach Knoght
Swordsman + Bat = Cyber Soldier
Swordsman + Cyber Commander = Cyber Soldier
Swordsman + Milus Radiant = Tiger Axe
Swordsman + Shadow Specter = Zombie Warrior
Swordsman from a + Steel Scorpion = Cyber Soldier
Swordsman from a + Mechmole Zombie = Zombie Warrior
Temple of Skulls + Celtic Guardian = Dark Elf
Temple of Skulls + Mushroom Man = Wood Remains
Temple of Skulls + White Dolphin = Corroding Shark
Temple of Skulls + Dark Plant = Wood Remains
Temple of Skulls + Ancient Tree of Enlightment = Wood Remains
Tentacle Flower + Silver Fang = Flower Wolf
Tentacle Plant + Milus Radiant = Flower Wolf
The snake hair + Mammoth graveyard = Great Mammoth of Goldfine
Time wizard + Corroding shark = Magical Ghost
Time Wizard + Yamatano dragon scroll = Thousand Dragon
Time Wizard + Dragon zombie = Thousand Dragon
Time Wizard + Wicked Dragon w/ Ersatz Head = Thousand Dragon
Tomozaurus + Mechanical Snail = Cyber Saurus
Unknown Warrior of Fiend + Man-eating Plant = Bean Soldier
Wetha + LaLa Li-oon = Bolt Escargot
White Dolphin + Temple of Skulls = Corroding Shark
White Dolphin + Armed Ninja = Wow Warrior
White Dolphin + Milus Radiant = Tatsunootsoshigo
White Dolphin + Bone Mouse = Corroding Shark
White Dolphin + Cyber Commander = Misairuzame
Wicked Dragon w/ Ersatz Head + Time Wizard = Thousand Dragon
Winged Dragon #2 + Fireyarou = Crimson Sun Bird
Winged Dragon #2 + Flame viper = mavelus
Winged dragon #2 + Flame viper = mavelus
Wolf + Ancient Tree of Enlightment = Flower Wolf
Wolf + Fireyarou = Flame Cerebrus
Wolf + Flame manipulato = Flame Cerebrus
Wolf + Flame viper = Flame Cerebrus
Wolf + Green phantom king = Flower Wolf
Wolf + Masaki the legendary swordsman = Tiger Axe
Wolf + Mushroom Man #2 = Tiger Axe
Wolf + Masaki the legendary swordsman = Tiger Axe
Wolf + Laughing flower = Flower Wolf
Wood Clown + Cyber Commander = Cyber Soldier
Yamatano Dragon Scroll + Behegon = Spike Seadra
Yamatano Dragon Scroll + Gruesome groo = Spike Seadra
Yamatano dragon scroll + Celtic Guardian = sword arm of dragon
Yamatano dragon scroll + Time Wizard = Thousand Dragon

Dragon zombie + Electric Snake = Twin Headed Thunder Dragon
Monsturtle + Brave Scizzar = 30,000 Year White Turtle
Darkfire dragon + Violent rain + Electric lizard = Twin headed thunder dragon 2800/2100
Dancing Elf + Prevent rat = Nekogal #2 1900/2000
Darkfire dragon + Faith bird = Crimson sunbird 2300/1800
Dancing elf + Muka Muka = Mystical sand 2100/1700
Petit dragon + right arm of Exodia = Blackland Fire Dragon 1500/800
Pot the trick + Mystical lamp = Ushi Oni 2150/1950
Saggi the dark clown + celtic gardian = dark elf 2000/800
Tyhone#2 + Blackland fire dragon = Red-eyes black dragon
Ancient Jar & Mystic Lamp = Ushi Oni 2150/1950

Fusionist + Milus Radiant = Garvas A 2000
Milus Radiant + Fire Reaper = Flame Cerebus A 2100
Blackland Fire Dragon + Milus Radiant = Swordarmor Dragon A 1850
ElecticSnake + Dragon + PatrolRobo = Twinheaded ThunderDragon A2800
Ancient Jar + Right Of of Exodia = Ushi Oni A 2150
(supplied by: BLACK Magician)

DragonZombie + Any plant = Pumpking The King Of Ghosts
Any zombie with attack under 1200 + Any warrior = Zombie Knight
Time Wizard + Any dragon with attack under 2400 = Thousand Dragon
Steel Scorpin + Any dinosaur + Thunder Dragon=Twin Headed Thunder Dragon
(supplied by: Dragon Pipper)

La-la-lioon + B dragon jungle king = Twin headed thunder dragon
Any pyro under 2100 + Any beast = Flame cerebrus
Metalmorph + Zoa = Metal zoa
Metalmorph + Redeyes black dragon = Red eyes black metal dragon
Summoned skull + Red eyes black dragon = Black skull dragon
Dark magician + Blue eyes white dragon = Dark eyes magic dragon
(supplied by: da_killa_3000)

Yami + Yami = Dark Energy
Zombie Dragon + any dragon or zombie under 1700 + any Dragon under 2000 = Curse of Dragon
Wood Remains + Dragon Statue = Sword Arm of Dragon
Any dragon under 1600 + any electric under 1600 = Thunder Dragon
Any Dragon under 2800 and and at least 1600 + any electric = Twin Headed Thunder Dragon
(supplied by: Panic_Master-Adam)

Petit dragon + Kuriboh = Koumori dragon
Petit dragon + Pot the trick = Stone d.
Key mace + Pot the trick = Mystical
Any dragon under 2000ap + Time wizard = Thousand dragon
Baby dragon + Time wizard + LA-LAlioon = Twin headed thunder dragon
Tongyo + Little chimera = Rare fish
Flame viper + Little chimera = Flame cerebrus
One eyed shield dragon + Mega thunderball = Thunder dragon
Tongyo + Cannon soldier = Metal fish
Green kappa + Flame viper + Supporter in the shadows = Flame swordsman
Supporter in the shadows + Holograh = Cyber soldier
Cyber-stein + Mystical goat1 = Giga tech wolf
Green kappa + Flame viper = Charubin the fire knight
Baby dragon + Tentacle plant = B. dragon jungle king.
(supplied by: The Trickmaster)

Gaia The Fierce Knight + Curse Of Dragon = Gaia The Gragon Champion 2600/2100
Red Eyes Black Dragon + Meteor Dragon = Meteor B.Dragon 3500/2000
Yami(Magic) + Yami(Magic) = Dark Energy (Equip)
Red Eyes B.Dragon + Summoned Skull = Skull Dragon
(supplied by: Gaia the TAJIK'S Knight)

Dancing Elf + Dancing Elf = Dark Witch
Merius Light + Petit Dragon = Blackland Fire Dragon
Any Pyro + Any Beast = Flame Cerebrus
(supplied by: zero cool)

Judgementhand + w-warrior = Judgementman
Blackland Fire Dragon + Hard armour = Swordarmor Dragon
Fiend sword + Pyro = Flame swordsman
Fiend + Fiend = Dark witch
Pyro + Beast = Flame cerebus
Dark Hole + Umi = Everlasting draught
Tyhone #2 + Blackland Fire Dragon = Red-Eyes Black Dragon
Beast Fangs + Elegant Egotist = War-Lion Ritual
Dragon treasure + Elegant Egotist = Yamadron Ritual
Dark Energy + Malevolent Nuzzler = Zera Ritual
Flame vampire + Armed ninga = Crebus the flame soldier
Sword arm of dragon + Meteor b.dragon + Blue Eyes White Dragon = Three-headed Firetooth dragon
Fiend Skelgon + Three-headed Firetooth Dragon = Shadow Flame Dragon
(supplied by: Cheat Master, yu-gi-oh 50005, or1dragoon, dark magician fan, throck170, 007jez, the shiny suit man)

2.  Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
August 02, 2003
Card Passwords:
Time Wizard71625222
Mask Of Darkness28933734
Man-Eater Bug54652250
Silver Fang90357090
Dragon Piper55763552
Shining Angel95956346
Mysterious Puppeteer54098121
Celtic Guardian91152256
Neo The Magic Swordsman50930991
Winged Dragon87796900
Battle Ox05053103
Blackland Fire Dragon87564352
La Jinn97590747
Koumori Dragon67724379
Curse of Dragon28279543
Flame Cerebrus60862676
Summoned Skull70781052
Red-Eyes Black Dragon74677422
Gaia the Fierce Knight06368038
Blue-Eyes White Dragon89631139
Soul Release05758500
Change of Heart04031928
Monster Reborn82764718
Darkness Approaches80168720
Share the Pain56830749
Pot of Greed55144522
Final Destiny18591904
Dark Hole53129443
The Cheerful Coffin41142615
Malevolent Nuzzler99597615
Paralyzing Potion50152549
Sword of Deep-Seated98495314
Sword of Dark Destruction37120512
Dark Energy04614116
Just Desserts24068492
Robbin' Goblin88279736
Ultimate Offering80604091
Judge Man30113682
Flame Swordsman45231177
Time Wizard71625222
Man-eating Treasure chest13723605
Terra the Terrable63308047
Disk Magician76446915
Blue-eyes white dragon89631139
Harpie lady76812113
Metal fish 1600/190055998462
Red Archery girl 1400/1500 65570596
Winged Dragon 1400/1200 87796900
Giant Turtle 1400/1800 6981563
Red medicine38199696
Dark Magician46986414
Gaia The Feirce Kniht063680308
Curse Of Dragon28279543
Summoned Skull70781052
Remove Trap51482758
Soul Exchange68005187
Card Destrution72892473
Great White13429800
Change Of Heart04031928
Book Of Secret Arts9159718
Sword Of Dark Destuction37120512
Mystical Elf15025844
Monster Reborn83764718
Dragon Capture Jar50045299
Magnet Warrior Alpha 99785935
Dark Magician76446915
Winged Dragon Guardian Of The Fortress87796900
Exodia Head33396948
Exodia Right leg08124921
Exodia Left leg44519536
Exodia Left arm07902349
Exodia Right arm70902349

Easy Starchips:

Beat Teana and Jono in campaign mode. Then go to free duel and face them. They are very easy.
(supplied by: joe)

Easy starchips:

After leaving the palace the first time go back to the palace. You will be asked to duel. Dont worry it is the easiest duel of the game. Just beet him quickly and then you can duel him in free duel mode. Not only do you get easy starchips you also get decent cards from him.
(supplied by: informer)

3-D Battle Arena:

When you have a monster on the field press X to attack. Highlight a monster and press Square. It will then go into a 3-D Arena.
(supplied by: HarryPotter350)

Easy Star Chips & Good Cards:

Just beat Jono and he might give you Time Wzard and he is easy to beat, and beat Tai at the begining to get easy starchips. Beat Rex Rapter and Mai Valintine in the tourtamint to get good cards. Once I beat Rex and he gave me Blackland Fire Dragon, and once I beat him another time and he gave me Dragon Zombie and time wizard with Blackland Fire Dragon OR Dragon Zombie makes Thousand Dragon.
(supplied by: Dragon Pipper)

Dragon Fusions:

Dragon Zombie and a Thunder type monster makes twin headed Thunder Dragon but if you do it with a Dragon monster with a 16 and lower you need 1 Dragon then a Thunder and another Dragon in that order. Baby Dragon and Time Wizard and Thunder type makes Twin Headed Thunder Dragon.
(supplied by: madface88)

Twin Headed Thunder Dragon fusion:

another way to get Twin Headed Thunder Dragon is to make a metal dragon (combine a metal monster with a dragon) then add a thunder card. Also Thunder Dragon and a Thunder Monster makes Twin Headed Thunder Dragon. Its good to have umi to power up THTD so you can beat blue eyes with ease.
(supplied by: deathrow)

- After beating the game you will recieve a password. This password is used on the Playstation 2 game "Yu-Gi-Oh Duelists of the Roses" to continue with your deck.
- Type your name as KONAMI in the beginning to recieve some better cards.
- To pass the labyrinth go Right, Right, Left, Right to duel Seto in order to free Tea. Or go Right 4 times to duel the Labyrinth Mage again. (You cannot save the game after you beat Labyrinth Mage or you will have to start over again anyway!)
- You may have to duel people in Free Duel around 200 times in order to get a decent card. I duel Low Meadow Mage 204 times just to get Meteor B. Dragon. (attack 3500 defense 2000)
(supplied by: Yami)

Power up your Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon:

Use three Dragon Treasures, one Mountain, three Megamorps and one Bright Castle and its attack power will be 9999
(supplied by: dragon knight)

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