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1. Triple Play ´99 Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
January 01, 2002
Pause the game and hold L1 + L2. Then enter the codes.

Player DataLeft, Square, Up and Triangle
CommercialsRight, Triangle, Left, Circle
Secret CreditsX, Square, Circle, Triangle
Hit home runsTriangle, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Square, Left, Right
Strike out the batterUp, Down, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Square
Control cameraRight, Left, Up, Down, Right, Left
Additional batter informationLeft, Square, Up, Triangle
Crowd DisappointmentX, Down, Down, X
Crowd Soft cheerTriangle, X, X, Triangle
Crowd Loud cheerSquare, Left, Left, Square
Crowd BooCircle, Right, Right, Circle
Crowd ApplauseTriangle, Up, Up, Triangle
Announcer CommercialsLeft, Square, Right, Circle
Announcer Historical commentaryUp, Triangle, Right, Circle
Announcer TriviaDown, X, Right, Circle
Announcer NicknamesCircle, Right, Square, Left
Announcer WeatherX, Down, Triangle, Up
Announcer Crowd commentsUp, Triangle, Down, X
Adrienne Travica SponsorLeft, Square, Left, Right
Agathat Kuzniak SponsorUp, Triangle, Up, Down
Anne Fouron SponsorRight, Circle, Right, Down
Anne Geiger SponsorLeft, Square, Left, Square
Bob Silliker SponsorLeft, Left, Left, Left
Brent Nielsen SponsorUp, Triangle, Up, Up
Brett Marshall SponsorDown, Triangle, Down, Down
Carolyn Cudmore SponsorDown, Triangle, Down, Triangle
Chuck Osieja SponsorUp, Triangle, Up, Square
Darron Stone SponsorRight, Right, Right, Right
Duncan Lee SponsorLeft, Square, Left, Triangle
Edwin Gomez SponsorLeft, Square, Left, X
Eric Kiss SponsorDown, Down, Down, Down
Frank Faugno SponsorRight, Circle, Right, Triangle
Gary Lam SponsorUp, Triangle, Up, Circle
Jason Lee SponsorDown, Triangle, Down, Right
Jeff Coates SponsorRight, Circle, Right, X
Jen Cleary SponsorUp, Up, Up, Up
Jon Spencer SponsorUp, Triangle, Up, Triangle
Kenneth Newby SponsorRight, Circle, Right, Right
Kirby Leung SponsorRight, Circle, Right, Square
Louis Wang SponsorDown, Triangle, Down, Up
Mark Dobratz SponsorDown, Triangle, Down, Left
Mark Liljefors SponsorRight, Circle, Right, Left
Michael J. Sokyrka SponsorRight, Circle, Right, Circle
Mike "Swanny" Swanson SponsorUp, Triangle, Up, Right
Mike Rayne SponsorrTriangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
Mike Sheath SponsorRight, Circle, Right, Up
Pauline Moller SponsorUp, Triangle, Up, Left
Rick Falck SponsorDown, Triangle, Down, X
Rob Anderson SponsorSquare, Square, Square, Square
Ryan Pearson SponsorX, X, X, X
Stan Tung SponsorCircle, Circle, Circle, Circle
Stephen Gagno-Cody SponsorLeft, Square, Left, Left
Steve Rechtschaffner SponsorUp, Triangle, Up, X
Vanessa Gonwick SponsorLeft, Square, Left, Down
Wendell Harlow SponsorLeft, Square, Left, Up
Yanick Lebel SponsorLeft, Square, Left, Circle

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January 01, 2002
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