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1.  NFL Gameday ´99 Easter Eggs
January 01, 2002
Big BallsLarge football
Big HitsLouder noises
BlindersNo penalties
Bunyon Big players
Coffee BreakSpeed juiced
Con ManCPU hides pass coverage
CPU ScoresCPU players are faster
CPU StuffsCPU offensive line has super strength and speed
CreditsView credits
DavisRunning back is juiced
Euro LeagueAll players have European last names
Even TeamsAll players are equal
Flea CircusTiny players
GD ChallengeBonus difficulty level
Grudge MatchRed redzones, checkered touchdown area, invisible field goals
HangtimePunts hang in the air longer
BoboAll players named "Bobo"
Hot ShotCPU player celebrates in the field
InvisibleInvisible players
Mind ReaderCPU knows your play
Playing CardsFlat players
Pole axeForearm is juiced
Pop WarnerSmall, fast players
PresidentsPlayers named after Presidents
Prime TimeCPU makes big plays
PuppetsPlayers have red string attached to head
Rocket ManBall carrier has speed bursts
SlideshowSee cheerleaders after a game
Sports All players have last name from credits
StaminaJuiced endurance
Steel LegLonger field goals
StickemGreat hands for receivers
SwimmersSwim move juiced
Tele TummyTelevisions in player's stomachs
WeakQuick fatigue

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1. Savegame
January 01, 2002
Superbowl XXXIII + Pro Bowl available.
1287 times
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