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August 02, 2003
Unlock cheat menu:
At the Press Start screen, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right. Then at the Options menu, hold L + R.

Kombat Kodes:

Enter these codes at the versus mode screen.

Red Rain020 020
Explosive Kombat050 050
Start with weapons drawn444 444
Drawn weapons can not be lost002 002
One-hit death123 123
Disable throws100 100
Disable max damage010 010
Fight in Elder Gods (Blue Face) stage033 033
Fight in The Tomb stage044 044
Fight in The Netherrealm343 343
Fight in The Prison (Fan stage)303 303
Disable throws and max damage110 110
Random weapon appears111 111
Fight in Wind World stage055 055
Silent Kombat666 666
Big heads321 321
Fight in Goro's Lair (Spike Pit)011 011
Fight in Reptile's Lair066 066
Fight in The Well (Scorpion's stage)022 022
Fight in Ice Pit313 313
Start with random weapon222 222
Many weapons555 555
Noob Saibot Mode012 012
No rain060 060
Fight in Shaolin Temple101 101
Fight in The Soul Chamber353 353
Noob Saibot mode012 012
Fight in Living Forest202 202
Fight in The Church323 323
Fight in Ladder stage363 363

Play as Goro:

First, at the title screen (with all game modes) press Up, Left, Down, Right, Up. Then go to your mode. Go to hidden on the character select screen and press L+R. Then press Up, Left, A.
(supplied by: BEN SPEIRS)

Play as Sektor:

Do the same as above but select Cyrax.
(supplied by: BEN SPEIRS)

Play as Noob Saibot:

Do the same as Goro but select Raiden.
(supplied by: BEN SPEIRS)

*Note that you have to achieve a full game to play. You can't play as Sektor unless you complete Arcade with Cyrax. You can't play as Noob Saibot until you complete the game with Raiden. You can't play as Goro unless you destroy Goro on Arcade once.

Alternate Costumes:

Highlight your character, hold start and press any button. 1 = original outfit 2 = player 2 outfit 3 = player 3 outfit. You have to press a button 3 times for 2nd costume with Sonya and Tanya.
(supplied by: BEN SPEIRS)

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