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1.  Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
January 01, 2002
The Miniature hint guide
By Ed the Moogle
Version 1.0

I am not writing a complete FAQ/Walkthrough, because it would take far too long and I am a very busy moogle. This is just general hints and tips.


Graphics 10/10 Makes you feel like you're in the jungle.

Sound 9/10 The sound effects are great, but the repetitive voices get annoying.

Control 8/10 Takes practice, but that's what the Training mode is for.

Fun 9/10 Great! You'll want to play it again and again. But if you don't have a controller pak, you'll have to constantly repeat the first few levels again and again.


One of the worst. Only use it if you are out of ammo. Most effective against giant insects and short-range fighters.


The weakest weapon, but they can be used from a distance. Holds up to 30 Arrows

Tek Arrows:

These little explosive arrows pack a lot of power. Save them for Pur-Lins and bosses. Holds up to 15 Tek Arrows.


The first weapon you find. A good choice for the first few levels. Holds up to 100 Bullets. Most effective against Poachers and Natives.


Packs a lot of punch. Good against Raptors. Only has 20 shots, though.

Auto Shotgun:

Same as Shotgun, but no reload time.

Explosive Shells:

Powerful shells that can be used with the Shotgun or Auto Shotgun. Carries up to 10 of these explosive boogers.

Assault Rifle:

A potent little gun which fires three bullets at a time. Takes the same ammo as the Pistol.

Pulse Rifle:

A rapid-firing gun that shoots energy pulses. Can hold up to 100 shots. Useful against stronger foes.


Cooler than it sounds. Rapid firing and lethal. But it eats tons of ammo. Holds up to 500 shots at once. Good against Dimetridons and slow-moving dinos.

Grenade Launcher:

A powerful little weapon that is rather tricky to aim. Holds up to 30 shots. Useful against stronger and slower enemies, like Mechs.

Alien Weapon:

The initial impact does little damage, but the explosion takes a toll. Uses the same ammo as the Pulse Rifle and fires off 5 cells at a time. Useful against slow enemies.

Quad Rocket Launcher:

Now this thing kicks! Fires four rockets at a time. Useful against Mechs and other strong enemies.

Shockwave Weapon:

This one is cool. Turns minor enemies to stone, then blows them up. Charge up to use it against strong enemies. It chomps Energy Cells by the ton, though.


This one nukes all the enemies nearby, but it may nuke you if you're too close to the blast. Holds only two charges. Save this one for when you're hopelessly outnumbered.


You find one piece of this weapon in every level. Holds only three shots, but a direct hit does tons of damage, even more than the Fusion Cannon.


Health +2:
Gives you 2 Health points. You can only get above the standard 100 life with these. These are Silver crosses.

Health +25:

Restores 25 Health points. These are Blue crosses.

Full Health:

Restores your life to the standard 100. These are Orange crosses.

Ultra Health:

Adds 100 points to your total health. You can get over 100 with these too. (Ex. You have 56 life. When you pick up one of these, then you will have 156 life.) These are Gold crosses.

Life Force Icons:

Gold triangles. Collect 100 of these to get an extra life. Collect the Red ones to get 10 added to your total Life Force.

Spiritual Invincibility:

Looks like a tan shield with a red dot and a feather on it. Get this and you will be temporarily invincible and the enemies will be very slow.

Mortal Wound:

Looks like a voodoo mask or something. Some enemies occasionally drop this when you kill them with a Knife or standard arrows. This adds 5 to your standard Full Health (ex. Your standard full health is 100 when you start the game. You get a Mortal Wound, and it will go up to 105.)

Hints and tips

-Sidestepping shots is the most effective way to avoid them.
-Run under grenades that enemies throw, then blow the bastards away.
-Watch for warps that will take you to bonus areas. These bonus areas are usually crammed with Ammo, Life and other stuff.
-Conserve your big guns for tougher enemies.
-The cursor in the Automap can be used to aim.
-The Automap does not work in mazes.
-Keep an eye out for those level keys. They can be quite tricky to find.
-You do not need to collect all the Chronoscepter pieces to finish the game, but it would be a big help.

Boss Strategy

Long Hunter:

This dude is cheap. He sends two Hum-Vees after you first, then he fights you. Be sure to dive into the moat before you face him, because there are a lot of goodies in the moat. To beat the two Hum-vees, stay behind them so they can't shoot you, then bomb them with explosive weapons like Tek Arrows. To beat the Long Hunter, keep moving and fire at him with anything you can connect with. Don't let him get too close or he'll bomb you with his roundhouse kick. Power-ups keep appearing around the edges of the arena, so grab these as they appear.


This guy is very tough. Bomb him with rapid-firing weapons and avoid him the best you can. Once he flashes green, he'll bust down the walls and chase you everywhere. Once he flashes purple, he'll start throwing explosives and get faster. Once he flashes read, he gets really mean. Keep moving and grab the power-ups in the corners.


He is relatively slow. Whip out your Grenade Launcher and bomb him with it whenever he tries to torch you with his lasers or flame breath. Grab more ammo in the little alcoves along the arena walls. When he gets tired, unload on him with everything you got. If you have the Fusion Cannon, use it.


This guy is extremely fast and deadly. First of all, forget about the Particle Accelerator and Fusion Cannon, they are completely useless against him. Blast him three times with the Chronoscepter to soften him up, then finish him off with whatever else you got. Don't try hitting him while his shield is up.

2.  Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
January 01, 2002
Show CreditsFDTHMGS
Enemies won't shoot backSNFFRR
Pen and Ink ModeDLKTDR
Show CreditsFDTHMGS
Invincible without "spirit" effectRBNSMTH
Enemies on the mapNSTHMNDNT
Fly modeLKMBRD

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