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Nintendo 64 Cheats, Cheat Codes and Hints

1.  NBA Hangtime Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
January 01, 2002
Enter the following names and PIN's to unlock a hidden player.

FUNCOM1993Development team picture
KEMP0000Shawn Kemp
RODMAN0000Dennis Rodman
ROOT6000John Root
JONHEY6000Jon Hey
JOHNSN0000Larry Johnson
MORRIS6000Air Morris
MORTAL0004John Tobias
MOTUMB0000Dikembe Motumbo
AHRDWY0000Penny Hardaway
AMRICH2020Dan Amrich
DIVITA0201Sal Divita
DREAM0000Hakeem Olajuwon
ELLIOT0000Sean Eliot
EWING0000Patrick Ewing
MOURNI0000Alonzo Mourning
MUNDAY5432Larry Munday
KIDD0000Jason Kidd
KOMBAT0004Ed Boon
MALONE0000Karl Malone
MDOC2099Intro Rapper
MILLER0000Reggie Miller
GHILL0000Grant Hill
GLENNR0000Glen Rice
HGRANT0000Horace Grant
SMITS0000Rik Smits
SNO0103S. Oursler
STACKH0000Jerry Stackhouse
STARKS0000John Starks
TURMEL0322Mark Turmell
WEBB0000Spud Webb
DAVIDR0000David Robinson
JAMIE1000Jamie Rivett
CLIFFR0000Cliff Robinson
DANR0000Dan Roan
PERRY3500Joe Perry
PIPPEN0000Scottie Pippen
MURSAN0000Gheorghe Muresan
WEBBER0000Chris Webber

At the Tonight's Matchup screen, press Turbo, Shoot, and Pass to enter the following codes

802Maximum Power
284Maximum Speed
048No Music
390No Pushing
120Fast Passing
709Quick Hands
552Hyper Speed
937No Goaltending
111Tournament Mode
025Baby Mode
461Unlimited Turbo
273Stealth Mode
616Block Power

Enter the following codes at the Tonight's Matchup screen.

Outdoor courtHold Left and press Turbo
Huge headsUp, Up, Pass, Turbo
No tag arrowLeft, Left, Pass, Turbo
No driftingDown, Down, Shoot, Turbo
Turbo ABA ballHold Right and press Shoot, Turbo, Pass
No CPU assistanceHold Right and press Pass, Pass
Shot percentageSweep the D-pad clockwise in a Full-Circle starting at Up.
Big headsHold Up and press Turbo + Pass
Rooftop jamHold Left and press Turbo, Turbo, Turbo

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January 01, 2002
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