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1. HM/TM List
November 23, 2003
HM/TM List v1.3.
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Game Boy Color Cheats, Cheat Codes and Hints

1.  Pokemon Yellow Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
July 20, 2007
Pokemon:Where to find it:
Caterpiethe Viridian Forest
CharmanderRoute 24 N.W.
ClefairyMt. Moon
DodrioGrass on the Bike Road
DragonairFish in the Safari Zone
Farfetch'dRoutes 12 & 13
FlareonGive Fire Stone to Evee
GolduckSurf in Route 6
GravelerVictory Road
JolteonGive Thunder Stone to Evee
KadabraRoute 8
KinglerSea Foam Islands
LickitungUnknown Dungeon
MagnetonPower plant at Lavender Town
MetapodViridian Forest
PidgeyPallet Town
PoliwagFish with Good Rod in Route 6
PsyduckSurf in Route 6
SlowbroSea Foam Islands
VaporeonGive Water Stone to Evee

The Great Balls of doom:

To act like the Master ball press Down + B
To act like the Ultra ball press Up + B
(supplied by: Andrea)

Bucket Head Pikachu:

Walk to the water and fish. When you are done talk to Pikachu. If worked Pikachu will wear a bucket on his head.
(supplied by: MagicEagls)


Go to Cerulan City and go to the one's house with Pikachu level 25 or higher and talk to her.
(supplied by: Eric)

Get Charmander:

Beat Nugget Bridge and go north to the person and talk to him and he will give you Charmander.
(supplied by: batusai_the_slasher2002)

Get Bulbasaur:

Beat Misty and get the Cascade Badge and go to the house west of the gym and talk to the lady and she will give you Bulbasaur.
(supplied by: batusai_the_slasher2002)

Get Squirtle:

Beat Lt.Surge and get the Thunderbadge. Go to middle of ton and talk to officer Jenny and she will give you Squirtle.
(supplied by: batusai_the_slasher2002)

Get Machamp:

To get a Machamp is easy all you have to do is go south-east of Cerelian city and walk inside the tunnle entrance and trade whatever pokemon she wants for machoke and after the trade the Machoke will evolve.
(supplied by: ice)

Make Pikachu dance:

To make Pikachu dance, jump over a horizantal wall but keep Pikachu on the other side. WAIT for 8-10 secondes and it will start dancing!
(supplied by: bRAD8MEN)

Rare candy:

To get a Rare Candy in Cerulean city go in the garden were the guy talks about badges take 1 step up, 7 steps to the right then face Pikachu and press A.
(supplied by: bRAD8MEN)

Lava cookie:

Go to viridian city and go to where the boat took off. Use surf and swim to the right and you should see an island with a truck on it. Go on the island and use strength on the truck. It will fall into the water and a lava cookie will be at the place where the truck was.
(supplied by: comamas)


To get to Cinnibar Island without going through Seafoam Islands go to pallet town and surf down on the bit of water near prof. Oaks lab and you will get to cinnibar islands. But if you want Articuno you'll have to go through Seafoam Islands.
(supplied by: bunnybbz)

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December 18, 2007
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