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1. Legend of Zelda: Link´s Awakening DX Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
June 28, 2006
Change the music:
Select an empty file and enter ZELDA as your name. (case-sensitive)

Save money when buying things:
Go to the shop and buy anything (for example bow & arrows) and then when your money goes down save the game by pressing Start + Select + A + B at the same time. Then quit, then load your save back up and you will still have the same amount of money you started with & you have the item you wanted.
(supplied by: kyle121sims@hotmail.com)

Free items from shop:

Pick up the item you want and run around the man until he looks at a wall. Then run out of the shop. It will say "You got it for free, are you proud of yourself?". When you go back in the shop the man will kill you. You get called "Theif" afterwards.
(supplied by: Hoppip)

Exploding arrows:

Have bombs and arrows on A and B. Hit A and B at the same time to shoot exploding arrows.
(supplied by: THE ZELDA MASTER)

Pols riddle (2nd level):

Most get stumped at this point but you get the nightmares key in the room with the bunny, bat and blue Skeleton(DUH). You get it by beating the bunny first, then bat then the blue skeleton.
(supplied by: vegeto1991@aol.com)


Get magic powder and put it on some chickens.
(supplied by: vegeto1991@aol.com)

Get to the color dungeon:

To get to the color dungeon (which is an extra dungeon that you get the blue or red tunic), go to the cemetary and find the section with 5 gravestones. This is the order to push them in (you have to push them in order from 1 2 3 4 5 and this is the order they are really in):
3 up - 4 right - 5 up
2 left - 1 down
(supplied by: vegeto1991@aol.com)

How to save the game:

You save the game by pushing A, B, Start and Select at the same time.
(supplied by: vegeto1991@aol.com)

Get Free Items:

First go into the store and get something. Walk behind the cash register. The guy will face the wall, then run quickly out as fast as you can. Then it will say "Guess what? You got it for free are you proud of yourself?"
(supplied by: nell24)

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1. Color Dungeon FAQ
Download Legend of Zelda: Link´s Awakening DX - Color Dungeon FAQ     View Legend of Zelda: Link´s Awakening DX - Color Dungeon FAQ
Special Color Dungeon FAQ.
September 02, 2005
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