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1.  Spider-Man: The Movie Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
May 26, 2002
Cheat Codes
Go to Specials/Cheats and enter the following codes:

arachnidCheat Mode
chilloutSuper Coolant
organicwebbingUnlimited Webbing
koalaAll Fighting Controls
imiarmasAccess All Levels
underthemaskFirst Person View
hermanschultzPlay as The Shocker
romitasLevel Skip
spiderbyteMiniature Spider-Man
goestoyourheadBig Head and Feet
joelspeanutsEnemies Have Large Heads
dodgethisMatrix Style Attacks
freakoutPlay as Matrix Spider-Man
headexplodyBonus Training Levels
girlnextdoorPlay as Mary Jane
serumPlay as a Scientist
realheroPlay as a Police Officer
captainstaceyPlay as a Helicopter Pilot
knucklesPlay as Thug Model #1
stickyricePlay as Thug Model #2
thugsrusPlay as Thug Model #3

Play as the Green Goblin:

First start a game on the super hero level then pause the game and exit. Go to the special/cheats area and enter the code ARACHNID then go to the level warp. Select conclusion and this will enable you to play as the Green Goblin, just go to the secret store and look for the Play as Green Goblin selection.
(supplied by: MRHINTON)

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