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1.  Halo Hints
May 20, 2005
Alternate Ending Sequence:
To see this you have to successfully complete the game in campaign mode on legendary difficulty setting to view a different and longer ending sequence.
(supplied by: _IMP_[TML])

Easier Alternate Ending:

Just complete the last level on legendary by selecting "the Maw" then choose legendary when the difficulty select comes up.
(supplied by: psychodeath)

Create more profiles:

Press Y at the campaign select screen to create a new profile.

Open doors with a ghost:

To do this park the ghost right near the door, jump out and quickly jump back in and drive through.
(supplied by: Petey)

Secret Cave:

There is a secret cave in level 4 and it is located at the button of the map entrance. Use it to make an ambush on the enemy.
(supplied by: jetcrazy522)

Plasma Grenade:

If your going to use a plasma grenade, throw it at the alien so it sticks to them. It will surely kill the alien. The aliens however can do this to you to, if you don't move quickly enough.
(supplied by: _IMP_[TML])

Kill a Hunter easier:

To kill a Hunter easier just get a shotgun and shoot it in the head. This will cause it's head to whiplash backwards and it will reveal it's exposed neck. Just shoot it again in the same spot and it will die.

Here is a better way to kill a hunter. If you notice they have orange spots (on their back and neck). Shoot the orange spots and they will die.
(supplied by: legolas)

Kill Jackals easier:

to kill Jackals easier, grab a shotgun and shoot the shield, they should turn around and you will get a clearer shot.
(supplied by: ruley)

No covenant in Level 5 and finding banshees to fly:

This may take time to do, but is WELL worth it. First of all, this will only work on Co-op, but does not necessarily require two people. On Level 5, Assualt on the Control Room, choose any difficulty (i found it rather simple on easy, but this code will also make beating legendary a breeze). Proceed through the level as normal until you reach the beginning of the very first bridge. Go down the ramp which leads to the platform under the bridge (keep your partner at side). When on the platform go to the edge and look for the side of the mountain. Jump and slide against the mountain a few times until you find a spot to land. After finding a spot (even if you died finding it), you are probably dead. So have your partner hit that same spot AS YOU ARE DEAD so that you will respawn there when your partner hits it. He will die but respawn next to you.

The point is to keep finding edges on the way down to support you until you are at a low enough height to land on the bottom. A team of marines wait at the bottom. You now have access to a jeep which can take you through the rest of the level without a SINGLE covenant in sight. You will also find A LOT of ghosts, a couple of banshees (one you find after an underground tunnel which you have to fly on to a ridge back towards where the tank is to find the other), the Scorpion, and even the covenant tanks which are empty and in perfect condition, but you obviously cannot operate it. If playing to win on legendary, the level is a peice of cake (you won't get as much glory, however).

The fun part is getting EVERY single ghost, and the banshees with the jeep and scorpion all together on one spot of land and make a little parking lot. Fun for a little combat with your friend, also fun to see all the marines jump in the ghosts and fly around in them.
(supplied by: DryKillLogic36)

Deadly as a sidewinder:

Goal: Be an invinceable sniper
Only in multiplayer on sidewinder with all vehicles and normal weapons:
First you need to get a sniper rifle fully loaded. Then you'll need a ghost and a warthog. Go up the slope with the small bridge and rocket launcher. Take the warthog up near the boulder. Get to where you are directly to the right and you're facing the level. Then back up at full spead, go up as far as you can and jump out. Now go out to get your ghost. Get it facing the warthog on the bridge. Go at it full spead. Now here is the tricky part. Right before you hit the hood you need to slam on the breaks but keep moving forward. This will push the front of the ghost up. If you are successful you will be in a bunch of nothingness and be on top of the world. Keep in mind that you'll have to grt close to the edge to kill anyone or else the bullets will just disapear.
(supplied by: Master Slayer)

For hunters:

Get close enough so that they cant shoot but must melee you. Get right in front of them, and start running back, they'll chase you and eventually swing their armored arm to strike. This will reveal the orange flesh. Shoot this and it takes them out easily or when they swing, sidestep and pull around behind them. This reveals more orange skin on thier back, do the same here. One shot kill with pistol, sniper rifle, and sometimes shotgun. With others, it takes multiple and you might have to repeat the process several times.
(supplied by: adam)

Wanna see a warthog fly high up into the sky?

Go to the silent cartographer, level four. Play co op, beat the level without ever using grenades, but dont get into the pelican just yet. Drive on down to the beach, somewhere near the bravo 22 crashsite. Find two warthogs, stop near your marines, and drive two down to the bravo crashsite. Get out and kill your marines. Repeat this process until all marines are dead. Now have one player stand and let the other melee him in the back of the head, this will leave his body and grenades. then the killer should run away so that the dead can spawn. Now the killed should be the killer and repeat the process. After two deaths go back into the level, and find more grenades. Look at your pile of marines for frags and go back into the facility for plasmas. Once you have a large pile of your dead bodies and plenty of grenades, drive a warthog over the body pile, get out carefully, wouldn't want to pick up any grenades. Now go and get the rocket launcher, fire a shot under the warthog (this will set off the grenades) and watch the car and your pile of bodies fly for miles. If you want to try more tricks (getting in the warthog while your friend sets them off doing multiple warthogs, etc.) simply click start and then choose revert to saved. This will get you back to your last checkpoint where you should still have the pile of bodies and grenades.
(supplied by: adam)


On the snow level (forward one), I noticed that you need two people to do this, when after killing the lot of guys before you would run towards the generator which would decrese your shield, if you have two people one can hit the generator, then as quick as possible the other person would teleport the person that which had just generated the blue thingy. If you do this right, all the guys should freeze and you'll end up behind them watching them frozen. You have two choices, you can throw grenades onto the guys or shoot them or whatever. Unexpectedly, they will stay frozen and so will your grenades. You can leave the exit behind you and the guys will stay frozen. This cheat does not work throughout the whole level.
(supplied by: shggtyshwa)


You can make your own fireworks in Halo. All you need to have is 2 plasma grenades. Make sure you outdoors, I find the cartografer a good lvl to do this or you can just do multi-player. Simply throw one plasma grenade and then throw the 2nd on the same spot. The first will explode sending the second up in the air and then the second one explodes a few seconds later. This doesnt really effect the game in any way its just kinda fun to watch.
(supplied by: jordan anderson)

Fun thing to do:

In the first level, after you get the gun from the captain, go outside and kill the grunts after. When you get some grenades, go back to the captain but don't go pass the checkpoint or else it will activate it. Then throw all your grenades in there and hopefully some people will die. THEN START RUNNING LIKE HELL!! A whole bunch of marines will come after you and you can have some fun!
(supplied by: Traitor)

5th level tip:

On the 5th level, (First snow one, Asult on the Control Room) you can save a lot of time by stealing a banshee from the unsuspecting covenant. To do this all you need to do is go out to the first bridge, (A snowy one I think... Only 1 snowy 1) run straight out into the battle, throw a nade of any type (Prefer the plasma) to the area in which you enter the plane (which should be straight ahead) jump off the right side off the cliff, keep pressing (X) or your default Reload/Action button while you are jumping TORWARDS the plane. (I think you dont have to jump off but its hella cool and fun to do anyway!) then just fly torwards the end of the map after killing some guys for fun (End of map is the huge door that opens and you have completed half the map in a hella short time!
(supplied by: Annonibibless)

Find Mendoza:

On 343 Guilty Spark, as soon as you see your targeting reticle, throw a grenade (only ONE is necissary) and you will sit down in the Pelican. After it lands, get out, and walk straight for a while. You will go down a small hill and keep on until you find Mendoza. He is a lone, unarmed marine which will neither speak or move. He is fun to shoot and watch his reaction.
(supplied by: Billygoat456)

Friendly Grunt:

In the last level (the maw), after Echo 419 dies keep driving forward untill you get to the first tunnel to your right. once in the tunnel stop in front of the door to the right and enter it. Inside there will be alot of fire and a small grunt at the end of the hallway. Don't shoot it , but walk up to it and it will start jumping around while talking to you. The grunt won't shoot you, but don't hang out for too long because you only have six minutes to drive out of the Pilar of Autum(and they are a very important six minutes)
(supplied by: JO)


On the level 343 guilty spark when the pelican goes to drop you down, throw all of your plasma grenades in the same spot not moving. The pelican will take off with you in it. It takes you to some trees so you just walk a little bit and you get to the front of the building.
(supplied by: wazzup1234288)

Easer kill on a jackal:

When you see a jackal run right in front of it's shield and press the B button. Or you could just throw a grenade.
(supplied by: wildwest2c)

The convoy:

In halo if you play capture the flag(CTF)in blood gulch i have an awesome plan for you. This idea is called the convoy,its purpose is to capture the other teams flag by confusing them on which person has the flag. It is also based on laying down cover fire and also sniper cover. First you take the tank and the warthog and the ghost in that order and line them up single file on right behind the other. The tank layes down cover fire for the ghost and the warthog. The ghost and the warthog do absolutely nothing until either the person in the tank gets sniped or the tank makes to about 60 yards from the enemys base once you get that close the warthog breaks to the left side of the enemys base and the ghost goes to the right. You have to make sure that you do this in this order or it will not work.there also must be a person in the pasenger seat of the warthog or it also will not work. As the tank moves towards the base lay down cover fire around the enemys base. Once the vehicles go there seperate ways the pasenger in the warthog is dropped in the entrance in the back of the base (it has to be in the back of the base) once you do this the warthog drives to the front of the base and picks the guy up. The job of the person in the warthog is to drive around and around the enemys base looking for anyone(the enemy)you can kill to help cover the guy coming out of the base. It would also be a good idea if you had sniper cover from the cliffs. This would almost ensure victory. If the driver in the warthog gets killed and your not even to the bases perimeter yet RETREAT. You wont get the flag and you will lose atleast 90% of your vehicles.

If you do not stay single file then the convoy will fail.

If you do not put the ghost in back of the warthog the convoy will not work.

Do not forget to pick up your partner getting the flag

If someone trys to pull this shit on you the only way to defeat it is to take the rocket launcher go in the cliffs and launch the rocket at the warthog,this will totally disable the convoy and there is no way it will work

If you like this idea e mail me my name is blackhawk, if you hate this idea e mail me.
(supplied by: nuclearsplit@yahoo.com)

Getting the first Banshee on AotCR:

For Getting the first Banshee on AotCR (Assualt on the Control Room) The first banshee on the natural bridge is a goal unreachable sometimes, so just grab a rocket launcher. Then as you run through the doors shoot it off of the bridge. Easy right? Next, go to the far right corner on the outside of the door you came through. Get right up against to rock and step over the edge. You will slide down the cliff. And WILL lose life, but you can run quickly to the banshee, without trying to beat the Covies to it.
(supplied by: Phirefenix)

Infinite ammo Glitch on 2nd level:

Needs two players and during beginning cutscene have 2nd player punch player 1 in the back. NOW STAY IN THE LIFEBOAT FOR SIX SECONDS THEN WALK OUT. Have 1 do the same to player2 in the lifeboat. (The reason you have to wait is to start the glitch) Note: You can ONLY switch weapons ONCE. If you have not switched it at all, you can get in the 'Hog and keep it for the OTHER weapon only. And if you die, you lose it.
(supplied by: Matdave)

Wierd Messages Glitch:

On the change your name screen type in .fortune and you will get several wierd messages every time. Don't forget to put the period in the beginning or it won't work. Some of the messages are: "You cannot fall off the floor" "Nature sides with the hidden flaw" "I like beans"
(supplied by: Matdave)

Stop the other team at Blood Gultch:

At Blood Gultch a great way to stop the other team from getting the flag is putting the tank in the bottom of the base, here is how you do it. Get a warthog and back it up the the base in between the little pillars (works better on blue side). The go and get a tank and back up a little ways and go straight at the warthog. When you hit it look straight up, once you start to move up push down. You should be on the base with the tank after that. It may take a few trys. Then drive the tank into the bottom of the base (might have to move around a little, the hole is kind of small. That will make it very hard for the other team to get the flag, they will probably have to move the tank a little.
(supplied by: Niner)

Secret Stash in Assault on the control room:

In AotCR with the bridge with the banshees kill all the enemies on it and go to the door you entered the bridge on and go to the right side of the door. Follow the right edge to the end of the bridge and you will walk through the wall there should be a secret stash. This doesnt work all the time.
(supplied by: crazach)

How to get Warthog's through doors:

Getting ghost through doors is easy but warthogs always get stuck half way through. this can work on several level but the 'Silent Cartografer' (D-Day landing type level). Here is how to do it. This level has three jeeps on it now you need them all and drive them to that door that you have to unlock ( where the sword man is on the video) after you've unlocked it , it's the bit were he kicks that stone off the edge in that video, remmember? Any way Player 1 has to drive one jeep into the door and it will get stuck half way in, then player 2 drives the second jeep into the back of player 1, forcing him and his jeep through the door, repeat this process to get the second jeep through using the third jeep (this can be done on one player). Let the video with the stone run then drive the jeep to the edge facing backwards (in reverse). Now you can jump from that platform to one of the levels below (skipping a big bit of the level), do the same with the jeep and you'll have taken a jeep where no one thought possible. They, you and me thought it wasn't possible, ha! and it can be done on other levels too (using the ghost and a jeep)
(supplied by: clemi)

Get a Ghost on the base:

On the level where there is Ghost and Warthogs and Scorpions when you play multiplayer, to get a ghost on the base get someone to get in a truck and back in to the wall. Hold back the left joy stick and then you get in a ghost and run in to the truck at full speed it might take a while to do it right but eventually you will get it.
(supplied by: game_19_09)

Play With A Banshee at Assault On The Control Room:

This method is MUCH easier on Two Player Campaign. Get to the VERY FIRST bridge (Cortana will say something about the weather being inclimate), with the Grunts asleep, jump of the side to your LEFT, as close to the wall beside the door as possible. You'll land on a ledge UNDER the bridge. Follow the Ridge to the otherside of the bridge underneath. and use one player to drop off, as he drops off and die, get ready to drop your next player off the same spot, your first suicide mission man will re-spawn on a snow ridge about 80 feet above ground level right next to where the Airship drops the Marines off, wait till your second suicide mission man re-spawns on the ledge two, and drop off the snow ridge directing towards a small snow-blast up the side of the rige, you SHOULD glide down the slopey snow beside the cliff wall directly below you without losing any health... but just incase, dont drop the second Master Chief off until you have successfully landed.

Get a Ghost (Easier to get across the ice) and head to the very last part of the outside. (Past the Scorpion tank, past the part that dips inside to a big open area of cave, outside where the spiral slope is (marines say "Hey you hear that, oh god, covenant incoming!!" ALTHOUGH, NO ENEMIES WILL BE ACTIVATED ON THE GAME AFTER THAT) got right upto the part with the two bridges besides eachother about 500 feet up. Look up and find them, go to the far end of the area and you'll find a Banshee, hop in a take a test drive, there is ALSO two more banshees in that area. One will be on top of the massive structure (On Two Betrayals you'll fly to the top to take out an electrical beam) and the second one is ontop of the platform just before you go back to the beginning... you cant miss them! Wanna use your Banshee's to kick ass? Then fly back to your previous bridge where you dropped off, and kill the enemies, melee your banshee off the edge of the bridge, and follow the level through. when you get back to the bottom where you get the first Warthog, you'll find that all enemies have been activated and are all there willing to beat you up!
(supplied by: Boxcar Racer)


On sidewinder take a tank and as many ghosts as there are people. Then go to the cliff w/o the bridge. Take your tank and ghosts up the ramp to the far side. Back the tank up against the cliff sideways, and run your ghosts up. If done right you should be on top of the level (with a sniper rifle of course.) You must be real close to the edge to shoot and kill anyone.
(supplied by: rattatatdaddy4)

Get a Ghost on the base:

To get a ghost on the base of the Sidewinder level, get in the ghost that is next to the base. Dont move the truck or tank. Get in front of the truck where that the hood of the truck and the base is directly in front of you. Slowly back up till you bump the tank so you dont go out of line. After you bump it hold up on the left joy stick so your going full speed and ram the truck in the front and you should go flying on to the base. NOTE: Its the bottom base where theres two doors on the sides.
(supplied by: ser02)


An easy way of taking out covenant on the assualt on the control room lvl. (right before you open the door that a lot of covenant come out of), walk under the middle of the beam that connects to the main building (where all the area is busted) you will find a sniper rifle and some other ammo plus a health pack, pick up the sniper rifle! Then climb out and walk up along the beam till you reach the top, DON'T FALL OFF!! Once there pull out your sniper rifle, if you already havn't, and start pickking of as many covenant as you can see (if you do this right the enemy won't have a clue whats going on a nd will not shoot at you!!) the only unit you can't get a shot at is the hunter on the left (looking down from the top that is)although some units may find cover underneath you!!
(supplied by: cobra_022)

The Northern Lights:

Step 1: In Assault On The Control Room on any difficulty go to the room with the bridge with heaps of covenant. Kill the covenant and exit the room really fast and get to the load point before your marines enter the tunnel. This will freeze your marines and they wont move at all. Its better if this is done and the marines are frozen in the middle of the room on the bridge if done correctly.

Step 2: Get a needler if you dont have one and shoot all the rounds into one of the marines. Then throw a plasma grenade on him. Then use frags and rocket launcher rounds. Then go to the start of the room and watch the marine closely and soon enough hell fly up in the air exploding which kinda looks like northern lights.
(supplied by: Legendary_Chief)

Dricing on the Maw:

On the Maw, if you think the pillars are annoying, just drive on the side. This takes a whole lotta skill, but its worth it. When you get to the part where the Flood are waiting for you to hit that gigantic road block, before you hit the ramp, go to the left side. Right before you hit it swerve as hard as you can right (alsoworks vice-versa). If done correctly you shouldn't hit the road block. Floor it when you turn the corner and you should end up on the side of the room.
(supplied by: munky_mania)

Get on top of Blood Gulch:

In Blood Gulch, with all vehicles, you can get on the top of the level. Go to the red base, get in a ghost and drive up the feild on the right side. You will come to a rock BEFORE half feild. Stay in the ghost facing the rock and sideways strafe untill you get to the cliff side. Quickly jump out before you reach the wall, and the impact of the ghost will push you up to the top of the level. Practice this on your own for a while before you try it in a game because 1: you will look like a fool to your friends. 2: it is VERY hard to do without a lot of practice.
(supplied by: Mr. Vicious)

Jump sky high:

This can either be on campaign or multi-player mode. On any level with a Warthog,(jeep) simply crash the Warthog until the Warthog is on it's side. Then stand up on it. After that, flip the warthog and you will go sky high. It takes a little time but if you are just having fun, then go for it. There are some times when it won't work.
(supplied by: legend)

Get a Tank On Top of the Base In Blood Gulch:

Simply parallel park a warthog under one of the wider opening on top of the base. Then park a ghost right next to it. Then, with two tanks, drive one up your makshift ramp and have the other push/ram the first tank until successful. I managed to get all vehicles except one tank in the interior of one base with the help of a friend.
(supplied by: topher)


On the Assault on the control room level there are 2 very easy ways to get to the bottom of the snow covered bridge.

1. When you first come out dash to the left and then run straight until you come to a narrow platform to the left. Jump on it then turn to where you are facing down and simply walk. When you reach the end jump into the hole and grab a rocket launcher and a pistol and take out the coves and the tank and advance to the top of the structure and finish the level.

2.This one requires a sniper. When you walk to the door and the screen turns black on the edges get out the sniper and aim the best you can for the elite before you. Then forget the grunts + jackels and run foward till you see another elite, take him out and jack the banshee and finish everyone off.
(supplied by: joho penez)

Ghost driving strategies:

1. Keep on circiling your target and shooting
2. Press A at the beginning of a jump and fly farther
3. The ghost can jump regular vehicles.
(supplied by: joho penez)

Killing jackals:

When they put their shield in front of their body with their gun aimed towards you, use your aiming weapons (pistols or snipers ect), not a needler!, and shoot their exposed hand on the left. They should lower the shield. When they do this shoot them on their frail body till they die.
(supplied by: joho penez)


On the first bridge in assault to the control room you go to the right you will see a ledge and you have to do this in co-op and jump on the ridge one at a time until you make it alive. Then you kill your partner and just at the last minuite you should jump. When you land your partner will respawn on the ridge below. You should walk over to the rocks up against the wall and jump and land and you will be with your marines and with no enemys.
(supplied by: Hank)


Most of you Halo lovers, like me, know about the glitch at the beginning of Assault On The Control Room when you press X when the pelican tries to drop you off and you stay in and take the pelican to your death, well now I have found a way to live. In two-player co-op have one player get out of the pelican at the beginning and the other stay in. The player that gets out of the pelican should let thereself die and as the pelican goes down, the killed player will come back to life on a ring that is moving in a cirlce and if you keep jumping over the gaps, you can jump off to the side halfway between the silent cartographer and assualt on the control room, player still in the pelican will go to there death and warp next to you.
(supplied by: MrNoName)


Here's a fun game for all (and good for when you and you friend(s) are slap happy) make a new free for all slayer game (name it jeepment) with only warthogs and make it the first to 5 kills, dont worry about weapons because your not allowed to use them. Go to either Blood Gulch or Sidewinder. The rules are that you can only kill your opponent with a jeep and nothing else. So you both try to hit each out of the jeeps by running into each other and getting one another out of the jeep. It requires some skill to hit the other right and getting out of the way of a rampaging opponent.
(supplied by: age the rage)

343 Guilty Spark Hints:

I found the 343 Guilty Spark a hard level so here are some tips on it. Before you enter the covanent fort be sure to carry either an assault rifle, pistol, or shotgun. I suggest you carry a shotgun and a pistol. Do not carry a sniper rifle because they will be no effect on the creatures you will be encountering in the fort. These creatures, which are called floods, are different from the covanent. There are only certain guns that will kill them, but they are weaker than the elite aliens. In the fort you will enter you will find different types of floods and others later on.

The small flood spores may not be damaging to your shield but wait until your shield's out of power! Be careful. When you come across a swarm I suggest you run backwards as you shoot at them. Sometimes the little explosion of one will cause a chain reaction. When against a big flood you should also move backwards while using your shotgun or pistol. When it's time to reload your shotgun it will take quite a while. It's especially dangerous to load when there are floods after you. Hit them with a melee attack so you can spare some time to reload. Goodluck on the long journey!
(supplied by: Chief)

Touching Halo:

In co-op,go to the level:The Pillar of Autumn. Once the cutscene is over,take one of the players and jump back into the cryo-tube before it closes. This may take a few tries.
1.Turn around in the cryo-tube.
2.Walk staight down.
3.keep on walking.
4.It will push you to some very weird places.
5.If you get sent up to the wall stop right there.
6.Make you're way to the Bridge up there.
7.Once you make it to the Bridge walk/jump forward outside of the Pillar of Autumn.
8.Once you are outside,walk towards Halo.
9.When you get to Halo it will say "Press x to flip....."
(supplied by: yosup)

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