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July 11, 2016
How to Catch Pikachu as Your Starter Pokemon
Looking for a way to catch Pikachu as a starting Pokémon? You will notice upon creating your character that Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle will appear around you. However, if you refuse to catch these three and ignore them long enough, Pikachu will appear on your map alongside the others, ready for you to catch! You'll need to refuse these starting Pokemon at least four times before Pikachu will appear.

VR Setting Makes it Easier
Rustling leaves means there’s a Pokemon nearby. When you go in game and see them, pay close attention as a wild Pokemon is there. To make it easier for you to catch it, view the Pokemon in the virtual world reality setting.

The Best Pokémon at Night
While some trainers have no problem catching coveted monsters during the light of day, many have reported that some of the best ones show up in the middle of the night – or before the break of dawn when surroundings are at their creepiest. The fairy and ghost types are often seen late at night.

Catch Duplicates
Certain types of Pokemon can evolve into new ones if they are strong enough. To do this, you will need to catch duplicates. For example, if you have a Bulbasaur and capture another one, you can send your extra to Professor Willow. In return, you will receive a type of candy exclusive to that Pokemon, which are needed for it to evolve. There is one thing to keep in mind before you send off captured Pokemon. CP (Combat Power) is the rating of a Pokemon’s strength. The higher it is, the better it will do in battle. When transferring Pokemon to Professor Willow, take note of its CP. Keep the Pokemon that have higher CP!

Wait for Smaller Circles
In order to maximize your chances of catching a Pokemon and avoid wasting your Pokeballs, look at the size and color. The color of the circles indicates how strong they are — green is weak, yellow is medium and red is strong. Waiting for the circles to shrink will increase your chance at stronger Pokemon staying within a Pokeball.

Turn Phone Upside Down to Save Battery Life
The screen will turn into a Pokemon logo and consume the minimal amount of power while still counting steps and vibrating when a Pokémon is near. Turn this on in the options menu.

Landmarks Give Better Items
Common ones include post offices, monuments and sculptures, while national landmarks are noted for giving revives or potions more frequently.

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