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Shark Dash Trainer

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Shark Dash Trainer
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Achievements List

1.  Shark Dash Achievements
December 10, 2012
Duck Meet Mouth
Reward: 5 Points
Objective: Duck Meet Mouth


Reward: 5 Points
Objective: Hungry

Inflatable Explosion

Reward: 5 Points
Objective: Inflatable Explosion


Reward: 5 Points
Objective: Liberation

Rubber Ring

Reward: 5 Points
Objective: Rubber Ring

Underwater Pop

Reward: 5 Points
Objective: Underwater Pop

A Little Nudge

Reward: 10 Points
Objective: A Little Nudge

Block Overboard!

Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Block Overboard!

Bursting Bubbles

Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Bursting Bubbles

Cutter Shark

Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Cutter Shark

Deep Blue

Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Deep Blue

Dizzy Block

Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Dizzy Block


Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Fireworks!

MVP Shark

Reward: 10 Points
Objective: MVP Shark

Come to Poppa!

Reward: 15 Points
Objective: Come to Poppa!

Drying in The Sun

Reward: 15 Points
Objective: Drying in The Sun

I am Iron Head!

Reward: 15 Points
Objective: I am Iron Head!

Party Popper

Reward: 15 Points
Objective: Party Popper

Shark Got Bounce

Reward: 15 Points
Objective: Shark Got Bounce

Sprayfish Party

Reward: 15 Points
Objective: Sprayfish Party

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