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Saints Row: The Third Trainer for Playstation 3
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Playstation 3 Cheats, Cheat Codes and Hints

1. Saints Row: The Third Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
November 23, 2011
Cheat Codes:
Enter the following codes in your phone.

Add Gang Notorietylolz
Add Police Notorietypissoffpigs
Give Cashcheese
Give Respectwhatitmeanstome
Infinite Sprintrunfast
No Cop Notorietygoodygoody
No Gang Notorietyoops
Drunk Pedsdui
No Vehicle Damagevroom
Vehicle Smashisquishyou
Extra blood and gibsnotrated
Mascot Modemascot
Pimps and Hoshohoho
One-hit Killsgoldengun
Repair Carsrepaircar
No HUDnohud
Advance timeticktock
Clear Skiesclearskies
Heavy Rainheavyrain
Light Rainlightrain
Spawn Apocafistsgiveapoca
Spawn Viper Laser Riflegiveslm8
Spawn Cyber Blastergivecybersmg
Spawn McManus 2015givesniper
Spawn Shock Hammergiverocket
Spawn The Penetratorgivedildo
Spawn Nocturnegivesword
Spawn Electric Grenadegiveelectric
Spawn Air Strikegiveairstrike
Spawn As3 Ultimaxgiveultimax
Spawn Chainsawgivechainsaw
Spawn Dronegivedrone
Spawn Grenadegivegrenade
Spawn Hammergivehammer
Spawn Mini-Gungiveminigun
Spawn Molotovgivemolotov
Spawn Tek Z-10givetek
Spawn Korbragivekobra
Spawn Krukovgivekrukov
Spawn RPGgiverpg
Spawn Satchel Chargegivesatchel
Spawn Municipalgivemunicipal
Spawn Pheonixgivepheonix
Spawn Squasargivesquasar
Spawn Taxigivetaxi
Spawn Ambulancegiveembulance
Spawn Anchorgiveanchor
Spawn Attrazionegiveattrazione
Spawn Bootleggergivebootlegger
Spawn Challengergivechallenger
Spawn Commandergivecommander
Spawn Condorgivecondor
Spawn Eaglegiveeagle
Spawn Estradagiveestrada
Spawn Gatmobilegivegatmobile
Spawn Kanadagivekanada
Spawn Kenshingivekenshin
Spawn Knoxvillegiveknoxville
Spawn Miamigivemiami
Spawn Nforcergivenforcer
Spawn Peacemakergivepeacemaker
Spawn Reapergivereaper
Spawn Repaircarrepaircar
Spawn Sandstormgivesandstorm
Spawn Sharkgiveshark
Spawn Sheperdgivesheperd
Spawn Spectregivespectre
Spawn Status Quogivestatusquo
Spawn Titangivetitan
Spawn Toadgivetoad
Spawn Tornadogivetornado
Spawn Vortexgivevortex
Spawn VTOLgivevtol
Spawn Vulturegivevulture
Spawn Widowmakergivewidowmaker
Spawn Woodpeckergivewoodpecker

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Playstation 3 FAQs, Guides and Walkthroughs

1. FAQ/Walkthrough (PC)
Download Saints Row: The Third - FAQ/Walkthrough     View Saints Row: The Third - FAQ/Walkthrough
FAQ/Walkthrough v2.1.
December 04, 2011
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Trophies List

1. Trophies
December 28, 2011
A Better Person (Bronze)
Objective: Buy your first Upgrade from the Upgrade Store.

And Boom Goes the Dynamite (Bronze)

Objective: Complete all instances of Heli Assault.

Bo-Duke-En (Bronze)

Objective: Hijack 50 vehicles - Dukes style.

Cowboy Up (Bronze)

Objective: Fully upgrade one Weapon in each slot.

Dead Presidents (Bronze)

Objective: Complete 'When Good Heists...'.

Double Dose of Pimping (Bronze)

Objective: Complete all instances of Snatch.

Everything is Permitted (Bronze)

Objective: Kill all of the hitman Assassination targets.

Fence Killa 2011 (Bronze)

Objective: Complete all instances of Mayhem.

Flash the Pan (Bronze)

Objective: Destroy all Gang Operations in Steelport.

Gender Equality (Bronze)

Objective: Play for at least 2 hours as a male character AND 2 hours as a female character.

Getting the Goods (Bronze)

Objective: Find 25% of all Collectibles.

Go Into the Light (Bronze)

Objective: Complete all instances of Guardian Angel.

Gotta Break Em In (Bronze)

Objective: Complete 'The Ho Boat'.

Haters Gonna Hate (Bronze)

Objective: Kill 1000 Gang Members.

Have A Reality Climax (Bronze)

Objective: Complete all instances of Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax.

Hi-Jack It (Bronze)

Objective: Steal and deliver all Vehicle Theft targets.

I Heart Nyte Blayde (Bronze)

Objective: Complete 'STAG Party'.

Jumped In (Bronze)

Objective: Create and share a character online.

kill-deckers.exe (Bronze)

Objective: Complete 'http://deckers.die'.

Kuh, Boom. (Bronze)

Objective: Complete Act 1 in another way.

Love/Hate Relationship (Bronze)

Objective: Taunt AND/OR Compliment 50 gang members.

Murderbrawl 31 (Bronze)

Objective: Complete 'Murderbrawl XXXI'.

Once Bitten... Braaaaaaains (Bronze)

Objective: Complete 'Zombie Attack'.

Opulence, You Has It (Bronze)

Objective: Complete 'Party Time'.

Ouch. (Bronze)

Objective: Complete all instances of Insurance Fraud.

Ow My Balls! (Bronze)

Objective: Do your first nutshot AND testicle assault.

Pimped Out Pad (Bronze)

Objective: Upgrade one Stronghold to its full glory.

Porkchop Sandwiches (Bronze)

Objective: Complete all instances of Trail Blazing.

Shake and Bake (Bronze)

Objective: Complete your first Challenge.

Stay Classy Steelport (Bronze)

Objective: Kill 25 Gang Members each with 'the Penetrator' AND the Fart in a Jar.

Tank You Very Much (Bronze)

Objective: Complete all instances of Tank Mayhem.

The American Dream (Bronze)

Objective: Customize 10 vehicles.

The Welcome Wagon (Bronze)

Objective: Complete 'I'm Free - Free Falling'.

Tower Defense (Bronze)

Objective: Complete Act 1 in one way.

Tune In, Drop Off (Bronze)

Objective: Complete all instances of Trafficking.

We're Takin' Over (Bronze)

Objective: Complete 'We've Only Just Begun'.

Who Loves Ya Baby (Bronze)

Objective: Kill 50 brutes.

Your Backseat Smells Funny (Bronze)

Objective: Complete all instances of Escort.

Gangstas... In Space! (Silver)

Objective: Complete Act 3 in another way.

Gellin' Like Magellan (Silver)

Objective: Explore every hood in Steelport.

Hack the Planet (Silver)

Objective: Complete all City Takeover gameplay in the Stanfield district.

Hanging With Mr. Pierce (Silver)

Objective: Complete all City Takeover gameplay in the Downtown district.

Life of the Party (Silver)

Objective: Find 100% of all Collectibles.

Mourning Stars (Silver)

Objective: Complete all City Takeover gameplay in the New Colvin district.

Mr. Fury Would Be Proud (Silver)

Objective: Complete Act 3 in one way.

Titanic Effort (Silver)

Objective: Complete Act 2.

You're My Hero! (Silver)

Objective: Complete ALL Challenges.

You're the Best... (Silver)

Objective: Complete all City Takeover gameplay in the Carver Island district.

Bright Lights, Big City (Gold)

Objective: Complete all City Takeover gameplay in the entire city of Steelport.

Third and 30 (Gold)

Objective: Spend over 30 hours in Steelport.

Kingpin (Platinum)

Objective: Unlock all Trophies in Saints Row: The Third.

DLC: Genki Bowl VII

C-C-C-Combo Breaker (Bronze)

Objective: Cause $150,000 worth of damage in a single Sexy Kitten Yarngasm combo.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Bronze)

Objective: Kill all of hte rooftop mascots (in a single instance of Sad Panda Skyblazing).

Cooked To Perfection (Bronze)

Objective: Roast 50 peds with the car's flamethrower (in a single instance of Super Ethical PR Opportunity).

Feeding Time (Bronze)

Objective: Throw 5 mascots into the water (in a single instance of Apocalypse Genki),

Flame On (Bronze)

Objective: Fly through all of the rings (in a single instance of Sad Panda Skyblazing).

Get Off My Back (Bronze)

Objective: Destroy 5 chase vehicles (in a single instance of Super Ethical PR Opportunity).

Murder in the Jungle (Bronze)

Objective: Finish both instances of Apocalypse Genki.

Stick the Landing (Bronze)

Objective: Land on Magarac Island (in Sad Panda Skyblazing).

Storm the Yarn (Bronze)

Objective: Destroy a mouse ATV during Sexy Kitten Yarngasm.

Genki Bowl Champ (Silver)

Objective: Complete all activity instances in Genk Bowl VII.

Playstation 3 Savegames

We currently don't have any Saints Row: The Third savegames for Playstation 3. Please check back at a later date for more game saves to be added.

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