FleetMaster Cheats

Achievements List

1. Achievements
December 28, 2011

1337 Master

Objective: Sink 1337 ships


Objective: Sink 25 ships


Objective: Win 1000 games

Auto Pilot

Objective: Automatically place your ship 100 times

Cabin Boy

Objective: Lose 100 games


Objective: Win 500 games

Captain's Log

Objective: Lose 500 games

Cheat Master

Objective: Miss in every square possible in a game (83 misses)


Objective: Win 250 games

Deck Hand

Objective: Lose 10 games


Objective: Lose 25 games

Eagle Eye

Objective: Win a game without missing a shot


Objective: Win 50 games

Fail Boat Captain

Objective: Lose 1 game

Fleet Master

Objective: Sink 560 ships


Objective: Sink 135 ships

Legally Blind

Objective: Lose a game without hitting any opponents ships


Objective: Win 100 games

Lucky Shot Battleship

Objective: Sink your opponents battleship in your first 4 shots

Lucky Shot Carrier

Objective: Sink your opponents carrier in your first 5 shots

Lucky Shot Frigate

Objective: Sink your opponents frigate in your first 3 shots

Lucky Shot Minesweeper

Objective: Sink your opponents minesweeper in your first 2 shots

Lucky Shot Submarine

Objective: Sink your opponents submarine in your first 3 shots

Petty Officer

Objective: Win 25 games

Poop Deck Hand

Objective: Lose 750 games


Objective: Sink 1024 ships

Read Admiral

Objective: Lose 1000 games

Sea Man

Objective: Win 10 games

Sharp Shooter

Objective: Sink 75 ships


Objective: Lose 250 games


Objective: Win without any of your ships getting hit

Warm Fuzzies

Objective: Win 1 game

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