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1. FAQ/Walkthrough (X360)
May 15, 2012
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Trophies List

1.  Ninja Gaiden 3 Trophies
June 24, 2012
An Honorable Death (Bronze)
Objective: Perform harakiri.

Falcon Dive (Bronze)

Objective: Learn the Falcon Dive.

Flying Bird Flip (Bronze)

Objective: Learn the Flying Bird Flip.

Guardian of the Village (Bronze)

Objective: Play the Hidden Village stage 10 times.

I Got Your Back (Bronze)

Objective: Play a Co-op Ninja Trial with a partner.

Initiation (Bronze)

Objective: Play a Clan Battle.

Izuna Drop (Bronze)

Objective: Learn the Izuna Drop.

Kunai Climb (Bronze)

Objective: Learn the Kunai Climb.

Observer (Bronze)

Objective: Play the Watchtower stage 10 times.

One Against the World (Bronze)

Objective: Win a battle royale match.

Rope Crossing (Bronze)

Objective: Learn how to cross a rope.

Shady (Bronze)

Objective: Perform a betrayal.

Sliding (Bronze)

Objective: Learn how to slide.

Sneaky (Bronze)

Objective: Perform a ghost kill.

Snowman (Bronze)

Objective: Play the Snowfield stage 10 times.

Steel on Bone (Bronze)

Objective: Cut down 100 enemies with Steel on Bone attacks.

Teamwork (Bronze)

Objective: Win 10 team battles.

The Spice of Life (Bronze)

Objective: Get 10 customization parts.

Ultimate Technique (Bronze)

Objective: Learn the Ultimate Technique.

Wall Run (Bronze)

Objective: Learn the Wall Run.

Walking Dictionary (Silver)

Objective: Get 100 kanji.

Master of the Secret Arts (Platinum)

Objective: Obtain all trophies.

Secret Trophies

Abysmal Creations (Bronze)

Objective: Escape from the Chimera Disposal Facility.

Advent of the Goddess (Bronze)

Objective: Finish Day 7.

Ahab (Bronze)

Objective: Attack the Black Narwhal.

Antediluvian Slumber (Bronze)

Objective: Finish Day 3.

Atonement (Bronze)

Objective: One more death to make amends.

Beyond the Flames (Bronze)

Objective: Make it through the fire.

Brothers (Bronze)

Objective: The sibling rivalry comes to an end.

Bumpy Ride (Bronze)

Objective: Finish Day 2.

Evil Twin (Bronze)

Objective: Defeat the Epigonos.

Hayabusa Style Grand Master (Bronze)

Objective: Reach level 50.

Inferno (Bronze)

Objective: Learn Ninpo.

Initiate (Bronze)

Objective: Clear 10 Acolyte Trials.

Master of the Katana (Bronze)

Objective: Raise the katana to level 10.

Mind the Gap (Bronze)

Objective: Escape from the monorail.

Prestige (Bronze)

Objective: Clear 5 Leader Trials.

Steel on Steel (Bronze)

Objective: Destroy the Steel Spider.

The Acolyte (Bronze)

Objective: Successfully clear the Sanji event in Hayabusa Village.

The Great Escape (Bronze)

Objective: Finish Day 4.

The Grip of Murder (Bronze)

Objective: Finish Day 1.

The Karma of a Shinobi (Bronze)

Objective: Finish Day 5.

Veteran (Bronze)

Objective: Clear 10 Mentor Trials.

Waiting (Bronze)

Objective: Finish Day 6.

Hero (Silver)

Objective: Clear the game on Hero.

Lone Ninja (Silver)

Objective: Clear 10 Solo Ninja Trials.

Mentor (Silver)

Objective: Clear the game on Hard.

Overlord (Silver)

Objective: Clear 5 Master Ninja Trials.

Shinobi (Silver)

Objective: Clear the game on Normal.

Master Ninja (Gold)

Objective: Clear the game on Master Ninja.

Ultimate Ninja (Gold)

Objective: Clear 3 Ultimate Ninja Trials.

DLC: Ninja Pack 1

Secret Trophies

Bloodied Talons (Bronze)

Objective: Defeat 100 opponents in Clan Battles with the Metal Claws.

Warrior (Silver)

Objective: Clear all Ninja Trials included in Ninja Pack 1.

DLC: Ninja Pack 2

Secret Trophies

Grim Reaper (Bronze)

Objective: Defeat 100 opponents in Clan Battles with the Great Scythe.

Sage (Silver)

Objective: Clear all Ninja Trials included in Ninja Pack 2.

DLC: Ultimate Ninja Pack

Secret Trophies

Legendary Ninja (Gold)

Objective: Clear the story on the Ultimate Ninja play style and Ultimate Ninja Trials 4 & 5.


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