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Trophies List

1.  Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Trophies
March 30, 2010
an class="blacktext13">Bronze:

Minnow K.O.

Objective: Defeated the first rank and file soldier.

Weaponry K.O.

Objective: Defeated first Weaponry.

Officer K.O.

Objective: Defeated first Officer.

Budding General

Objective: Issued first command to Allied Officer.

Budding Strategist

Objective: Used first Card Tactic.

Victory Toast

Objective: Completed first Quest.

Blacksmith Patron 1

Objective: Made first weapon.

Blacksmith Patron 2

Objective: Powered up first Weapon.

Academy Disciple

Objective: Acquired first Chi Skill.

Workshop Patron

Objective: Made first Orb.


Online Venture

Objective: Connected to Online City for the first time.

Victory Banquet

Objective: Completed first online Quest.

Mutual Exchange

Objective: Traded Officer with another player for the first time.

Invincible General

Objective: Completed all Quests.

Weapon Collector

Objective: Collected all Weapons.

Chi Collector

Objective: Collected all Chi Skills.

Orb Collector

Objective: Collected all Orbs.

Card Collector

Objective: Collected all Officer Cards.

Treasure Collector

Objective: Collected all Treasures.

Legend Collector

Objective: Collected all Legends.


Grand Developer

Objective: Upgraded all City Facilities to maximum.

Grand Strategist

Objective: Used all Card Tactics.

Grand General

Objective: Reached Level 50.

Secret Trophies:

Heretics Suppressed (Bronze)

Objective: Completed Chapter 1 in any Story.

Traitor Crushed (Bronze)

Objective: Completed Chapter 2 in any Story.

Tyranny Sealed (Silver)

Objective: Completed Chapter 3 in any Story.

Three Kingdoms Established (Silver)

Objective: Completed Chapter 4 in any Story.

Three Kingdoms United - Wei (Silver)

Objective: Completed Wei's Story.

Three Kingdoms United - Wu (Silver)

Objective: Completed Wu's Story.

Three Kingdoms United - Shu (Silver)

Objective: Completed Shu's Story.

Tyranny Vanquished (Gold)

Objective: Completed Chapter 6 in any Story.

Dynasty Warrior (Platinum)

Objective: Gained all Trophies.

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