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December 22, 2009
an class="blacktext13">Bronze:


Objective: You collected all monument postcards.

Hell on Wheels

Objective: You achieved victory in all freeplay races.

Saint Honoré

Objective: You spent 75,000 contraband.

Demolition Derby

Objective: You destroyed 50 vehicles.

Top o' the World

Objective: You climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Silent Death

Objective: You stealth killed 50 or more Nazis.

Northern Command

Objective: You inspired the people of Paris Area 1.

Western Command

Objective: You inspired the people of Paris Area 2.

Southern Command

Objective: You inspired the people of Paris Area 3.

Chain Smoker

Objective: You smoked way too much.


Objective: You kissed 50 women.

Silver Streak

Objective: You obtained your first silver perk.

Gold Medalist

Objective: You obtained your first gold perk.

First Blood

Objective: You completed your first ambient freeplay event.


Objective: You completed each type of ambient freeplay.

Wrecking Crew

Objective: You completed 333 ambient freeplay in Paris Area 1.

Unnatural Disaster

Objective: You completed 212 ambient freeplay in Paris Area 2.

Walking WMD

Objective: You completed 239 ambient freeplay in Paris Area 3.

Fatherland Fighter

Objective: You completed 53 ambient freeplay in Saarbrucken.

Coast Guard

Objective: You completed 76 ambient freeplay in La Havre.

Guerilla Warfare

Objective: You completed 425 ambient freeplay in the countryside.

Pigeon Parfait

Objective: You played 'Bird Blast.'

No Witnesses

Objective: You completed a mission without raising alarm.

Master of Disguise

Objective: You made it through a story mission with your disguise intact.

Trick or Treat

Objective: You stealth killed a Nazi General while disguised.

High Diver

Objective: You jumped from the Eiffel Tower and survived.


Weapon Master

Objective: You purchased all weapons available in the shops.

Solid Gold

Objective: You completed all gold level perks.

Not On My Watch

Objective: You have saved the French people from a cruel fate.


Liberator of France

Objective: You inspired the people of France.


Complete all other trophies

Objective: Complete all other trophies

Secret Trophies:

Knockwurst (Bronze)

Objective: You bested your opponents in the bar fight.

Fenderbender (Bronze)

Objective: You crashed Dierker's car.

Buried Secrets (Bronze)

Objective: The Resistance was born.

Road Trip (Bronze)

Objective: You've arrived in Germany with Jules.

Pint and a Shag (Bronze)

Objective: You got lucky with Skylar.

Viva La Resistance (Bronze)

Objective: You inspired your first area of Paris.

Out of the Frying Pan (Silver)

Objective: You escaped from Germany.

Crashlander (Silver)

Objective: You sent the Nazi zeppelin down in flames.

Bridge Buster (Silver)

Objective: You destroyed the train.

Repo Man (Silver)

Objective: You recovered the Aurora.

Rescue (Silver)

Objective: You rescued Veronique.

Pole Position (Silver)

Objective: You beat Dierker in the Parisian race.

Payback (Silver)

Objective: You blew up "Doppelsieg."

Into the Fire (Silver)

Objective: You reached Paris.

The Legend Begins (Gold)

Objective: You completed The Saboteur.


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