Space Rangers 2: Reboot Trainer

STATUS: ACTIVE - Trainers are still being considered and updated for this title as patches are released. There is no guarantee that a trainer can be made or updated but it will be reviewed by our staff.
Our Space Rangers 2: Reboot +5 trainer is now available and supports RETAIL. These Space Rangers 2: Reboot cheats are designed to enhance your experience with the game.
Space Rangers 2: Reboot Trainer
1. Space Rangers 2: Reboot Trainer
• Unlimited Resources
• Unlimited Units
• Unlimited Money
• Unlimited Cargo
• Unlimited Experience
Updated: March 10, 2009
Game Version: ORIGINAL
Distribution(s): RETAIL
Compability: Win 7 , Win 8.1, Win 10, Win 11+
Contributor: Caliber
Downloaded: 22572 times
Rating:   (34444)  
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• Right click and choose "Run as Administrator" on trainer and game.
• Make sure trainer version matches game version and distribution.
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PC Cheats, Cheat Codes and Hints

1.  Space Rangers 2: Reboot Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
September 28, 2012
To activate the cheats you must hold down [Shift] + [Ctrl] while typing the cheat code while in a specific area of the game.

All cheat codes have a point value allocated which will be deducted from your total Cheat Point amount every time you use them. Cheat Points are gained at the rate of 1/day

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Ammo - Gives unlimited ship fuel and ammunition for weapons. Weapons no longer need to recharge in Hyperspace. - Cost 10 - Space

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Artefact - Gives a random artifact - Cost 40 - Hyperspace

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Arts - Gives all Artifacts. - Cost 10 - Stations/Planets/ Space

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Bomb - Gives two Quark Bombs. - Cost 60 - Space

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Boom - Destroys all enemy ships in Hyperspace. Won’t activate if Keller is present. - Cost 30 - Hyperpace

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Coolweapon - Adds a random high-level weapon to the current planet or station’s equipment shop. - Cost 150 - Stations/Planets

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Device - Gives full set of max tier non-weapon gear belonging to the player’s current species.. Cost 10 - Stations/ Planets/ Space

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Drop - Makes the closest ship drop all items and equipment except for engines and fuel tanks. - Cost 60 - Space

[Shift] + [Ctrl] God - Gives invulnerability. - Cost 10 - Space

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Haterangers - Non-Ranger ships are hostile to all Ranger ships. Stations and planets will maintain their normal relationships to Ranger ships. - Cost 10 - Space

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Horror - Dominators begin to rapidly attack systems across the galaxy. - Cost 10 - Space

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Hugemoney - Sets credit amount to 100,000. Will not work if current credit amount is equal to or over 100,000. - Cost 300 - Planets/ Space

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Ideal - Changes hull to 'Ideal' class and unlocks all equipment and artifact slots. - Cost 10 - Planets/ Space

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Illness - Gives all illnesses. - Cost 10 - Space

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Lowcostweapon - Adds a random cheap to the current planet or station’s equipment shop. - Cost 20 - Stations /Planets

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Module -Gives every Micro Modules - Cost 10 - Stations/ Planets / Space

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Nextrank - Promotes the player’s character to the next pilot rank. - Cost 90 - Military Stations

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Packing - Reduces the size/weight of all installed equipment by 50% of its current size/weight. - Cost 300 - Space

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Pelengsurprise - Doubles the range of all Peleng weapons. Relations with non-Peleng planets and ships deteriorate. - Cost 100 - Peleng Planets

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Pirates - Creates a pirate in each sector. - Cost 100 - Pirate Stations.

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Program - Gives 100 of every computer program. - Cost 10 - Planets/ Space

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Rangerpoints - Increases Ranger Points by 1,000. Will not activate if current Ranger Points are equal to or over 1,000. - Cost 150 - Ranger Stations

[Shift] + [Ctrl] RndBase - Creates a random space station in the current system - Cost 30 - Planets

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Skill - Maximizes all skills. - Cost 10 - Space

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Showmap - Reveals all map sectors. - Cost 10 - Space

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Stimulant - Gives all stimulants for one year. - Cost 10 - Space

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Superhull - Increases hull size by 30% of the base hull size value. - Cost 10 - Space

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Technic - Unbreakable equipment. - Cost 10 - Space

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Weaponstrength - Increases maximum weapon damage by 10 to 20 points. Non-Pirate relations deteriorate and the player's class changes to Brigand. - Cost 200 - Pirate Stations

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Klissancall - Summons a Dominator fleet to attack the player's current system. - Cost 20 - Space

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Klissanitem - Gives a random Dominator equipment item. - Cost 160 - Science Station

[Shift] + [Ctrl] Klissanmax - Creates a Dominator fleet for every system currently held by the Dominators. - Cost 10 - Space

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