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1.  Okami Gecko Codes, US
February 02, 2010
NOTE: The following codes work only when used with a softmodded Wii running the Gecko OS (or compatible homebrew application). These codes WILL NOT WORK without a compatible application.

Game ID: ROWE08

Infinite Yen
046E5158 05F5E0FF
This is the actual max Value for Yen.

Press 1 in menu for 9999 Praise
288B9708 FDFF0200
42000000 C0000000
0478FFC0 0000270F
E0000000 80008000
Only use this in the praise menu. Once Solar Energy is fully upgraded, don't press 1 while selecting it because it will mess up the praise (not adverse just have to reset).

Have All Items
C23C9EB0 00000007
3CA08042 60A5DC94
7C8802A6 7C042800
4082000C 38800063
B0830060 A8830060
2C040000 4181000C
38800001 B0830060
7C832378 00000000

Have All Celestial Brush Techniques
0473288C 4BDFFFFE
007328A4 00000003
007328B1 00000003
04734890 00000003
82200000 806E54A4
86300000 DFDFFFFF
84200000 806E54A4

Press Button 1 For Attack/Tackle, Button 2 For Fleetfoot (Z + Button 1 For Map Display, Z + Button 2 For Change Perspective)
04424F48 48000660
C209D97C 0000000D
48000005 7CE802A6
A0A7005E A0C7005C
7C052838 7C052A78
7CC52B78 B0A7005C
B007005E 540505AD
4082000C 540505EF
41820024 540504A5
4082000C 38000000
48000014 540004E2
A0C7005C 54C6062A
B0C7005C B00300A0
4800000C 00000000
00000000 00000000
C242603C 0000000D
48000005 7CA802A6
9421FFF0 90C10008
90E1000C A0E5FFEC
54E6062A B0C5FFEC
54E605AD 4182000C
38600022 907B001C
54E605EF 4182000C
38600100 907B001C
2C030022 41820010
2C030100 41820008
907B001C 80C10008
80E1000C 38210010
60000000 00000000
C2426130 00000007
48000005 7CC802A6
A0C6FF7E 2C040022
40820008 38800000
54C304A5 40820010
54C305AD 41820008
38800022 909B0004
60000000 00000000

Max Yen
146E5158 0001869F

99 of slot 1
10B06EA5 00000063

99 of slot 2
10B06E90 00000063

99 of slot 3
10B06EB8 00000063

99 of slot 4
10B06ECC 00000063

99 of slot 5
10B06EE1 00000063

99 of slot 6
10B06EF5 00000063

Courtesy of GeckoCodes.org

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November 27, 2011
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1. Savegame
January 13, 2009
ROWE - 100% complete, game completed with everything, all "S" ranks, all upgrades, all entries-1st slot at point of no return-2nd slot before last boss.
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