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1. Super Mario Sluggers Gecko Codes, US
July 13, 2010
NOTE: The following codes work only when used with a softmodded Wii running the Gecko OS (or compatible homebrew application). These codes WILL NOT WORK without a compatible application.

Game ID: RMBE01

Earn 9999 Points (Toy Field)
044CA690 90180020

Infinite Star Swings
04180A14 40820004

Can Strike Multiple Times
040BCDDC 38600000

Homerun x2
077FED64 00000018
A81C006C 817C0A94
2C0B0001 40820008
1C000002 4A981020
0417FD94 4967EFD0

No Strikes (P1 Team)
077FED00 00000014
817F0034 2C0B0001
41820008 981D0007
4A964624 00000000
04163330 4969B9D0

Reset Out Count Press B+1(P1 Team)
077FED14 0000002C
817C0034 2C0B0001
4082001C A17E0048
2C0B0600 40820010
38000000 981E0009
4A933500 881E0009
4A9334F8 00000000
04132230 496CCAE4

Quick Movement (P1 Team)
077FED40 00000024
2C050000 41820018
8165FD60 2C0B0001
4182000C 3D603EF0
916300EC C3E300EC
4A91C8D4 00000000
0411B630 496E3710

Unlock all Characters (Challenge)
08E55AE8 02020202
20110004 00000000
02E559D6 00000202
02E559D8 00000202
00E559DC 00000002
02E559DE 00000202
02E559E0 00000202

Unlock all Movies
08E55A64 01010101
20020004 00000000

All Marked MVP Players
00E559A7 00000001
08E559A8 01010101
20090004 00000000

All Marked Star Players
00E55AE7 00000001
08E559E8 01010101
20090004 00000000

Have all Game Items
04E55DAC 63636363
04E55DB0 63636363
04E55DB4 63636363

Have Error Item:

00E55AE2 00000001

00E55AE3 00000001

00E55AE4 00000001

POW Ball
00E55AE5 00000001

00E55AE6 00000001

Mini Boo
00E55AE7 00000001

Have Badge:

Star Badge
00E55B36 00000001

Stadium Badge
00E55B37 00000001

Error Badge
00E55B38 00000001

Friend Badge
00E55B3A 00000001

Play Badge
00E55B3B 00000001

Have Special Item:

Luigi's Flashlight
00E55BF2 00000001

Cruiser Pass
00E55BF3 00000001

Toy Field Pass
00E55BF4 00000001

Special Shop Pass
00E55BF5 00000001

00E55BFE 00000001

Infinite Coins Set at 9999
02E55C0A 0000270F
Set hook in GOS to WiiPad

Courtesy of GeckoCodes.org

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