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Our Battlestrike: Force of Resistance +3 trainer is now available and supports RETAIL. These Battlestrike: Force of Resistance cheats are designed to enhance your experience with the game.

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1. Battlestrike: Force of Resistance Trainer
Battlestrike: Force of Resistance-Trainer Readme and NFO file    Battlestrike: Force of Resistance Trainer Download
  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Save/Load Position (Teleport)
  • September 23, 2008
    Game Version:
    Windows 7 and below (may be compatible with additional versions)
    13619 times
      (by 30 members)  
    Virus Scan:
    This cheat has been scanned and is virus and adware free. Some trainers may set off generic or heuristic notifications with certain antivirus or firewall software.

    PC Cheats, Cheat Codes and Hints

    1. Battlestrike: Force of Resistance Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
    August 19, 2008
    Cheat Codes
    While playing, press ` [tilde] to bring up the console. Type any of the following cheat codes.

    Cheat.GodMode()God Mode
    Cheat.JestemCieniasem()Naprawde jestes
    Cheat.AddAmmo()Add 500 Clips
    Cheat.FullHealth()Full Health
    Cheat.GiveAllWeapons()All Weapons
    Cheat.TuneClip()More Ammo Capacity
    Cheat.TuneGun()Increased Rate of Fire
    Cheat.GiveAllAmmo()Give All Ammo
    Cheat.NextMission()Skip Mission

    Weapon Cheats
    Enter the following weapon cheats into the console.

    Cheat.GiveKnife() = Gives knife
    Cheat.GiveMachete() = Gives manchete
    Cheat.GiveColt() = Gives Pistol
    Cheat.GiveColtAmmo() = Gives Pistol ammo
    Cheat.GiveDesertEagle() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveDesertEagleAmmo() = Gives ammo for desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveSnWmod39() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveSnWmod39Ammo() = Gives ammo for desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveSpas() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveSpasAmmo() = Gives ammo for desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveM16() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveM16Ammo() = Gives ammo for desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveAK47() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveAK47Ammo() = Gives ammo for desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveMP5() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveMP5Ammo() = Gives ammo for desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveM14() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveM14Ammo() = Gives ammo for desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveM16A1() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveM16A1Ammo() = Gives ammo for desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveM60() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveM60Ammo() = Gives ammo for desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveM79CAW() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveM79CAWAmmo() = Gives ammo for desired weapon
    Cheat.GivePPSh41() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GivePPSh41Ammo() = Gives ammo for desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveRPK() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveRPKAmmo() = Gives ammo for desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveSniper() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveSniperAmmo() = Gives ammo for desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveCrossbow() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveCrossbowAmmo() = Gives ammo for desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveM40Remi700() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveM40Remi700Ammo() = Gives ammo for desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveRocketLauncher() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveRocketLauncherAmmo() = Gives ammo for desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveGrenadeLauncher() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveGrenadeLauncherAmmo() = Gives ammo for desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveRPG7() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveRPG7Ammo() = Gives ammo for desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveGrenade() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveClaymore() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveWeaponKnife() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveWeaponAK74() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveAmmoAK74() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveWeaponAK74Granatnik() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveAmmoAK74Granatnik() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveWeaponFamas() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveAmmoFamas() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveWeaponFRF2() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveAmmoFRF2() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveWeaponHKPSG1() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveAmmoHKPSG1() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveWeaponHKUSP() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveAmmoHKUSP() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveWeaponLRAC89() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveAmmoLRAC89() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveWeaponM1911() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveAmmoM1911() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveWeaponMilkorMGL140() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveAmmoMilkorMGL140() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveWeaponMP5sd6() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveAmmoMP5sd6() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveWeaponRPG7() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveAmmoRPG7() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveWeaponSPAS12() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveAmmoSPAS12() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveWeaponBren() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveAmmoBren() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveWeaponLuger() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveAmmoLuger() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveWeaponMauser98K() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveAmmoMauser98K() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveWeaponMauser98KS() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveAmmoMauser98KS() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveWeaponSchmeisserMP40() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveAmmoSchmeisserMP40() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveWeaponSten() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveAmmoSten() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveWeaponTrenchGun() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveAmmoTrenchGun() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveWeaponPanzerfaust() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveAmmoPanzerfaust() = Gives desired weapon
    Cheat.GiveGranatStiHgr24() = Gives desired weapon

    PC Savegames

    1. Savegame
    Unlock All Missions.
    August 19, 2008
    6162 times
      (by 15 members)    Rate this: 


    1. Weapon/Ammo Mod
    Gives player all weapons and 999 ammo. Also includes one hit kills.
    September 02, 2008
    6022 times
      (by 11 members)    Rate this: 

    PC FAQs, Guides and Walkthroughs

    We currently don't have any Battlestrike: Force of Resistance FAQs, guides or walkthroughs for PC. Please check back at a later date for more guides and walkthroughs to be added.

    PC Achievements and Trophies

    We currently don't have any Battlestrike: Force of Resistance achievement or trophy lists for PC. Please check back at a later date for more achievements and trophies to be added.

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