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Baldur´s Gate 2 Trainer for PC
Baldur´s Gate 2 Trainer for PC
Baldur's Gate 2 Cheat Codes for PC
Baldur's Gate 2 Savegame for PC

Our Baldur's Gate 2 +3 trainer is now available and supports GOG. These Baldur's Gate 2 cheats are designed to enhance your experience with the game.

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1. Baldur´s Gate 2 Trainer (GOG COMPLETE)
Baldur´s Gate 2-Trainer (GOG COMPLETE) Readme and NFO file    Baldur´s Gate 2 Trainer (GOG COMPLETE) Download
  • Infinite Party Health
  • Add/Reset Ability Points
  • Add/Reset Skill Points
  • April 13, 2013
    Game Version:
    Windows 7 and above (may be compatible with additional versions)
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    PC Cheats, Cheat Codes and Hints

    1. Baldur´s Gate 2 Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
    January 01, 2002
    Activate Cheat Mode
    Open the Baldur.ini file with notepad, look for a heading called [Program Options]. Under this heading type: Debug Mode=1, then save and exit. Start your game of BG2 as normal and in game press Control+Space to activate the console.

    Console Cheats

    XP For Your Group
    CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("XP amount here") press enter to activate. Note the XP Cap in BG2 is 2,950,000--do not use commas in the XP amount.

    CLUAConsole:AddGold("Amount of gold here") press enter to activate. Note, as in the XP amount-DO NOT USE COMMAS!

    NOTE: You can give XP to a single or all party members. Click once on the character you wish to give xp to and then enter the XP cheat while their portrait is highlighted. To give all party members XP click the little square box in the lower right of you display and you will see all your characters portraits highlighted. Open the console and enter the code.

    Create Items
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("item code here",quantity here) then press enter. No commas in the quantity #.

    Here is an example using the identify scroll code.


    This will place 100 Identify scrolls in your lead characters pack. Note that any magical items you create need to be identified before you get the benefits of using them.

    List of Items

    chan06--Drizzt's +4 Chainmail
    leat08---Studded Leather +3:Shadow Armor
    plat05--Full Plate +1
    helm04--Helm of Defense
    shld04--Medium Shield +1
    shld06--Large Shield +1
    shld17--Buckler +1
    ring07--Ring of Protection +2
    ring08--Ring of Wizardry
    brac14--Bracers of Defense AC 4
    clck02--Cloak of Protection +2
    belt06--Girdle of Hill Giant Strength
    boot01--Boots of Speed
    staf08--Martial Staff +3
    hamm08--War Hammer +2
    sw1h09--Short Sword +2
    sw1h40--Blade of Roses(LongSword +3 +2Cha)
    sw1h49--Ninja-To +1
    sw2h09--Warblade(2-H sword +4)
    bow18--Shortbow +2
    bow17--Longbow +2
    slng03--Sling +3
    ax1h03--Battle Axe +2
    halb03--Halberd +2

    Create Creatures
    CreateCreature("creature reference number goes here")
    This will give you Monsters to fight. Here is a few samples:

    dragred=Red Dragon
    dragblac=Black Dragon
    dragsilv=Silver Dragon
    dempi01=Pit Fiend
    uddeath=Demon Knight

    Move to Area
    MoveToArea("area reference number goes here")
    This will warp you to any area in the game. Be careful to have all your Party members selected first. Here is a few sample places. You can get the area number of any Area by hitting the x key.

    Temple District=AR0900
    Graveyard District=AR0800
    Slums District=AR0400
    Waukeens Promenade=AR0700
    Government District=AR1000
    Bridge District=AR0500
    Docks District=AR0300
    Umar Hills=AR1100
    The Nine Hells=AR2900
    Domain of the Dragon=AR1201
    Asylum Dungeon=AR1512
    Bodhis Dungeon=AR0801
    Astral Prison=AR0516
    Planar Sphere=AR0411
    Cult of the Unseeing Eye=AR0202
    Rift Dungeon=AR0204
    Demon Outerworld=AR0414
    De'Arnise Hold=AR1300
    Druids Grove=AR1900

    Max Stats
    When generating a character and if you have debug mode=1 or cheats=1 and you press CTRL+SHFT+8 it will max your stats. If you decrease some stats before doing this you can take some up to 19 for races that allow 19 (like elf dexterity).

    Reveal Map
    Reveals the entire map.

    Heal and Jump
    When you have Debug Mode=1 in your baldur.ini file, you may use [CTRL] + R to heal a character, and [CTRL] + J to jump to the location of the mouse cursor.

    Heal Party
    When you have Debug Mode=1 in your baldur.ini file, you may use [CTRL] + T to move time forward.

    Instant Kill
    When you have Debug Mode=1 in your baldur.ini file, you may use [CTRL] + Y to kill the person or monster the cursor is on.

    Other Cheats
    When you have Debug Mode=1 in your baldur.ini file, you may use [CTRL] + 1 to change armor class of selected character. [CTRL] + 6 and [CTRL] + 7 to change the model of the selected char (prev and next, respectively).

    Monsters to Spawn

    Blue Salamander - icsalcol
    Bone Golem - icbone01
    Demi Lich - hldemi
    Djinni - gendji01
    Drow Warrior - uddrow27
    Elder Orb Beholder - beheld01
    Gauth Beholder - behgau01
    Giant Troll - trogi01
    Greater Ghoul - ghogr01
    Greater Mummy - mumgre01
    Lich - lich01
    Mature Vampire - vammat01
    Mind Flayer - mindfl01
    Minotaur - icmin01
    Mist Horror - mistho01
    Ogre - ogre01
    Orog Warrior - orc05
    Skeleton Warrior - skelwa01
    Splitter Troll - troluo01
    Stone Golem - golsto01
    Wyvern - wyvern01

    PC FAQs, Guides and Walkthroughs

    1. FAQ
    Download Baldur´s Gate 2 - FAQ     View Baldur´s Gate 2 - FAQ
    January 02, 2002
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    PC Savegames

    1. Savegame
    January 01, 2002
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    1. UHS Module
    Hints for use with the Universal Hint System.
    January 01, 2002
    2392 times
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    PC Achievements and Trophies

    We currently don't have any Baldur´s Gate 2 achievement or trophy lists for PC. Please check back at a later date for more achievements and trophies to be added.

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