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1.  Alex Rider: Stormbreaker Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
September 14, 2007

JESSICA PARKERAllows you to purchase black belt
6943059Allows you To purchase disk 6 after completing game
VICTORIA PARRAllows you to purchase M16 badge
RENATO CELANIAllows you to purchase the fugu
SARYL HIRSCHAllows you to purchase the sunglasses
9785711Allows you to select level HARD
4298359Everthing at shop is at half price!
9603717Gallery is added to secret mode
5204025Get 10000 spy points
6894098Outfit change is added to secret mode

2.  Alex Rider: Stormbreaker Action Replay Codes, US
June 29, 2007
Game ID: ALXE-c3b977a0
There are 47 codes for this game.

Infinite Health
d3000000 020719cc
f20719c8 00000004
d2000000 00000000

Infinite Stamina
d3000000 020719f4
f20719f0 00000004
d2000000 00000000

Max Health
020719cc 00064000

Max Stamina
020719f4 00064000

Max Level
1207012c 0000270f

Max Punch
1207011a 00002809

Max Kick
1207011c 00002809

Max Defense
1207011e 00002809

Max/Infinite Spy Points
02070194 000f423f

Caution Doesn't Rise
1207b1f6 00000000


Very Low Max Health
020719cc 00008000

Very Low Max Stamina
020719f4 00008000

Less Caution Time
8207b1f6 00000000
7207b1f6 00003201
1207b1f6 00003201
d2000000 00000000


Have MI6 Chocolate
220701a4 00000001

Have Juice V100
220701a5 00000001

Have Postcard
220701a6 00000001

Have Zit Cream
220701a7 00000001

Have Yo-Yo
220701a8 00000001

Have Wristwatch
220701a9 00000001

Have Inline Skates
220701aa 00000001

Have Skin Cream
220701ab 00000001

Have Black Belt
220701ac 00000001

Have MI6 Badge
220701ad 00000001

Have Sunglasses
220701ae 00000001

Have Fugu
220701af 00000001

Have MI6 Memo
220701b0 00000001

Have Key Card 1
220701b1 00000001

Have Key Card 2
220701b2 00000001

Have Key Card 3
220701b3 00000001

Have Key Card 4
220701b4 00000001

Have Key Card 5
220701b5 00000001

Have Password Chip 1
220701b6 00000001

Have Password Chip 2
220701b7 00000001

Have Password Chip 3
220701b8 00000001

Have Password Chip 4
220701b9 00000001

Have Password Chip 5
220701ba 00000001

Have Password Chip 6
220701bb 00000001

Have Password Chip 7
220701bc 00000001

Have Password Chip 8
220701bd 00000001

Have Password Chip 9
220701be 00000001

Have Password Chip 10
220701bf 00000001

Have Surveillance Bug 1
220701c0 00000001

Have Surveillance Bug 2
220701c1 00000001

Have Surveillance Bug 3
220701c2 00000001

Have Surveillance Bug 4
220701c3 00000001

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