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1. Rat Race Bloops & Blunders
February 03, 2002
Disappearing Tongue Ring
When Blaine and Duane are in the car about to get smashed by the monster truck, Blaine screams a couple of times with his mouth wide open. When he does this, you can clearly see that his tongue piercing is not there, and his tongue looks perfectly normal. In the next scene, his tongue is pierced again.

Incorrect Mileage?
When the Owen is in the cab, he tells the cabbie that Silver City is about 700 miles away. But, Sinclair told them all that it was about 560 miles away.

Did She or Didn't She?
Amy Smart dents the hood of the pickup truck when she is throwing stuff down from the helicopter. Later on down the road, the dents in the hood have magically disappeared by the time the truck breaks down.

Flag Should be Missing
When the bikers destroy Hitler's car, they tear off the front left flag. Later, when the it crashes into the WWII veteran convention, the flag is back.

Oops! Wrong Flight
When all the people are waiting in the airport for their flights, they look at the TV's that say all the flights are delayed. On the bottom left screen, there is a flight going to LAS VEGAS that has been delayed. Aren't they already in VEGAS? Where would that flight be going?

Goofy Tracking System
When Sinclair and the others are watching the tracking monitor towards the end, it shows all the icons converging from different directions. However, at the time, all the parties are on the same stretch of road, in a line, with the exception of one.

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