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1. Sprung Action Replay Codes, US
August 07, 2007
Game ID: ACRE-1461679a
There are 81 codes for this game.

Museum Complete
021e10e0 ffffffff
021e10e4 ffffffff
021e10e8 ffffffff
021e10ec ffffffff
021e10f0 ffffffff
121e10f4 0000ffff

Have All Artwork
021dac00 ffffffff
021dac04 ffffffff


Locker Room
221e1fa8 00000002

Ski Brat
221e1fa8 00000003

Big Babe Hunting
221e1fa8 00000004

3's A Crowd
221e1fa8 00000005

3's A Crowd II
221e1fa8 00000006

The Crush
221e1fa8 00000007

3's A Crowd... Thrice
221e1fa8 00000008

Indecent Proposal
221e1fa8 00000009

Playing Doubles
221e1fa8 0000000a

Playing Doubles(2)
221e1fa8 0000000b

Cupid Behind the Scenes
221e1fa8 0000000c

Cupid Behind the Scenes(2)
221e1fa8 0000000d

Cupid Behind the Scenes(3)
221e1fa8 0000000e

Scavenger Hunt
221e1fa8 0000000f

221e1fa8 00000010

Forlorn Friend
221e1fa8 00000011

221e1fa8 00000012

The Sting
221e1fa8 00000013

The Hot Tub Rub
221e1fa8 00000014

The Hot Tub Rub(2)
221e1fa8 00000015

Reunite the Lovers
221e1fa8 00000016

The Ex File
221e1fa8 00000017

Hormone Havoc
221e1fa8 00000018

221e1fa8 00000019

Sprung: The Final Chapter
221e1fa8 0000001a

Bonus: Ski Noir
221e1fa8 0000001b

Bonus: Conor Sez!
221e1fa8 0000001c

Bonus: Truth or Dare!
221e1fa8 0000001d

Bonus: Dumped!
221e1fa8 0000001e

Bonus: 2 Fast 2 Flirtatious
221e1fa8 0000001f

Bonus: Big Spender
221e1fa8 00000020

Bonus: Club Mare
221e1fa8 00000021

Bonus: Club Mare(2)
221e1fa8 00000022

Golden Bonus: Dan'd Up Stand-up!
221e1fa8 00000023


The Last Model Scout
221e1ff4 00000002

The Sketchy Ex-Boyfriend
221e1ff4 00000003

Guess Who?
221e1ff4 00000004

Guess Who?(2)
221e1ff4 00000005

Guess Who?(3)
221e1ff4 00000006

Blind Date
221e1ff4 00000007

Blind Date(2)
221e1ff4 00000008

Southern Comfort
221e1ff4 00000009

Shot by a Hippy
221e1ff4 0000000a

Ex-Boyfriend Roadblock
221e1ff4 0000000b

Conquering Conor
221e1ff4 0000000c

Motivational Speakers
221e1ff4 0000000d

Ready. Set. Date!
221e1ff4 0000000e

The Softest Taste
221e1ff4 0000000f

The Great Mingler
221e1ff4 00000010

Clashing Cliques
221e1ff4 00000011

Clashing Cliques(2)
221e1ff4 00000012

Clashing Cliques(3)
221e1ff4 00000013

Clashing Cliques(4)
221e1ff4 00000014

Snow Bird's Top Models
221e1ff4 00000015

Best Friend Connection
221e1ff4 00000016

Bad News for Erica
221e1ff4 00000017

Double Date Dysfunction
221e1ff4 00000018

Seeking the Truth
221e1ff4 00000019

Serving the Freezing Dish
221e1ff4 0000001a

An Eye for an Eye
221e1ff4 0000001b

An Eye for an Eye(2)
221e1ff4 0000001c

Final Level Part I: Finding Friends
221e1ff4 0000001d

Tap Room
221e1ff4 0000001e

Ski Lift
221e1ff4 0000001f

Final Level Part II: Ripping the Jacker
221e1ff4 00000020

Final Level Part III: Old Enemies, New Friends
221e1ff4 00000021

221e1ff4 00000022

Final Level Part IV: Blast the Past
221e1ff4 00000023

Final Level Part V: Moments of Truth
221e1ff4 00000024

Bonus: Snow Bird Shopping Spree
221e1ff4 00000025

Bonus: Kiss Face Race
221e1ff4 00000026

Bonus: Snow Bird Catfight XXI
221e1ff4 00000027

Bonus: Say it in Snowboard!
221e1ff4 00000028

Bonus: Gift of Gab
221e1ff4 00000029

Bonus: Gift of Gab(2)
221e1ff4 0000002a

Bonus: Backy's Cine-dream!
221e1ff4 0000002b

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