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  Wii Trainer Troubleshooting  

Creating and using trainers on the Wii is quite a bit different than using them on the PC. Unlike on the PC where you can run multiple programs at once and switch back and forth bewtween them, the Wii can only run one program or game at a time. For this reason, the Wii requires some additional software before our trainers can be loaded and attach to the game. We've put together some steps to help you with getting trainers to work on your Wii if you're having problems.

IMPORTANT: It is our recommendation that you backup your Wii's NAND before installing any softmods or applications. You can use tools such as BootMii and YaWnD to make these backups.

Before installing a softmod or our trainers, you will need a 2GB+ SD CARD and a SD CARD READER for your PC. The SD card is used to transport files back and forth between the Wii and your PC.

Our current generation of Wii trainers use the GPF (Gecko Patch File) method of integrating them into the games. At a very minimum this requires that you use an application that recognizes the GPF files and can apply them to a game. We recommend using the Gecko OS v1.92 or higher. In order to install the Gecko OS or any other software not approved by Nintendo, you will need to SOFTMOD your Wii. This process involves making slight modifications to your Wii's operating system as to allow what's called 'Homebrew' software to run. Softmodding your Wii is not illegal and if done correctly, does not invalidate your warranty. It's basically like installing a savegame and the modifications can be easily deleted at any time. We will not cover the steps to softmod your Wii in this guide. There are many available guides on the Internet that can be found with some simple searching.

The first step in getting our Wii trainers to work is to install the Homebrew Channel if have not already done so. Again, this can be done by easily searching the Internet for available guides and the newest version of the software based on your Wii firmware version.

After installing the Homebrew Channel, you will need the Gecko OS v1.92 or higher. The Gecko OS can be run directly from the Homebrew Channel or it can be installed as a channel itself based on where you obtain the files. Either way will work fine.


1. Follow the instructions included with the trainer and place the GPF file in the /patch folder on your SD card.
2. Insert the SD card into the Wii.
3. Insert the game disc into the Wii.
4. Load the Homebrew Channel and then load the Gecko OS (or load the Gecko OS channel).
5. Once Gecko OS is loaded, scroll down and click "CONFIG OPTIONS".
6. Scroll down to "SD FILE PATCHER" and change to "YES".
7. Exit the config menu by pressing "B".
8. Scroll up to "LAUNCH GAME" and press "A".
9. The patch will be applied and the game will start.

If you receive an SD PATCH FILE ERROR or SD PATCH NOT FOUND error:

1. Make sure the trainer you downloaded matches your version of the game. There are multiple REGIONAL versions of the game (ie: USA/NTSC, EU/PAL, etc). The trainers are designed to match the game header and will not run if they don't match.

2. Make sure you placed the .gpf patch file in the /patch folder on the root of your SD card.

3. Make sure you're using the original game disc or have a hardmodded Wii. Backups will not work using this method unless using a PRELOADER.


The same instructions apply except that you will need to install some sort of PRELOADER that will allow you to run your backups from the DISC CHANNEL. One example is cIOSCORP v3.3 or higher. Once the preloader is installed, follow the same instructions as above.

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