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Favorite games.
- Adventure

Mostly I'm playing WoW, but there are times I play others games.

Outside playing.
Well I like going out in the weekend, going to movie with a couple of friend now and then ( depends what new movie is released ) or visting a bar/disco. Sad part. No girlfriend..../cry

Outside going out.
My hobbies are my dog. Yes my dog. Everyday I at least walk with him for a good 30minutes, and if the weather is nice I make that a hour. Next I like swimming, been doing that now for 15 years. I'm swimming at least 3 times a week, mostly Monday, Wednesday and Friday. ( I'm 22 ). Outside swimming, hmm not alot. Don't play soccer or tennis. Don't care about that.

Alright useless things about.
Well I'm insane. I'm not lying! Even my teacher has declared me insane in a private conversation with my parents. Hell my sister to, even my friends are saying I'm insane. Well go figure. I do the crazies things.

Oh yeah and my favorite color is red!
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