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  GUIDED TOUR: Game & Movie Collection
  The game and movie collection is a way for you to keep an inventory of all the games and movies that you own and have quick access to cheats for those titles. It's also a way to show off your collection to others as your collection is shown on your public profile page whenever someone clicks on your name anywhere throughout the site.  
      STEP 1:  
  While looking at any of the cheat pages throughout the site, simply check the box that says “My Collection” to have that title added to your list. If a title is already included in your collection, the box will already be checked when you come back to that page in the future. You can remove the title from your collection by unchecking the box, or you can do it through the MY COLLECTION feature in the Cheat Happens Unlimited menu bar.  
Select the titles you own and add them to your collection

      STEP 2:  
  From the Cheat Happens Unlimited menu bar, select the MY COLLECTION option. From here you can see everything you have added to your list. You can click on a title name to be taken to the cheat index for that title.You can remove a title using the small red “x” to the far right of the list. Games and movies in your collection are not automatically tracked for changes. If you wish to be notified when cheats are added or updated, you will need to also add the title to your tracker list.  
Manage your collection quickly and easily

      STEP 3:  
  Your game and movie collection will be on display in your PUBLIC PROFILE anytime someone clicks on your username anywhere throughout the site.  
Show off your game & movie collection on your public profile page
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