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  Cheat Happens has been online since 2001, delivering cheats, trainers, guides and more to the gaming masses. Cheat Happens currently has over 2,000,000 registered members and continues to grow larger every single day. Here's what a few of our members had to say about their Premium membership.


Joined: May 19, 2008
Country: United States

"I joined CheatHappens in May of 2008. I started out as a free member looking only to use the forums. After awhile, I decided to upgrade to Premium. I see it as the best investment in gaming I have ever made. Cheat Happens Premium offers so many incredible benefits including the best trainers on the internet today. The speed with which they produce the trainers is amazing. I am extremely happy with the benefits that come with the Premium membership.

What I liked most about the Lifetime Premium Membership is the amazingly helpful trainers. The staff on Cheat Happens are incredibly helpful and love helping people with gaming problems. In addition to trainers, CH has provided me with an amazing outlet to publish my FAQ's and Guides. Their forums are also extremely helpful with answering many common game questions.

Other benefits that I really enjoyed were the custom avatars, the access to Premium Topics (despite this being a fairly new feature), and the ability to make a cheats print book to keep track of my favorite cheats.

I have recommended CH to many people and would recommend it to anybody looking for an awesome gaming site."


Joined: Sep 26, 2005
Country: United States

"When I first joined Cheathappens I was rather young and I just came to the site every now and then to find cheats for whatever game I was playing at that particular time. But as I grew and became more obsessed with video games, I began to post on the boards and integrate into the community. After about two years of having free membership, I realized that Cheathappens is a site that I love and that I will continue visiting for years to come, so I decided to upgrade to Premium, which is probably one of the best moves I've made to date.

With Premium Membership I have instant access to all the latest trainers, which are released prior to any other site on the entire World Wide Web. The trainers are of top quality and are updated frequently. And as if getting the best trainers out there wasn't enough, I am able to submit a custom avatar to make myself stand out from all the other users on the boards, which is way better than being “just another Batman” and sometimes being misaddressed as another user.

The staff members on Cheathappens are very friendly and are the most helpful of any site I've ever been too. They enjoy what they do, and they do their best to make quality trainers and keep the site running while adding cool new features quite frequently. Also, the community on Cheathappens has some of the best people you could ever possibly talk to. Everyone has their own unique personality and will make you feel welcome; thus, making the experience on the site even greater.

I personally think Cheathappens is the best site out there and a must-join for anyone who calls themselves a gamer."


Joined: May 18, 2007
Country: United States

"I joined Cheathappens in the spring of 2007, looking for pokemon diamond codes. I had already beat the game, and was looking for some way to squeeze some more life out of the game. A few minutes later, I had the codes and went to go play the game again. However, I was still confused about some parts of diamond so I hit up the message boards to figure out if other people were having the same problems as me. The forum members were helpful and kind, and seemed to genuinely care about helping me to answer my questions. I started playing a few forum members on pokemon diamond and pretty soon, I was hooked on CHU. Over time, I found myself wanting to upgrade to Premium status so that I could get the benefits of UNL and give something back to the site too.

I bought lifetime UNL membership, ironically right before I won a forum contest who's grand prize was a lifetime unl membership. I don't regret my decision though. I got to be an UNL member four days longer than I would have if I had waited until the end of the contest. Since upgrading, I've taken advantage of all the UNL benefits from custom avatars to the wealth of trainers CH has to offer, and I must say, it's worth the price tag. And you get the piece of mind that you're supporting a welcoming and helpful community, not to mention the site admins, who work tirelessly to get trainers out well before the competition. tl;dr- UNL is worth it. The trainers, the community and the forum benefits make it worth every penny."


Joined: Jan 22, 2007
Country: Other

"CheatHappens is an amazing site, with amazing opportunities. Of course, upgrading to those opportunities is a must. As for me, I was extremely excited when I saw how many new things I would gain if I upgraded to UNL. Unfortunetly, I was short on money at the time. Therefore, I decided to write a FAQ. With the help of many authors and moderators, I was granted author-hood, and with that, UNL membership.

With my new UNL. membership, CheatHappens had so many more options I could use. More trainers were open, custom made avatars, more than 5 pages of UNL avatars and banners, and with the newest version, UNL member ONLY topics. I have never regreted spending a couple hours of my life in order to upgrade to this amazing membership, and I never will.

I am extremely happy with this upgrading to the premium membership. It has made my experience at CHU so much better. I would suggest everyone and anyone to upgrade to UNL; it is surely one of the best things on the internet to spend your money on."

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