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    A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda  
    Agarest Generations of War 2  
    Agarest: Generations of War  
    Agarest: Generations of War Zero  
    Age of Wonders  
    Age of Wonders 2  
    Age of Wonders 3  
    Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic  
    Cities Skylines  
    Civilization: Beyond Earth  
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution  
    Divine Divinity  
    Divinity: Original Sin  
    Final Fantasy III  
    Final Fantasy IX  
    Final Fantasy VII  
    Final Fantasy VIII  
    Final Fantasy XIII  
    Final Fantasy XIII-2  
    Final Fantasy XIII-3  
    FTL - Faster Than Light  
    Hellgate: London  
    Pillars of Eternity  
    Planet Explorers  
    Sacred 2: Fallen Angel  
    Sacred 2: Ice & Blood  
    Sacred 3  
    Sacred Gold  
    Sacred Underworld  
    Shadowrun Returns  
    Shattered Planet  
    Sid Meier's Starships  
    Sims 4, The  
    SOL: Exodus  
    Space Pirates and Zombies  
    Spacebase DF-9  
    Star Citizen  
    Star Ruler 2  
    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic  
    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2  
    Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm  
    Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty  
    StarDrive 2  
    Starpoint Gemini 2  
    X Rebirth  
    X2: The Return  
    X2: The Threat  
    X3: Albion Prelude  
    X3: Reunion  
    X3: Terran Conflict  
    XCOM: Enemy Unknown  
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