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  XBox 360
    [eM] -eNCHANT arM-  
    2 Days to Vegas  
    Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation  
    Age of Pirates: Captain Blood  
    Alan Wake  
    Alone in the Dark (2008)  
    America's Army: True Soldiers  
    Amped 3  
    Armored Core 4  
    Army of Two  
    Assassin's Creed  
    Avatar: The Burning Earth  
    Battlefield 2: Modern Combat  
    Battlefield: Bad Company  
    Battlestations: Midway  
    Beautiful Katamari  
    BlackSite: Area 51  
    Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions  
    Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII  
    Blue Dragon  
    Bomberman: Act Zero  
    Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway  
    Bullet Witch  
    Burnout: Paradise  
    Burnout: Revenge  
    Cabela's African Safari  
    Cabela's Alaskan Adventure  
    Call of Duty 2  
    Call of Duty 3  
    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare  
    Call of Juarez  
    Clive Barker's Jericho  
    College Hoops 2K6  
    Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath  
    Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars  
    Condemned: Criminal Origins  
    Crash of the Titans  
    Dark Sector  
    Darkness, The  
    Dead or Alive 4  
    Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2  
    Dead Rising  
    Def Jam Icon  
    Devil May Cry 4  
    DIRT: Colin McRae Off-Road  
    Dog Tag  
    Dynasty Warriors: Gundam  
    Earth Defense Force 2017  
    Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion  
    Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion - Shivering Isles  
    Enchanted Arms  
    F.E.A.R. Files  
    Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer  
    Far Cry: Instincts Predator  
    Fatal Fury Special  
    FIFA Soccer 06  
    FIFA Soccer 08  
    FIFA World Cup 2006  
    Fight Night Round 3  
    FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage  
    Forza Motorsport 2  
    Frame City Killer  
    Frontlines: Fuel of War  
    Full Auto  
    Gears of War  
    Ghost Recon 3: Advanced Warfighter  
    Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2  
    Godfather, The  
    Golden Axe  
    Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA 4)  
    Guitar Hero 2  
    Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock  
    Half-Life 2  
    Halo 3  
    Halo Wars  
    Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix  
    Hitman: Blood Money  
    Hour of Victory  
    Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights  
    Just Cause  
    Kameo: Elements of Power  
    Kane & Lynch: Dead Men  
    Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom  
    LEGO Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy  
    Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga  
    Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth 2  
    Lord of the Rings: The White Council  
    Lost Odyssey  
    Lost Planet  
    Madden NFL 06  
    Madden NFL 07  
    Madden NFL 08  
    Major League Baseball 2K6  
    Major League Baseball 2K7  
    Marvel: Ultimate Alliance  
    Mass Effect  
    Medal of Honor: Airborne  
    Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia  
    Moto GP '06  
    Nascar 08  
    NBA 2K6  
    NBA 2K7  
    NBA 2K8  
    NBA Live 06  
    NBA Live 07  
    NBA Street Homecourt  
    NCAA Football 07  
    NCAA Football 08  
    Need for Speed: Carbon  
    Need for Speed: Most Wanted  
    Need for Speed: ProStreet  
    NHL 07  
    NHL 2K6  
    Ninety-Nine Nights  
    Outfit, The  
    Outpost Kaloki X  
    Outsider, The  
    Over G Fighters  
    Overlord (2007)  
    Perfect Dark: Zero  
    Peter Jackson's King Kong  
    Pimp My Ride  
    Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End  
    Precursors, The  
    Pro Evolution Soccer 5  
    Project Gotham Racing 3  
    Project Gotham Racing 4  
    Quake 4  
    Rainbow Six: Vegas  
    Rayman: Raving Rabbids  
    Resident Evil 5  
    Ridge Racer 6  
    Rockstar Games Table Tennis  
    Rumble Roses XX  
    Saint's Row  
    Samurai Warriors 2  
    Scarface: The World is Yours  
    Section 8  
    Sega Rally (Revo)  
    Shrek the Third  
    Simpsons Game, The  
    Soldier of Fortune: Pay Back  
    Spider-Man 3  
    Spider-Man: Friend or Foe  
    Splinter Cell: Conviction  
    Splinter Cell: Double Agent  
    Star Trek: Legacy  
    Star Trek: Legacy  
    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed  
    Stuntman: Ignition  
    Superman Returns  
    Surf's Up  
    Tenchu Z  
    Test Drive Unlimited  
    Thrillville: Off the Rails  
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06  
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07  
    TMNT: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  
    Tom Clancy's EndWar  
    Tomb Raider: Legend  
    Tony Hawk's American Wasteland  
    Tony Hawk's Project 8  
    Tony Hawk's Proving Ground  
    Too Human: Part 1  
    Top Spin 2  
    Transformers: The Game  
    Two Worlds  
    Ugo Volt  
    Unreal Tournament 3  
    Urban Mysteries  
    Vampire Rain  
    Viking: Battle for Asgard  
    Virtua Fighter 5  
    Virtua Tennis 3  
    Viva Pinata  
    Wheelman, The  
    WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2008  
    X-Men: The Official Game  
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