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Back ya'll
posted 8/22/2012 5:15:53 PM

I am back after a...very long time hah, didn't even expect my account to be here but thank goodness because I did NOT want to have to make yet another one It saddens me just a little that I didn't have many messages, but people have to move on I suppose.


posted 5/13/2011 12:44:04 PM

I gained ownership of my brother's PSP because he apparently isn't worthy of it, PLUS his account on this pc has been deleted, AND he's been locked up in his room for a good 3 or 4 months now.

Anyways, my dad is thinking about getting me an iPod Touch just 'cause mine is outdated by a good 5 or 6 YEARS XD It's been working fine though, so if and when I get this iPod Touch, my old iPod goes to my bro so he'll have sometihng to do :P But I'll have to remove all the songs just to rearrange anything he wants on there... *sarcasm* That'll be fun! Ugh...

Can't wait until school is finally out...I have to take a Geometry Final the 26th and 27th of this month. And, Actually, I go on vacation to FLorida when my dad gets home the 27th, which is a Friday. I'll be gone until June 4th, but don't worry, haha; my dad got my mom a laptop for Mother's Day AND their anniversary sctrictly for that purpose, plus this way, two people can get online at the same time, which is just grand

Anime Night at a localish library is tonight! So happy. It only comes every other week, so I'm really excited, especially since we've been watching this anime called Hetalia. I encourage you to look it up; it's so funny. It pokes fun at the countries and their relations.

Check it out!!!!



Listening to...
posted 2/2/2011 1:51:06 PM

My parents argue. My mom doesn't like my dad's sister, my aunt Annie, who is the best person in the world to me. Long story short, my mom just doesn't like her for some reasons I really can't say. So, my mom is freaking cry over her. It's really dumb. They absolutely hate each other.


I'll be in OC over the weekend. You?
posted 1/7/2011 12:30:33 PM


OC, Ocean City...aaahhhh...I'll be there for a Youth Rally.

Can't give you much details since this is my first time, but I will spill the beans to anyone who wants to know!!


Epic Fail of my Monday
posted 7/14/2010 12:00:54 PM

So I was over at my friend Sam's house, we were making lunch, and we had some uncut green apples. We wanted to dip them in peanut butter, so I asked for a knife. She pulls out a steak knife, I held the apple a retarded way, and I cut the top web of my left hand. It's slit really bad. I thought I was gonna need a few stitches, but for now it's being constantly wrapped and I'm trying to keep it together. It's a nasty cut, and it'll be a while before I can do anything but type, pick some stuff up, and eat. Wish me a swift recovery!!

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