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So, I made an AMV.
posted 3/14/2014 4:38:52 PM

I'm probably not anywhere near as good as dstates, but it's my first and I enjoyed making it. I can only hope you enjoy watching it.


Also this is the first time in ages I actually typed (url)(/url)

Feel free to criticise/comment/like/share/fap to/throw your pc out the window.

WARNING: It does contain blood. So stay away, if you don't like the good-stuff.


Checking in!
posted 11/16/2013 9:40:48 AM

Hey guys, been a long while since I last logged here to say anything, I can see that by my last blog post

Where to start? I guess I should start off by saying that I am nearly done with High School! I turned 18 last week, and as of now I have only 5 exams left, with my only real concern being Biology Paper 2. So I'm reasonably happy.

Today I was accepted to study at my college of choice, I'm taking a 2 year course in Software and Application development and the deposit has been paid, so everything is set. I'll be moving from my small town to Cape Town, which is a bit intimidating, but yet very exciting for me. I also organized myself a small-time job for December, so I can actually have some money to my name after moving next year. Though working a 9 to 5 job, 6 days a week is hardly appealing, having some cash in the bank can never hurt.

As for the gaming scene, I've completely reversed my view from my previous blog post (I always go back on my word ), and I'm now a frequent League of Legends player. I've been playing for around 6 months now, and I'm currently only Bronze I, with silverish mmr. I haven't played Dota 2 since I started, as when I got into League, I brought all of my real-life friends along with me. I main support, and my favorite champions are: Zed, Thresh, Ashe, Janna.

I was invited to a clan recently, Youth Inspired Ascension, and I'm going to be playing in one of their DoGamingLeague teams! I officially play support for YiA Typhoons! Hopefully one day we'll get to go to the Championships at rAge.

If any of you feel like playing with me on League, feel free to invite me, I'm on Europe West, and my summoner name is Awkward Penguin.

Also, I just noticed I'm an elder. Wowee. I sure don't feel like it counts, considering how little I log still, and I haven't posted since ever.

In which case, tell me what's been new at CHU? What's this promo-club I keep seeing everywhere? Any newbies who are awesome and breathing new life into le forums? Are any of my old*** friends still around? :P

Feels nice to stop by after a long time. Very nostalgic.

Tata for Now!


Dota 2!
posted 11/17/2012 3:35:08 PM

So I started playing DotA around about 2 years ago with 2 of my friends. I remember starting out and only being able to play Dragon Knight (and I still fed, a lot.), and trying to tackle the A.I. with my mates.

A couple months later, we decided to move to the online platform instead of just impromptu LAN's and single-player A.I. maps, and so we all registered at the local South African Battle.net server, Twilight. After what may seem large, but really isn't, 1200+ (Not including LAN's and GameRanger) games under my belt, I have moved onto the new, fresher version, Dota 2.

When Dota 2 came out, I was skeptical at first. I thought it was just fancy graphics and I wasn't really missing out by not getting it. I had always harbored a deep hatred for Steam and Digital Copies of games, especially considering at how often Dota 2 would be updated, and at the time I was perfectly happy with just regular old DotA with a capital A.

That was, until recently when I was offered a Dota 2 gift pass for my birthday. At first I declined, and was asked to at least think about it. As time went by I eventually decided that it wouldn't hurt to try, and since they upgraded the lines updating while I slept or AFK'd wouldn't be too much hassle.

I am glad I tried. After a measly 9 games, I have decided that I love it. I love the way they transferred everything over, leaving it as it was before, but giving it that special change DotA needed. The fresh and polished graphics may not really sound like much reason to play, and I admit, confused the hell out of me when I first played, but they definitely add to the game all in all. The new voice-overs for characters, the way they taunt when they deny or last hit, all the utilities, and of course all the awesome looking customized gear you can get for your heroes.

Dota 2 may not seem like much of a change from the orignal, but if you are considering it, then I'd urge you to try it at least, and only judge it after you've played 5 or more games.

You can check out my stats here: Link, and you can feel free to add me on Steam, __PaRaGoN__ is my name, and on Dota 2 it is -PaRaGoN-.

Hope to see you on the field of battle,


posted 9/29/2012 8:16:09 AM


What's going on everyone? Am bawd so I decided to check things out, everything seems the same.




HELP: System Administrator needed!
posted 3/25/2012 3:13:08 PM

This is a bit of an emergency atm. If you are not a system administrator/dev who know's about DDoS attacks, and WoW pservers like Trinity core, then don't bother reading past this point.

A private WoW server, Gamer District, aka Mystery Project, has come under DDoS attack, and we are looking for a sysadmin or a dev who can help us out. If you are interested, add me on my skype xpunkrockrebelx, otherwise, go to forum.gamer-district.org, create an account, and PM Kain or Alluring.

A VERY big thank you if you are willing to help out with this! And apologies if this blog somehow breaks the rules.

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