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posted 12/26/2012 5:32:27 AM



I managed to trap it under a container. I put a couple of books on top because I'm worried it'll actually lift up the container and walk free. It has wings! I don't want it loose around the house! D:

I'm 99% sure it's a cicada, since I don't really remember seeing it before and it matches the photos I've found so yeah.


My sisters left this morning. It was pretty sad. One of them is moving away to a new school in a different city, so it's a big change for her. And of course, my youngest sister is staying at home, while I'm going on to university in the same city as my two other sisters. Also a big change for the youngest, she's always had an older sibling around. I hope she'll be ok :c

Tomorrow I'm packing and getting my pets all sorted out. The day after I start my long trip all the way to the Middle East. We're stopping in Singapore a bit, so it'll be a longer trip than usual. I think I'm excited! I haven't gone overseas in years!

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Hey remember when
posted 12/24/2012 1:33:39 AM

I used to blog every day with really long rambly blogs about what happened?

I miss those days.

I'm not dead guys! I've just been really, really busy. First, drama at home, so I had to sort that out. And then Christmas shopping. Plus waiting for my OP ranking (THAT was an intense wait). Now I'm sorting things out, getting ready for the move.

I'm going overseas to Oman pretty soon, so I also needed to pack and organise tickets and passport stuff and whatnot. And I had to pass my driver's test. Plus I'm not coming back home after the trip! Instead I'm going straight to my home in Brisbane for uni. So I need to pack my stuff for that, and ship it down.

It's a lot of things to do graaa, I thought being an adult would be more fun.

And it doesn't help that I got Prototype installed on my new laptop. I forgot how insanely fun that game is.

I have all the Christmas gifts sorted out. We're not gathering together at Christmas next year, so I made a proper effort. And by a proper effort I mean I bought a lot of stuff and I'm still wondering how I managed to spend so much.

I need to budget better. I still have a fair amount of money left, which is good because I'm stopping in Singapore for a day and my mum is taking me to the markets and showing me around. I've never actually been to Singapore, just the airport, so I'm really excited about that.

And then I'm staying in Oman for a month. My father is going to get me a part-time job so I have something to do. I'm also going to make it my goal to learn more Arabic, since I can barely hold a conversation for more than a minute right now.

Yay, travelling!

And how have you all been?!?!


posted 11/21/2012 8:54:53 PM

Ok, so whoops, sorry about the lack of blog updates lately. The last week of school was insane. So much to do and people to see and places I had to be. The number of lifts I had to organise was insane. The farewell was fine, up to the point where my tutor teacher gave me a hug during the time tunnel. I was bawling my eyes out after that point, and my entire drama class gave me hugs and it was all very sad and upsetting.

Iím going to miss that school and those kids.

Iím still feeling a bit unreal about it all really. Like me? An adult? A graduate? Get out of here. I donít feel like it, but after the holidays Iíll be settling into my apartment and getting ready for university. I wonít find out my rank until about halfway through December, and I probably wonít get accepted into anything until a little bit afterwards, so there is a bit of a wait. But I can wait. In the meantime Iíll promise to do productive things, like practise painting, and maybe take up a self-defence course.

But I really donít have to worry about assignments or homework or exams for a couple of months. Thatís insane!

I spent the last week hanging out with some friends, on a kind of holiday. Like schoolies, but more toned down. Like with much less drinking and much more Halo. Ah, good fun. Plot twist! I canít aim and shoot on a console :S

My nails are a bit longer than Iíd like them to be; theyíre making typing awkward. I really need to get them trimmed as soon as possible. Also, I still have a few things I need to get installed on my laptop. Like Java. Because Minecraft. And Chrome. Or Firefox. Just something other than IE D:

Hmmm, so itís kinda been a bit of an emotional couple of weeks. Iím not going to get into it. Just many tears were had.

And yeah, that is the super quick summary of what has happened; farewell, graduation, holiday. Lots of tears. Very emotional.


posted 11/13/2012 10:55:32 PM

I watched the solar eclipse early this morning. It took a little bit to get through the traffic, and we had to wake up super early, but it's lucky we're not TOO far from the prime zones. I know some people flew in at midnight to see.

Anyway, it was freezing at the site, but we snuggled up in blankets and on our rug and waited and waited. It was cloudy and there was a bit of a hill, so we didn't see that first bit.

But when we saw those in-between stages, it was AMAZING. Wow. We had our viewing glasses (which look like 3D glasses >.> ) and I could see parts of the sun being blocked out and we watched for AGES. It was really freaky watching the sun get smaller and smaller and turning into a crescent and everything.

And those last few moments, when it just seemed to almost boil away. It was like melted metal, and then it disappeared and everything grew so dark! It was amazing and just freaky cool. Freaky, wicked cool. It was about 5 degrees cooler (celcius :P ) and all along the beaches I could see cameras flashing everywhere.

And I could see Venus in the sky, and it was super beautiful and other-wordly almost.

I'm so glad I got to see it Apparently there hasn't been a total eclipse here since about... 750 AD? And it was super rad

Anyway, thanks to those who wished my happy birthday

It was my 18th birthday yesterday, and I spent it all in speech night rehearsals and speech night itself. Award ceremonies always make me angry, so afterwards we had ice cream and I grumbled a bit and went to bed.

But as to what I got...

I got a pair of shoes. Sandles, flats, silvery. I got my mum's old watch (it's expensive so I'm not allowed to lose it, ever D: I also need to find a way to get it expanded by like 5mm. It's just a tad bit small.) and I got a jewellery box. Everyone gave me money And my father sent my mum a couple of thousand and gave her the job of buying me a bag.

Oh, and a laptop :P

I have to say, I'm impressed at how well she did picking it out. She's not the most tech-savvy person ever, but she said she resorted to the ol' 'threaten the poor blokes at the store to pick out the best one specific to my requirements'.

It kinda resulted in a laptop that's more inclined towards gaming than anything else >.> But she doesn't need to know that And from my brief little exploration into it, it'll handle my art stuff just fine, as well as any work I need to do :3

I'll post the specs on the weekend. I'm still getting used to it and finding my way around it. I've never had a HP before, so I even need to get used to the keyboard. And I have to transfer all my files and work from the school laptop to this laptop today >.<

I also have some programs to install, but about a third of my games are on already. I stll have to get Java installed so I can run Minecraft, and I'm not even going to bother with my Valve games yet. My internet connection will not be able to manage it :s

Anyway, I should dash off now. I have some forms to fill out and programs to install and a tablet to configure >.<

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posted 11/12/2012 6:27:52 AM

I feel like all these dates have snuck up on me.

Like my birthday. It's tomorrow! Goodness, I could've sworn I had a whole year just yesterday! My sister is taking me out for some sushi after rehearsals tomorrow, before we have speech night. It's really sweet of her.

And they got me a pair of shoes as well. Like sandles, so they're comfy and I won't fall over.

There is a special day for year 12s on Thursday, and on Friday we have the farewell (prepare for heaps of tears) and then my actual graduation.

I am getting a little bit teary about it all. This last year has gone past so quickly!

I'm also watching the eclipse on the 14th. I am plonked right in the prime zone, so my only problem is getting a good spot on the beach

Also, those viewing glasses. You can't see anything out of them. A unicorn could prance past me and I wouldn't know, but I assume I'll be able to see the whole eclipse thing.

I had my last public gig yesterday. It was great! Zoot Suite Riot didn't do too well, but everything else was fine, especially the pieces with vocal parts. I wasn't sure about Birdland, but I clapped and looked like I knew what I was doing, do it's ok XD

And that's it really

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