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Grim news.
posted 10/29/2010 1:23:48 AM

Unfortunately it seems that my family has decided that paying +-R600 for a crappy internet connection with a bad cap is a waste of money considering that I am the only person out of 4 who actually use it for anything, and school keeps me away from using it during the week so it only really gets used on the weekends by one person.

After a huge argument with my parents who were originally going to just downgrade to a cheaper(and slower) line, they have now decided to cut us off completely. At the end of this month I will no longer have an internet connection.

So this is kind of my last goodbye, I don't know if I'll ever be back, maybe when I move out, but that's only in another 3 years so you'll probably have forgotten about poor old Agito by then. So goodbye and good luck to you all in all aspects of your lives, hopefully I will see you all again someday.

Regards - Agito

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Report: Defense Against Virus
posted 10/22/2010 11:40:58 AM

Result: Costly Victory
Dead Rising 2
Warcraft III
Mozilla Firefox
Dungeon Keeper 2
VLC media Player
1643 Infected Files Deleted
372 Infected Files Repaired
0 Files Moved to Vault

Restoration Possible: Yes

Lessons Learned:
Need Better Firewall
Never LAN with unprotected PC's
Scan before and after LAN game
Scan at least once a day


Mega LAN + whole bunch of friends =
posted 10/22/2010 8:12:18 AM

A whole bunch of fun! (This was why I was not online last weekend)
Mainly we just played Warcraft with a whole lot of variated maps i.e. DotA, Weakest Link, Trolls Versus Elves, Legion Tower Defence etc. We also played some Counter Strike Source now and then, and sometimes split up into some seperate Left 4 Dead Games.

All in all, it was great fun and I'd like to do it again sometime, unfortunately not all of us can always make it, but I'm sure there'll be another weekend soon.

I'm probably going to my friends house tomoroww where we'll have somewhat of a mini-LAN. We will be spamming DotA because he is trying to get better with his character (Bloodseeker) so he can start playing online with me.

This week wasn't exactly great for reasons I'm not going to share, but good news is that I've gotten into our schools Grounds and Safety Panel. Baisically what we do is make sure nobody bunks assemblies, and go to schol events such as Spring Ball to make sure that nobody sneaks in any alchohol, drugs, or just sneaks in without a ticket. This job is perfect for me because is appeals to my anti-social side, so I actually have an excuse to not go to such social events when people ask me to.

W00t, DotA time!


Tips for essay writing: History
posted 10/10/2010 2:32:39 AM

- Shows clearly the direction to be taken in the essay
- Short summary to guide reader
- State your intentions and what you want to achieve in the content.

- Clearly present facts
- Adhere to historical order
- Include sufficient facts to get the maximum number of marks.
- Remember to use paragraphs!

- Draw all your points together
- State your opinion. (Make sure this corresponds with the facts in the body)

*Other useful tips
- Learn about the topic. Making up stuff will not earn you points.
- Make sure you are away from distraction while writing.
- Write a rough copy first to edit and plan for the neat.
- Use correct grammar and punctuation (This doesn't always give you points in history, but it will at least help when the examiner marks your paper.)

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I need teh cash monehz
posted 10/3/2010 8:05:57 AM

I have had no new games recently, and with all the great titles out like Reach, and Dead Rising 2 I could really use some cash, the only problem being that I have no way to earn any.


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