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Tank Parade For Realusionist :P
posted 12/7/2009 5:17:02 AM

Well,somenights before, i was searching in ggl for some realistic camo for a leopard i was making (1:72). I was looking for some WoodsCAmo pics and some DesertCAmo. so Here it is.. a Tank Parade For a guy searching for the right answer in his dilema...hehehe...

And some from Greek Military Tanks

Check these Site for info Too!
And THIS: Link

We have some M1A1 and some other american and british tanks but they are too old...


Disaster only strikes twise... or 3 ....
posted 12/6/2009 7:18:47 AM

It was a beautiful morning,
I was happy because i just got paid! Yes a truly wonderful day

I went to change a trouser and a very very stupid woman parked in my car. Yes not "ON" in my car... I am missing the trunk door... What is more funny is that all of this happend in the parking lot of the shoping Mall. She left. But thanx to cameras i have her plate number and her stupid stupid "inpark" route from unparking her car and then hiting twise mine.

Other than that,... i am seriously thinking to give up driving... or buy a @#!%!@%!$@^ Tank...!

in the later case i am sure that everyone around me will be extremely carefull...

Maybe i will try ebay...

Have a nice Day And May Stupid people Avoid You For the rest of Your Life...

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pm bombs... and Afaratata !!!
posted 11/17/2009 10:49:46 AM

Sorry for the delay with the xlive profile. (red faction).
People need to understand that free time comes when u get old ...well not so easy. Due to work i was offline manny days.

One good thing that i have done these days is the paint job of the car ,, if i found out how i can upload pics here i will show you my babe :P
For a strange reason i cant post any pic from any image hosting site... (the ghosts are back in my pc... maybe... :P )

A friend show me how to play Afaratata.!!!, i dont know if you have this game in your countries but its fun! You pick a color , the other player picks another and its like playing risk with elves and orcs (a light warhammer without the playfigures, it uses cards!) The whole fun part is that you have to kill as manny of your troops before you kill the enemy player. You gain points that you can spend in special abillities when you kill non combat personel or citizens, If you traget enemies in a city and you hit a hospital you get a bonus! Its has manny stupid crazy things but its fun because you cant powerplay!

Another good thing is that you can have artifacts from known worlds (wow D&D etc and modern weapons... ) An orc band with nukes and dragonvof sniper rifles from jagged alliance 2 and starcraft!!! (Elves at last in a game , cant shoot shiIiIiIt with their bows :-P

I bombed Chicago and WDC (sorry friends in the states:P ) and i hit only one enemy military target, I poisoned about 34.000 citizens with nerve gas and killed another 55.000 with napalm.
The enemy destroyed my aircrafts but still got the points to nuke california and mexico.Plus when you finish a round you take a card which gives you a penalty (more troops) or something crazy with a favourite to US commander called airstrike!He hits you and you are hapopy about it :P You have to play it!

The whole game lasts 10 rounds and you can finish anywhere. In the train metro bus etc...

It is a stupid game more adictive than arkanoid or for the youngsters tetris ... if you find it take it! its about 4,50 euros and you gonna hurt !!!real pain from the laughing of the outcomes of the battles!
Btw i havent really won yet... hehehe

sorry for any mistakes in the language...above,. non native language and written by a cell phone with no autocorrection :P


Being alive is a great thing.
posted 10/15/2009 5:34:15 AM

Last week i had a fight with a truck... a guy dead with booze was driving and thought that stop signs dont really mean that big stop ,,,, well he crashed my car and send me to the hospital. good thing i have insurance ...bad thing is that i have to do the paint job all over again. and that sucks . it was painted byhand... well enough b#$@ing . For the fans of red faction .. check the savegame megapack in the forum...

Have fun and stay away from trucks...heheh

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