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My Gaming Overview of 2012!
posted 1/1/2013 10:02:47 AM

Hello everybody, like every year. I come here to share my gaming year with everybody interested enough to read this.

For the people who remember me, awesome, I love you . For the people who don't after 365 days (who blaims them?) I am a 18 year old Dutch student. I study IT at University here. And I often go by the name of Sir Burning in most of my games, and Infinity over here.

This year has been quite interesting. I've burned out of Battlefield 3 and all the bull**** DICE brings to it.It's funny how much can change in 1 year. People come and go, opinions shift.

This year I've for once not despised the new call of duty. And I've been surprised more than a few occasions with games that came out of nowhere.

Without further ado, Lets begin with the list:

Best FPS: Planetside 2
This is the most revolutionary FPS i've played in a long time. It's amazing in every aspect and everything Battlefield 3 should have been. And on top of that, It is also free to play. So no reason to not check it out. Game can be found on either Steam or planetside2.com

Best RTS: still Company of Heroes.
I haven't played much new RTS this year. But one worth mentioning is Commander & Conquer 4. I hated this game for the direction they took. But after some time. I've found this to be quite enjoyable for once in a while.

Best RPG: Mass Effect 3
Despite the not so well recieved ending. This was a quality game. It came very close to Mass Effect 2. Now some people argue that after Mass Effect 1 , all the others are not really RPG. I can see why people whould say that. My second pick whould be the witcher 2. It's a very nice RTS, PC style. Hard, Unforgiving. But eventually rewarding

Best Race: Need for Speed Most Wanted
Even though I haven't played much racing games. This game brought the Need for Speed series back to what they should be. A fine step in the right direction if you ask me. Worthy of Best racing game of the year.

Most Unexpected: Farcry 3
For me, this is THE game of the year. I am not sure what category to list this under. It's a sandbox FPS with RPG elements. Ubisoft really nailed it with this one. The game is a finished product. With very little bugs. A good story, all the modes are probably finished. Amazing game overall. And I haven't even seen it coming.

Biggest Disappointment: Medal of Honor Warfighter
Now, this one is a bit akward. The game itself isnt terrible. But how the critic's recieved it, it absolutely demolished the game. It died in a week. Like Medal of Honor 2010.

Overall, a good year once more. THQ went bankrupt which i find sad to see. I truely hope some smaller publishers can keep their head above water. for the sake of all of us.

This has been my overview of this year. I might forgot about some games completely. But these stuck to my mind the best. How about you, what is your list? Do you agree? Or completely disagree with what I said? I'd love to hear it from you in the comments.

Maybe 1 day later than usually. But
That you may Prosper as much in 2013 as you have done in 2012!


My Gaming Overview of 2011
posted 12/31/2011 2:35:53 PM

Wow, that has been a long time, this same day, 365 days ago, i posted my last blog. That was my gaming overview of 2010, great year, So i figured ill make one agian, same year
SO HELLO, to everybody that might still remember me (guess not an awful lot of people do)

2011 has been quite a good year for me. In alot of ways, but ill focus on the gaming part.

Best FPS: Battlefield 3
Hands down, I'm gonna play this a long long time, the replacement of Bad Company 2 for me.

Best RTS: Not sure about this one, i haven't played much RTS, aside from Company of Heroes, which in my opinion still is the best rts ever made.

Best RPG: Skyrim
Omg this game is so epic, After Battlefield 3 probably the most time consuming.

Best Race: Forza Motersport 4
Bigger, Better , Faster than its predecessor.

Best Handheld: I have absolutely no idea, i sold my PSP early 2011, if i had to pick the game i spend most time with aside my PC, its probably AngryBird.

Most Unexpected : Magicka
It's really innovative, if you haven't played this? It sells for about 9,99 on Steam. Easily worth the money ,especially if you play with some friends.

Biggest Dissapointment: Brink
I expected this to be a good combination of teamplay and such. But it died in the first month, it was getting boring soo quick.

So that's my list for this year, took me a while to think about. What about yours? Is it similar? Minor chances? Or totally different? Tell me below, I'm quite curious what your opinions are. New year is bringing some good titles as far as i see
On the hardware perspective 2011 was a very good year with Sandybridge, AMD launcher their new GPU line just before next year, looking forward to Nvidia's lineup.

I hope you all enjoy this year as much as i did, and I also hope we all don't die next year


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My gaming overview of 2010
posted 12/31/2010 11:27:55 AM

Best FPS: Battlefield Bad Company 2
Best RTS: Starcraft II
Best RPG: Mass Effect 2
Best Race: F1 2010

Best Handheld: God of War: Ghost of Sparta
If you own a PSP , GET THIS, NOW!

Most Unexpected : Vanquish
if you havent , really try this, Fast-paced shooting action , and big boss battles , what else whould you ask for

Biggest Dissapointment: Grand Turismo 5
i expected so much more from GT5 after all the delays.
its the same as GT4 and Prologue , only betterlooking for some cars and overall , still cardboard audience and fake tree's

Hopefully 2011 will bring as much good fortune then 2010 did, preferably even more!


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