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That feeling when...
posted 4/14/2014 11:15:50 AM

...You've modded a game so much that the vanilla looks like it was made years ago.

Looking at you Paradox Interactive games.

Also good thing I never got too much into the mod Skyrim thingy, ain't nobody got thyme for that!

Talk about rampant evolution.

Y'know some say, the world will end in zombies!

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The Hero of Zero
posted 9/7/2013 8:34:19 PM

Well apparently sometimes when one door closes, another door can get the same idea.

Rome 2 was released, so now all we have to do is for the hundreds of DLCs to come and a good sale and that's it.

Also considering buying Saints Row 4 if there's a steam sale on xmas day.

Maybe even GTA V. This whole Saints Row vs GTA is so stupid, why not play both? Not like you can get a life with either one anyway.

Also I dreamt I had an adorable puppy with which I would snuggle and it'd keep me company. Can't remember what it looked like, but I can remember I was happy when I was with it. Best dream ever tbh...


Why? For the glory of Satin ofc!
posted 6/22/2013 8:22:35 AM

Grandpa used to say: "Nephew no matter how hard you try to carry a sack of potatoes, if there's one potato too many, you just can't carry the sack"


Dilemmas of writing and caring too much
posted 5/28/2013 12:05:03 AM

Ever had that time when you basically spend a good half hour writing a neatly written, intelligently and concisely formed about what you wanna say on someone's blog and how you'd like to know a bit about that person and as you press the post button you get that error 404?

Yeah, sometimes it's not about me being not interested, it's sometimes about me making an effort and watching it blown to smithereens that really gets me.

hmm im hungry


Anyone interested in some Steam coupons?
posted 5/19/2013 4:42:59 PM

Well apparently I got 2 Steam coupons because I had Empire Total War on Steam. The game for which the 2 coupons are is Shogun 2, it's for 25% off, making it at 75% the current price of 30 euros which is about 22 euros.

Not sure what SEGA is thinking, but if they could have like given me those coupons a year ago that would've been excellent since I already own.

Anyway I don't have any friends on Steam that are interested in receiving those, so I may as well give them away. 1 of the coupons is good until 23rd of May, the other one 27th of May.

If anyone wants one of these coupons just PM or write here (or if I have you on Steam message me) and I'll give them to whoever is first(if anyone at all is even interested).

If you haven't been a long time member of the community or at least as an active one on the boards, chances are I won't give you the coupons.

Q: Oh my god Spammy, not only do you have coupons, but you also dictate how and to whom they will be given.

A: Shocking, I know.

Though if there aren't any 2 people who will want those may as well let the coupons run out.

Don't strain your eyes too much.

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