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Get into my dungeon!
posted 1/5/2014 1:17:51 AM

If you played Mount and Blade you will know that Dungeons are more like party centers.


It's a Blog!
posted 10/26/2013 12:47:15 AM

Or is it a blog? Possibly. You could say that I could be blogging, or am I? Perhaps this is a false. Your mind, false. Your eyes… false! The wrong signals from your eyes, to you brain. Or from your brain, back to your brain! Is it your brain? Lets find out!

Answer me this: One plus one? Did you say two(2)? WRONG! It’s actually three words making a question, comprised of 10 letters or 13 characters. So it’s not your brain, because this was a question you could never get right without answering more than once. Which teachers don’t allow. Well they didn’t when teachers actually cared about me. Now they just scoff. What do they know anyways, right? Am I right!? Who asked you anyways…

You eyes though… Yes, your eyes! Quickly look away! Now look back! Did you see it!? How could you? Wait a minute… you didn’t look away, did you!? You would have had to look back before I told you to look back, to know that I just told you to look back. Either way you didn’t pass the test… You cheated or you lied… So it’s your eyes. So… You should go get your eyes checked, and then come back. If this is still here, he(or she, sometimes there are she’s… well often, actually… Perhaps too much? Naaa… Maybe not enough! hrmm…) didn’t do the job correctly.

Either way, good luck! What ever endeavors you may or may not pursue will always be waiting, and you will always need luck! Always! Except for when you don’t… The ‘Rule of Exception’ does still apply to this, I imagine…

Rule of Exception: There are always exceptions to your statements. Except for when there are no exceptions… Then there are no exceptions, except this exception.

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Your friend!
posted 8/21/2011 6:13:33 PM

Beaten? Battered? Broken? Are the numbers just not adding up? Is that timer just a little to fast?!

Who are they to appose such restrictions on you, when you are doing THEM a favor?!

Well fear not! Trainer has listed his services to be bought!
He will protect you from the forces who would dare appose your might! Glorious will be you and none can deny.
Your splendor will be unmatched. Your will unbending!
Arrows will splinter, swords will shatter, bullets will be the fly to your grill as you press forward! Your experiences will be tripled, quadrupled and then tripled again! as you out pace and out maneuver your enemies. Time is never an issue, for it is you who sets the time you require!

1 can be the life that is in danger no more!
2 can be the energy that never exhausts!
3 can be the ammo that never ends!
4 can be the swing that is never parried! The gun that never misses!
5 can be the armor that never punctures, never breaks!
6 can be the skills that you require right NOW!
7 can be the currency that pays for itself!
8 can be the time that you no longer require!

Your trainer can do much for you, and more! He is your friend, your only ally in this world of good, evil, justice and chaos! He has no opinions and will follow you into the punishing pits of Hell, or through the glittering gates of Heaven to help you complete that objective! He is versed in many scenarios and is constantly re-learning what must be learned to ensure YOU succeed!

Why wait and risk further harm from others or self-mutation because you can't swing a sword properly, or aim accurately?! Act now and acquire the services of Trainer! Remember, his love for you is unending! Can you truly say that about anyone or thing that is in your life?


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