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Namco Gcon45 help
posted 7/30/2014 3:39:41 PM

Does anyone know If the Gcon45 time crisis light gun would work by using either my ps1/ps2 and connecting it to a projector?

Either that or what kind of tv would I need?


****...before LIFE
posted 7/29/2014 3:28:32 PM

So healthcare is a bit of a ***** in Britain. I know it can be in America too and the way it is used here is stuck up as hell.

If we separate from England we have Free healthcare like we should. Yet even within the system it's madness. Cosmetic surgery is put before saving or prolonging human life. I mean "I have a cold doc" "I could prescribe a bigger ***** or ass If you wish and maybe give you testicles on your shoulders?"

For those who don't know. Here, A women(JosieCunningham) felt unattractive and self conscious(just her apparently)and felt due to her unique individuality should have bigger breasts(THEWORKS) It cost a **** ton of money but she was happy. She's done so much more mental money grabbing **** since then, but to the point...

On the other end of the spectrum is man(Reece Hawley) with cancer who was told he'd be treated and then told no...because...the drug he needs costs a certain amount of and it doesn't cure and only prolongs life. This man had to raise the money himself and luckily there were those who had good hearts and gave what they could.

What's the point in having this magical ****ing healthcare system people talk about If we are denied the right to life.


Running a 10K in Glasgow later on in the year for cancer research. Been 3 years since my mother has been gone because of cancer and I think it's time I proved the 17 years she raised me were for good reasons. I don't want anyone else to have to feel how I feel and I genuinely believe the LIFE of others is important FIRST.


Got a full time job...for a day.
posted 7/24/2014 5:25:25 AM

So I went for the interview, 2 questionnaires, a final information thingy and a call to see whether or not a I got the job. Turns out I get it, woop.

NOT WOOP. I actually need a part time...because. I start college at the end of August(MON,TUES,WED.) I also run a youth group on Fridays. So now I'm in the predicament of whether or not to ask for part time hours or just see If we can work something out.

This is one sexy ass job. 240 a week minimum. Totally want it, but so busy. This would be great If I was a few years older and had my degree and **** together. Or I just had more time.FREAKIN 9 DAYS WAS A WEEK OR SOMETHING! Oh poo.

Just gonna call them later today and see what can be done or whatever. Funny feeling that I have a job at the moment that's about to possibly be gone. SUCK IT TEMPORARY FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT! Least I'm awesome at interviews and CVs. :P


Climbing trees.
posted 7/20/2014 3:45:18 PM

Tomorrow I'm totally gonna go climb the biggest tree I can find.

You think "damn I climb pretty high n stuff" when your 5 or something.

This will be awesome.


THOR is a pretty girl now.
posted 7/15/2014 2:26:36 PM

So it's not a different character, THOR is BOOM a woman. Not too bothered as MAN THOR will probably come back eventually.(probs years). Big f'ing change as Wolverine is being killed off too, WTS MARVEL!

So another thing is if you haven't guessed wtf does sitruc mean...(My name backwards.) Also my second name was cool for a twitter/instagram name. So I came up with C_THORance.(you can follow If you wish.) YOU DON'T SCARE ME INTERWEBz! So now I think, will a generation of people now mock me. Not a big thing, it just occured to me and then I remembered the movies.

Big fan of THOR and related things If you haven't guessed. Not afraid to disclose stuff either...Thank goodness for Chris Hemsworth and the avengers coming out before this change. LOL. :P

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