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OK, finally "blogging"
posted 7/24/2008 7:16:34 PM

This is, yes, my first blog. Not that Im behind the times or anything, as a matter of fact, I am a systems administrator from wayyy back, and a computer game hobbyist from even farther back. I simply think, like many others in my line of work, that a blog is simply a word for the same format of messaging thats been around since the dawn of perl/cgi.
But, occasionally, Ill talk about my favorite past-time, first person, war-oriented games, and occasionally, some other genres. I admit, first person simulations are my favorite genre, and the more realistic the better, but some games are good enough to get around that requirement I have.
Some of my favorites, in no particular order, and comments about them;
TORNADO - An old combat flight sim, very good for its time, very nice control for its time.
Operation Flashpoint - Awesome except for CONTROL! Why cant anybody get control right? The open-battlefield concepts best first showing. Nothing is worse than running into an invisible wall.BUZZ KILL.
ARMA-Combat Operations - same thing. Awesome, control SUCKS AZZ.
Delta Force BHD - One of the best, most underrated games EVER. Awesome control, dated graphics now, but still one of my personal favs. The sequels are lacking....guess what...CONTROL.
MS Combat Flight Sim(s) I love them all. Extremely fun games, with lots of options to make it interesting.
CRYSIS - God, one of the best options today at your local walmart! But I completed it waaay too quick, replay is awesome if you like to go back with cheats and explore. Multiplayer is great too!
FarCry - EyeCandy along the lines of crysis, very clean and even beautiful graphics and effects. FarCry 2 is on my gotta-have list.
Medal Of Honor Series - Too linear. Too many invisible walls.All of them.
Call of Duty - Same problem, although the last one, v4, I have not played, its also, even though dissapointing in some respects, on my gotta have list. But they need to pick it up or I may have to pass on the next one.
HALF LIFE SERIES- You cannot go wrong with ANYTHING labeled HALF LIFE, thanks guys for many very cool hours wasted, red eyes and headaches!
Another oldy- APACHE LONGBOW-- Awesome! I loved it at the time.
Have some favs? Short list em, and comment on mine, please! I am eager to hear your comments...

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